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Bun of winter gold

If you've got $15 (or multiples thereof =:) to spare, you might want to look at this raffle that the Michigan Furs are holding, to help spectravixen and cal_foxx cover the medical costs from Spectra's recent accident. There's a long list of artists and writers, contributing commissions - ranging from conbadges, single character commissions, custom MLPs, a partial fursuit, songs, and stories - to the first and second winners.

Not by a furry artist (and why not? 3D art seems so rare in furrydom, other than suits), but nonetheless, a fantastic dragon cake. (Well, in the plural, but it's the first that's simply breathtakingly good - not to detract from the final one!)

For animation of a different nature, though, the trailer for 9 suggests a potentially worthwhile production. Some big names involved, such as Tim Burton and the director of Nightwatch, plus a good voice cast, but whether the story will prove to be wanting remains to be seen. Should be superb future-gothic eye candy, at least.

What an astonishing experience "Doctor Who at the Proms" must have been, in person.. even with the best of audio equipment (not to be found anywhere near here =:), there's just no substitute for hearing the music as it's performed, to feel the excitement, the passion.. music's not to be a temple to technology, but a profound celebration of life and imagination.

"A Matter of Loaf and Death" was, thankfully, every bit as fun as its predecessors, with superb timing (especially the early near-doom in the crocodile pit) as ever. Amusingly, I noticed the Christmas Day ratings had ITV take position 11, and the BBC all of the higher rankings - W&G at the top, followed by Doctor Who. Jolly good show, what?

So, the new 17" MacBook Pro finally joins its 15" unibody cousin. Yay! It shall be mine, one way or another. ^_^ Nothing revolutionary this time around, with the dual-GPU setup the same as in the 15", offering the 9400 for lighter duty, or the 512MB 9600 for heavier GPU demand; currently, Leopard only supports one at a time, but it's a safe bet Snow Leopard will be able to take advantage of both, given OpenCL's prominence in its feature set. The battery's become non-removable, and bulked up, offering 95Wh capacity, making for a claimed eight hours, compared to five on the 15". Battery lifespan's apparently been nudged up to 1,000 cycles, courtesy of more intelligent charging, and the maximum memory's now up to 8GB in two slots. Same 1920x1200 resolution, with glossy LCD as standard, now joined by a matte option.

Zebra clip, of the anthro kind. =:9

I think everyone should take a look at Ayato's superb interpretations of various Discworld inhabitants. ^_^

roohbear noticed the local police blotter in Grass Valley included this entry (scroll down to Wednesday): "12:37 a.m. — A woman from the 300 block of North Star Place reported someone was outside her window hooting like an owl. Police confirmed it was an owl and not a person."

Ahhh. Finally got around to visiting Middle Farm, a working farm with some very well stocked shops.. not all that far away, but had remained in that "get around to it some weekend" category all year. On the way back to the warren last week, I casually wondered if such a place might offer unpasteurised milk - difficult to obtain, but worth it. They replied in the positive. So, I was duly obliged to wander along, and the coworker (no LJ yet, but I'm working on it =:) was vehicularly equipped on Saturday - wagons roll! ^_^

Wow. Not just some ciders on offer, but about sixty of them, and around twenty perries as well. To help make the decisions easier, tiny tasting cups were provided - just run off a bit from the keg. Wound up with four pints each of two ciders, one perry, and one local winter ale, each quite distinctive. The milk? Oh yes.. oh yes. =:D It's gorgeous! It's from their own Jersey cows, squirted out and into plastic bottles, nothing more. It's more like thin cream.. !

Some rather nice dragon avs.

drhoz noticed this story about deep sea giant single-celled organisms - in this case, grape-sized. Not merely remarkable for their uncommon size, but the possible implications for interpreting the fossil record from the Precambrian, as it's been thought that complex tracks from that era reflected multicellular organisms - perhaps the age of the protists lasted rather longer, before bilateralism came into vogue.

Well, that's one benefit of winter - unheated rooms become efficient larders. ^_^ So the conservatory's now holding the cider, perry, and a few beers, at a nicely cool temperature, without using up space in the fridge. It's quite pleasant walking in there, actually - nicely chilly. Reminds me of the walk-in refrigerated rooms at the cash & carry we used to frequent, back when we ran our second restaurant.

Bun of the day - from today, actually, braving the cooler climes of the moment, though seemingly none too thrilled about the matter. The preview's cropped from the full frame, whose composition I do prefer, but shrinking that to 560 pixels across would've left the bun perilously shrunken. ^_^

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