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From today's amble - was quite obliging in staying still, both of us watching each other for a short spell.

I love the slightly quizzical expression, too. ^_^ Ah, if only I could manage a better zoom! Still, for anything like that, I suppose you're talking DSLR + lens that doubles as battering ram. =:)

Thanks! I'll admit, being able to see wild buns so easily, pretty much every day, is one of the best things about this job. *grin* And the camera's video isn't too bad, though of course, it does take a bit more effort producing even a simple clip, given I'll usually make a couple passes through the stabiliser filter before finding a setting that works optimally, at maybe an hour or so per run. Eventually, I need to update the site to add the recent photos, too - and SL pics, for that matter. Maybe tonight or tomorrow - it's been a bit of a day of decompression for me, so something like that might be a pleasant way to round off the week.