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It's snowing! (Just as loganberrybunny had suggested over a week ago!)

Very pretty!

We just lost a good chunk of our snow today. It was quite sunny with temps above freezing all day. Perfect for a little trip through wine country and then down to Niagara Falls. Came home with a lovely mead made from estate honey even. Mmm. I may have to cellar some of this stuff. (....yeah right, like any bottle ever lasts around my place)
Ack! Still, at least you're in with a good chance of more, for a while yet - I usually seem to find myself in sufficiently warmer climes that snow's a rare treat. Other than those couple winters in Mipple City, of course.. ^_^

Ooh, that mead sounds rather good - and not a common beverage in these times, either.

If only postage of such delights were a little more affordable.. tempting to try, all the same. Unless you're perhaps headed over thisaway within but a season or two?

I'm not even sure if it's possible to post a bottle out of this country. I'd been looking for ways to import some real absinthe awhile ago, and it seemed that some silly law actually prevents transport of alcohol through the mail. Although I did read that a few people were circumventing this by declaring the goods as vinegar.

This stuff is going for $25 a bottle. But the stuff Mark tasted was $36 for a half bottle. It was much sweeter and more syrupy than the stuff we got. More like the meads I've had in the past. Mark just says it's oakey and more acidic than the good stuff. Quite light though. Very drinkable. :)

If I can find a reasonable way to send you some, I'll let you know.