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As discovered by the completely innocent cal_foxx, an unusual cookbook: Natural Harvest, with an author blurb to match. =:D

An excellent, somewhat surreal ad, featuring one man and his dog-fish. Volkswagen SpaceFox.

Headlines you don't see nearly often enough: Giant turquoise flying rabbit sparks police alert. Sadly, no pictures.

The Next Doctor.. well, I'll mostly avoid spoilers, but.. WTF with the Iron Giant homage, and the invaders' demise? And the enslaved workforce, apparently required for about ten minutes? Oh well. The real story was of the two Doctors, and that was carried off well - perhaps too well by the new face, whose body language and intonation in the trailer gave it away to me immediately. Nonetheless, that thread of the yarn carried the special well, excusing the other daftnesses.

"Whooaa, that's cheating! What, did you have your legs on silent?" =:D

Finally got back onto SL properly, for the first time in way too long. Just as beautiful as ever.. something I hope to contribute towards in the coming months. Photos to follow, but for now, just this example of why I like SL - even when you encounter a combination of bugginess and networking glitches, the results can be quite becoming. ^_^

The story of the flying bunny reminded me of a woman near me who called police about someone outside her window hooting like an owl. See http://www.theunion.com/article/20081106/NEWS/811069987&parentprofile=search and scroll down to "Wednesday".

Hee! Okay, that's going into the next entry. =:D

Wish the local police did something like that - theirs would surely be every bit as dramatic. ^_^ ("We reassured Mrs Brown that the squirrel was not, in fact, threatening her.")