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It's snowing! (Just as loganberrybunny had suggested over a week ago!)

I think I'd sooner work on a hovercraft, myself, especially when there's snow around. =:)
If you think it's hard to get around snowy corners on in a car, just try it in an ACV. They're worse.

Remember, you're talking to a snowshoe hare. I love snowy weather, even the virtual kind
And I'm a Northerner by inclination. I love the snow and cold too. I'm just tired of having to shovel for two hours just to get AT the cars. And to make matters worse, we seem to be in for at least six more weeks of winter. :(

BTW, if you're hankering for some virtual winter drop in on my parcel some time. No snow as such, but the bay's been frozen over since solstice. <ggg>