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Does anyone know if beer yeasts can be used in breadmaking? Not necessarily as a replacement - I'm thinking more as an augmentation. After all, many good beers are bottle conditioned - would there be any harm in introducing what would be considered dregs there? ('Course, I suppose I already know the answer - I'll try it anyway, unless there's some ZOMG NO YOU'LL CROSS THE STREAMS reason. And maybe even if then =:) Anyway, another batch of dough's currently sitting on the sofa, happily swelling away - this time, primarily spelt, with a bit of wheat and malted barley, which apparently took up much less water than the wheat/oats first time around, so I've wound up with rather more - time to go experimenting with chapati and pizza bases, I think.

For ysengrin: felt teddy bear skulls.

Ten Sundance shorts available for free through the iTunes Store, temporarily - grab them while you can. ^_^

On the future iPhone Must Have list: Vector Tanks, looking absolutely delicious in the developer's video.

Want a TF-themed short story for $10? Look here for details. ^_^

An interesting little presentation from SL, courtesy of Nature, on the vision of the Great Cormorant.

Also in SL, today, Kim Stanley Robinson. "When we asked Stan what he wanted his avatar to look like, he suggested something interesting and non-human, like a rock or a tree. In brainstorming about it, Argent Bury came up with the idea of a coyote, to commemorate the use of the Native American legend in Robinson's Mars trilogy."

Mind you, that av pales in comparison to this Arctic wuf schnee located.. isn't he beautiful?

Some minor, welcome 3D news from Autodesk: Mudbox, Toxik, and ImageModeler will be coming to OS X in February and March.

A quick tribute to mascot handlers, courtesy of Woot.com. ^_^

An interesting creative challenge: Furry x 60. All submissions - music, sound art, poetry, etc - are exactly sixty seconds long, and due by June 2009. I may give that a go.

Hm. One Japanese word for "donkey" is apparently a compound of the words for "rabbit" and "horse". ^_^

Now, who was it who mentioned they were going to be giving latex pillowcases a try? I could do with a bit of a change.. and the duvet cover, especially, though I'm a bit worried about surprise nighttime burns with something like that. ^_^; Shiny is good, smooth is good, blindingly saturated hues are good.. =:)

I can't find anything similar for Panasonic Lumix cameras, but if you've got a non-ancient Canon, the CHDK project, which rabitguy noticed, offers replacement firmware that enables a number of nifty additional functions for supported cameras, not least of which being RAW support.

For anyone needing speed in their laptop drive, some comparison figures between an Intel SSD and a MacBook's stock Toshiba HD might make enlightening reading. It's a fairly extreme difference. (And price =:)

Courtesy of roohbear, Pete the Meat Puppet. Quite.. odd.

Aha! AjaxLife does seem to work under OS X after all - one bit of information that was missing from the minimal documentation is that you need to be in "server", and run it using "mono bin/release/AjaxLife.exe" (plus whatever options), rather than being in the executable's directory and running it from there. With the latter, it'll almost work, but missing the login fields at the bottom of the window, complaining about missing part of a path instead. It's also necessary to get Mono's search path set up correctly - in this case, using "export MONO_PATH=path_to_dependencies", where the path is that of the dependencies directory in "server". Not that that stopped me from just timing out after all that, on trying to log in..

And it appears AjaxLife's maintainer has returned. ^_^

Oy, the fun of board bring-up! Nothing better than wondering what's wrong with your code than to ultimately discover it's performing perfectly - it's the radio's oscillator that's doing a pancake impression. Still, that did give me the opportunity to note the co-worker's problem was the same issue - the very first SPI reset and legitimate transaction was locked up, so the display was never getting any love. Since then, I've mostly been getting down and dirty with the keyboard (again.. and I thought that'd been laid to rest a few months ago, but the circuitry there's changed completely with the latest board revision), involving getting one of the new boards all wired up, exposing all the relevant lines. And that's involved importing the layout as individual layers into Potatoshop, so I can play with each layer's opacity, identify what traces lead where, and identify precisely where a given signal can most easily be accessed, preferably avoiding the need to apply grabbers to the CPU - they work, but they're fiddly to apply, and if it's a choice between soldering onto one of a load of pins, all a hair's breadth apart, and finding the right via, I'll go for the latter every time. ^_^

Also started to play with the new handheld spectrum analyser - up to 9GHz, 1MB sample buffer, bandwidth down to 30kHz. Fairly hideous UI, but a very slick bit of kit otherwise.

Huh. Seems GreatestJournal, one-time migration target, is closing at the end of the month.

Rather a nifty window that appeared on randompics recently: the rainbow of the Palais des congrès, in Montreal.

Clearly, fleetfur has to get a MacBook Pro now. =:) (Though, sadly - if understandably - the squirrel design apparently sold out upon appearing on Wired's site)

I imagine everyone's heard, but still, it bears repeating: the wretched policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is on the chopping block.
Now, who was it who mentioned they were going to be giving latex pillowcases a try?

Yo. They're sticky, and have an unfortunate ability to absorb cold very quickly - which is generally not something I've wanted in my bed for a few months now, unfortunately.

I've also had a bad habit of waking up with my face stuck to the pillow, which is bizarre without being particularly pleasant or unpleasant.
Ah! Oh, that's rather a nuisance.. are they prone to causing you to wake up in the night, through inhibiting the usual occasional turn? That's what I'd most want to avoid, obviously - it's a wretched realisation, knowing that the loss of good sleep is going to condemn one to a semi-zombified existence for the rest of the coming day, with no way out beyond slogging it through and hoping the next night's sleep passes less eventfully. Thankfully, not something I'm having to deal with now, though there've been a couple times where the digestive tract's felt it necessary to draw attention to itself in a rather acidic manner.

Ooh. That sounds rather curiously pleasant.. ^_^

Have you any experience with how latex duvet covers might fare? I suspect they'd be impractical for sleeping, but it'd be nice to be proven mistaken. Either way, I could definitely use something a bit more fun on the bed, especially given this cover's very loose fitting, so getting up in the morning sometimes entails unwrapping myself first.