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Thanks to Runde on FA, I have discovered the strange wonder that is the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio Future. It's fairly awkward to describe, but if Birthday Cake doesn't send you running, maybe you'll understand. ^_^ (That's Cibo Matto, BTW =:)

Doctor Who goes HD! Only the 2009 specials, for now - no decision's yet been made regarding 2010's season, but I'd be surprised if they reverted, assuming no mammoth hitches along the way. And, K-9 returns to the Sarah Jane Adventures, and not in mere cameos. ^_^

Want to count how many fursuits were at FC2009? Posters will, as Tug notes, be available, up to 42" x 46".

Another step towards global equality: the Uniting American Families Act "will be reintroduced to the House next Friday by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). The act would allow the same-sex partners of legal U.S. residents to enjoy the same immigration rights as heterosexual couples." Meanwhile, in a judgement by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, "by Judge Stephen Reinhardt says the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutionally denies benefits to gay federal employees' spouses", asserting that "the denial of federal benefits to same-sex spouses cannot be justified simply by a distaste for or disapproval of same-sex marriage or a desire to deprive same-sex spouses benefits available to other spouses in order to discourage exercising a legal right afforded them by the state."

And on the Californian front, oral arguments in the Prop. 8 case will commence on March 5th, 2009. A decision must be forthcoming within 90 days hence.

So, maybe the fan oven is superior for bread baking - I've used the convection oven mode of the microwave to bake loaves in the morning on a few occasions, with good results, but the fan assisted main oven does seem to result in a much better, crisper crust. Now, all I need is a micro-oven, suitable for just a pair of rolls.. though I suppose it couldn't really be persuaded to bake any more quickly. (Although, some experimentation with applying microwave energy as well could be fun.. it'll happily combine micro+oven or micro+grill, or oven+grill. I'm thinking some kind of soft roll, or Chinese buns..) And Wednesday's pretzels worked very well.. baked for slightly less time than the baton, with some grated Gruyère carefully added midway through. =:9

Cure for faulty iPhone syncing, at least in my case: deletion of ~/Pictures/iPod Photo Cache. For a few weeks, I'd been unable to complete a normal, full sync; just updating apps, music, or suchlike worked fine, so wasn't much of a problem, until I realised photos weren't getting updated - I attempted to sync my "SL Pics" folder, and saw none of the recent ones were appearing. Now, it's just as it should be.

An animated feature to watch out for, from Ireland: The Secret of Kells. Not a Disney, Bluth, or Kricfalusi clone, but with its own style. Unfortunately, release dates are only given, currently, for Ireland, France, and Belgium, plus an appearance at the ongoing Berlin International Film Festival.

Good animated music video: Billion Dollar Gravy, by London Elektricity, as spotted by badboybunny. Shades of Kaiba, in a way.. I think otter3 might have directed this from a dream.

One iPhone game I've particularly taken to: Newtonica2. The concept's very simple, but, being Japanese, it's executed in a wonderfully cute way. ^_^ You want to propel a space helmet-wearing chick (the avian kind) from its starting position to a target. Around the screen are different objects that either dampen movement, or bounce elastically. Propulsion is provided by touchable musical spheres that send out shockwaves, carrying the bird with them. So, you just need to work out a path and the timing.

Have you ever felt a lack of concrete in your life? Seek no more! The entire run of Concrete Quarterly is now available free, online, as PDFs.

A good little dKos posting on the current state of the wind power industry in the US and the EU - it's surprisingly optimistic, although obviously, its continued success is under threat with the ongoing problems in financing new projects.

Some stunning photography of London at night - taken from a low-flying helicopter hired out at £1150/hour, with gyroscopic mounts for the camera. Seriously impressive work.

Pizza for the day: Co-op "meat feast", in the chilled section. Looked quite edible as it was, but of course, I had to go to work on it. ^_^ Mushrooms were an obvious choice, as was a nice additional covering of shredded ham offcuts. But to liven it up, some rosemary, basil, piri-piri, a little pineapple chutney, and wasabi - trust me on this. ^_^ I wasn't aiming for anything particularly hot, just not dull, and that combination worked remarkably well.

Unicorn Anatomie, as if from a missing episode of Look Around You. You can also see a caught specimen here.

Balloon animals, in a positively inspired TV spot from the nice people at Durex - now including out-takes, courtesy of the director. ^_^

A very shiny music video, for Softlightes: The Microwave Song.

I think rabitguy looks rather good in this catsuit. =:9 I like playing with photographic perspectives - in this case, I feel it resulted in a vaguely classical fashionista shot, but with a far cuter nose than has ever graced Vogue.

Horay, some new prop 8 progress ^ ^

and yes that is one smooth SL bunny hehe
I'm fairly optimistic Prop. 8 will be decided favorably - not just a very good outcome, but one brought about by the intense spending given by the Mormon church, with some Catholic assistance, amongst others of an officially bigoted disposition. In their overriding lust for a temporary victory, they've sealed their own fate. ^_^

I had to find that catsuit myself, needless to say (he was remaining mum on the matter), with success. Would that RL catsuits were so affordable. =:) Have you picked up any fun new appareil there lately - clothing, avs, etc?
I got a nice catsuit for my SL ava, some leather pony gear, and a nice straitjacket =3
Come now, let's see some posing therein. ^_^ Ooh, ponybun? I've got to see how that turns out!

(I've gone the more orthodox route - a My Little Pony lookalike. =:) Might be a fun sculptie project sometime, though - I could quite enjoy a Borg MLP. *grin*
*giggles* the latex ponybun XD http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1334436/
Ohhh, yes! That was one of the first pics I noticed in your gallery. =:D I actually hadn't noticed they were ponyboots - a very cute ensemble. ^_^

You might want to pick up one or all of the DarkSpot catsuits, depending on what hues take your fancy - just one, such as the black is L$100, whilst the happy fun pack of 14 colors is L$1000. They work well on the Kani, I feel. =:9

wow, 14 colors and you can copy and mod for 1k, not bad will definitely pick it up along with this hehe http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=images&ItemID=171277
Ooh, I know just the bun who'd also enjoy that. ^_^ (Fairly sure I've seen a latex maid outfit, too, somewhere..)

Copy/mod? Cool beans! Maybe I'll make a rainbow version. =:D
Well, I haven't tried Jet Set Radio Future, but I'm guessing that if it's anything like Jet Grind Radio it can't be too bad.

And yes, convection microwaves are nice things. Ours does microwave, convection, or "micro/convec". Was especially useful when they shut off our gas because we needed to redo the pipes.

Speaking of Dreamcast games with Xbox versions or sequels, I hear there's a XBox 360 version of Rez out now, tempted to go find a copy and try it on my brother's XBox 360. Although last I checked, WalMart doesn't have it, and nobody's pushing it on eBay yet, eBay just has the sucky PS2 version.
I wish I'd known about these titles when they came out! Ah well - I suppose that does offer the benefit that the consoles in question are now old hat, and the games actually affordable. =:) As for their lineage, perhaps xyzzysqrl or rabitguy will be able to enlighten us.

Yep, those combo modes are quite handy, especially cooking from frozen - I can leave something like haddock & Gruyère fishcakes with 300W being zapped in, whilst sitting in 210C as well. That said, it does take some time to get up to temperature, as you'd expect - I'd like to try calculating some real usage figures for the fan oven and microwave in oven mode, and see how they really stack up. The fan oven unquestionably can deliver the heat required, but takes maybe ten minutes to get up to a high temperature for oven chips, pizza, or bread baking. (Curiously, the hob's gas, but the oven's electric)

If you ever wind up with an iPod touch or iPhone, I can recommend a few games you might like - and all cheap! Blue Defense, Newtonica 2, Light Bike, Low Grav Racer.. all between 99¢ and $2.99. There are a few that venture higher, but they're relatively uncommon, usually from the big publishers like Sega or Namco.

Oh, Concrete Quarterly? Who could resist that... :)

Pretty pictures of London, too. I'm always a fan of colours like that. :)

*grin* It's actually surprisingly interesting in places - in particular, where they've attempted to blend concrete architecture in with older towns. With, it's fair to say, varying degrees of success. =:) And then there are the more avant-garde designs, some still looking quite nifty, others horribly dated.

I wonder if they're making posters of those photos available.. seems like a sensible way to recoup the costs involved, and they'd certainly make some superb wall decoration. It's quite a fascinating city, and one I really otter visit more often - the catch always being that I'd much prefer exploring with company, but as soon as I think of friends I could do as much with, my reclusive side kicks in. High time to put that down, I think. =:)

And don't miss the Durex ad. Quite wonderful. ^_^

BTW, I finally got around to picking up one of Winter Ventura's excellent robot avs yesterday - they come in male and female versions, for what it's worth:

(414 prims, plus hair - a good few months' work, in all)

*noddles* I may take a look at the CQ issues later. I downloaded about 2.5 GB worth last night, at least... :) (Pity they don't make full PDFs of the newer ones available, though.)

Mmm, yeah, London's probably quite interesting. I've only ever been there once, and only in transit, so I didn't see anything except for Paddington station, the tube, and Stansted airport.

The Durex ad has been in my Youtube favourites since three weeks ago already. ;)

Hmm, and yeah, that's a nice one, although I still prefer my Instinct Avatars wolf. :)
You have made me very happy with the K9 news :)

Great-looking pretzel, too.
I'm still waiting to hear what he'll look like in his own forthcoming TV series. ^_^ As I recall, the rumor of the more weird and wonderful redesigns has been scotched - supposedly mostly like the classic design. Still, I did like the one momentrabbit had as an icon a while back. =:)

As and when we meet someday, maybe I should bake up a small batch. ^_^ They certainly were tasty.. wish they kept better, but then, good bread really doesn't have a life of more than a day, for that lovely crunch. =:9 Are you cooking much?
Jet Set Radio STS Rule, I had them since they came out, pretty much brought a Dreamcast just to play it, hope it comes out on the Wii sometime other Sonic Team stuff has [EG Samba de Amigo]