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"wi" and "we" were removed from Japanese in 1946.

Just a quick note for now, as I don't really have connectivity. ^_^ I'm in the family warren for a few days, where the net is a strange thing told of by itinerant minstrels, and the sole telephone is guarded by monks of a quiet and lethal order.

Okay, it's more along the lines that they don't have a landlion, and cellular coverage is dependent upon the swirling of the dust motes pirouetting at sunset. The modem doesn't even get a hint of a signal, and the iPhone can only glean echoes of transmissions from brave and foolheardy pioneers from previous (or future?) times.

Not to worry.^_^ I've been catching up with LSL programming, courtesy of a publisher copy of a book I'm reviewing, as well as covering the extent of Logic's capabilities with a good series of video tutorials, iPhone development, and learning hiragana and katakana.

Now, how to watch the Doctor Who special.. live might be an option, but I'm the only I'm the only one who'll be interested, and the TV is a bit on the humble side anyway. Most likely, I'll have to just wait until the following day, and tag along into town, whereupon I can set the torrent running. How could I not look forward to a new Cybermen yarn? ^_^

Anyway! Have a peek at a sample ep of Rex the Runt: Holiday in Vince.
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