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Flash game for the day: Auditorium. Guide the stream to all of the targets. if you can maintain a flow through all of them, using the deflectors provided, completing the symphonic loop, you've completed the stage. It's a beautiful and geekily captivating creation.

True Colors, a fine example of advertising worth seeing, from Sweden. Nothing dramatic, merely very well composed, leaving one with an ever so slightly enhanced awareness that the world can be a most wonderful place.

Pipedream, meanwhile, is part music video (very chill track with a reggae feel to it) and part tour of a post-apocalyptic region in SL. What makes this really stand out is the camerawork, lighting, and editing, lending a notably professional feel to it, even allowing for the lack of smooth camera tracking in places. Speaking of SL, it looks like I'll finally be able to enjoy a place to call home again; mostly it's just a matter of checking the neighbors won't mind a small mountain rising up nearby. Snowshoe hare, dontchaknow. ^_^ It may be a virtual environment, but it's nonetheless effective in offering a soothing atmosphere, if that's what you're after - and a snowy vista does offer me a sense of comfort, let alone the innate joy in assuming my lapine form. Plus latexwear's much cheaper than in RL. =:)
Well, that was quite welcome.. the last Ocado order arrived with 105% of the items ordered. =:) Somehow, I wound up with two pints of wonderfully aromatic rum & raisin ice cream (with an ingredients list amounting to cream, sugar, eggs, rum, and raisins), two pints of a similar sorbet, and a pack of scallops. =:9 As for the custard contest, I think the Co-op's own brand remains in the lead, but Waitrose's is also one to be well regarded.

A bookmark for myself, or anyone else so inclined: installing the iPhone SDK on a PowerPC system. It's a handy reference to the tweaks required to one of the installer package's scripts, along with another to permit the emulator to fire up on PPC systems.

Go on, tell me Dust Bunny by SN wouldn't make a fantastic shirt design.

schnee found a positively fascinating sounding multiplayer puzzle: fold.it - with a difference. ^_^ Like Folding@Home, it's all about protein folding - real proteins, found in nature, with one of the tutorial videos using one involved in strep throat as an example. Clients are available for OS X (Intel only, not a Universal Binary), Linux, and Windows.

For discopanda, the SL panda undies at the bottom of the page. =:D And this fetching Nixie iPhone clock. ^_^

Yay! New Fullmetal Alchemist series coming in April 2009. And here's the teaser video - doesn't give anything away, but it's good to see that lot again.

Yay2! ♥SSH♥ Now I can view Ocelot's display from the office, and share files from it like any LAN server. There's something geekily comforting in being able to see one's home server ticking away happily. ^_^ For reference, the two SSH command lines required were of the form:

ssh user@my.remote.host -p forwarded_port -L 5900:localhost:5900
ssh user@my.remote.host -p forwarded_port -L 7777:localhost:548

Use the first to create a port for VNC or Screen Sharing, and the latter for AFP. To connect, launch Screen Sharing and connect to localhost:0, and afp://localhost:7777. Voilà!

moth_wingthane's probably either already acquainted with this, or has one, but still, the photos for this Sigma 200-500mm f2.8 lens need to be seen to be believed. =:D (It doesn't mention in the article, but it weighs about as much as it looks - 16kg) Eventually - perhaps late in 2009 - I wouldn't mind trying to obtain some kind of basic DSLR. Any recommendations for both body and lens(es), ideally not requiring the selling of bodily organs?

Dinner: lamb shank cuts marinated in balsamic vinegar, garlic, herbes de provence, and julienned sun-dried tomatoes, grilled while a mix of broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, and carrots boiled briefly. That was then drained, and the water united with the rest of the marinade, and a sachet of French Onion soup powder stirred in, plus some arrowroot, before having the vegetables dropped back in, plus the meat. That atop a thin bed of bulgar wheat.. OM NOM NOM NOM

Mind you, Saturday's late lunch was worth the time.. =:9 The centerpiece was a chicken breast, marinated in sundried tomato slices, with a bit of their oil, herbes de provence, garlic, pepper, and soy sauce, baked for a bit, then topped with Gruyère, the tomato slices from the marinade, and quartered artichoke hearts, before being popped back into the oven. Meanwhile, some broccoli, baby corn, and julienned carrots boiled briefly, and some pancetta sautéed leisurely. Once the bacon had cooked and reduced a bit, I added a sachet of vegetable chowder soup, milk, water, a few squirts of lemon juice, and a little piri-piri. Laid onto the plate: rice, then the vegetables, with the chicken in the middle, and the sauce poured around the chicken. Happy bunny.

Now here's a tale worth sharing.. no, forget that. It's an exceptional story. It does have appeal to those with a love of shiny, form-fitting attire, but it's very much more than just that: Eudeamon. It's several notches above the quality one might expect, not only presenting the protagonist's viewpoint in an engaging, captivating manner, but also creating a surprisingly plausible context for the new way of life detailed.. and then the rest of the story begins. Highly recommended as an outstanding example of psychological and sociological science fiction.

Toil at the salt mine continues to be.. on the busy side. A bit more prolonged than I'd recommend such a state persist, but it'll be good to finally have the developer kits shipping, followed by the first production run of the hardware. Still, it would be nice to have some energy left over in the evenings to enjoy the rest of the day, even if the location's a mite lacking in anywhere to quickly slip away to for an hour or two. Hey ho. Things change. Always do. =:)

Not a bunny, nor even a fox - just a high voltage pylon scene I thought merited capturing. The color's been tweaked towards blue, but the original's not so very different in spirit - I just preferred the appropriate hue.

'Course, now I'm curious as to where you discovered said story.. ^_^ I only just came across it over on FA, in one of Endium's journal entries - given the nature of his artwork, he thought it might be of interest to some watchers. Can't imagine why.

It's certainly tempting to give it a try.. probably with an alt, though I'm not sure I'd make a very good human. And latex covered bunny ears do sound quite appealing.. =:)

If you do give it a shot, I'd enjoy seeing a photo or two. SL does seem like it'd be a well suited venue for such RP, perhaps augmented by a HUD, or even a tweaked viewer, along the lines of Restrained Life. (I've no experience of using it, but it sounds as if it can offer some fun additions)
hehe I've actually just started to watch Endium on FA. Yes, I can't think why he'd assume we were interested. Although I was first told about the story by some BDSMer friends in SL. We were talking about restraints and so on and the subject of the Bane suit came up. It didn't mean anything to me at the time so I asked for some explanation and a link to the story was soon produced :) I'm sure you don't have to be human to use it though - I've seen at least one fur RPing in his 'native' form.

The restrained life viewer is worth a look for sure. When you use it with compatible toys and restraints it can completely restrict you. Depending on severity that can either be just not being able to stand up or remove items, right the way up to being blind, dead and mute.
Uh, that should be deaf, not dead O.o
Hmm! Maybe I should check Restrained Life out sometime, once I've got a place set up again. Might well be the same as my first home, as I believe Sdocat kept a copy, and it wouldn't need a huge amount of space. Or I might pick up something new, and just incorporate some familiar elements.. it just had a nice feel to the place, being something of a luxurious ski lodge, with a roomy area with couches and cushions for entertaining guests, and an adjacent room with a large jacuzzi, with two largely glass walls affording beautiful views of the snowy vista outside.

And being dead in SL needn't slow one down, of course. =:) (Or, indeed, non-living, or partially - I really should try making up a Cyberbunny sometime, once I'm back in the swing of things. Wouldn't it be fun to have a little troupe of them tromping around? =:)

Oh yes, do come back and give me a nudge when you're on, would be nice to see you :)

And no, I guess being dead isn't a problem. I play an anthro-airplane sometimes and there's debate about whether that's alive or not O.o