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I need a furry calendar for the office, I think. Any suggestions? ^_^ (There is one on the posterboard, but it's all just human females - courtesy of Würth, who apparently are in a similar league to Pirelli with their calendars)

Anyone good looking for a programming job? We could really use another guy in the salt mine - if you're good with C, maybe we can thrust a fistful of pennies in your paw. Familiarity with any of these would also be good: embedded development (think tiny code, interrupt driven, not necessarily any OS), Atmel SAM7 or Microchip PIC18, electronics (schematics, gerbils, logic analyzer), USB protocol, especially composite isochronous devices.

Something foofers in particular might find appealing: Strange Maps, wherein each entry examines a particular example of mapping, be it recently historical, political, humorous, financial, or even astronomical, and looking behind the meanings, in a manner reminiscent of Connections.

A nifty bit of lagomorphic nostalgia and animation buffs: a piece by SN, featuring Max and Bugs. ^_^

As of Nov 27 2008, BBC One and Two will be available live on the net, via iPlayer. It will, from a legal perspective, require a TV license, but I've not seen word yet as to whether that'll open up the way for fee payers living or working outside the UK to enjoy the service, or for residents outside the UK to do likewise.

An interesting point's raised in the Register's look at Pininfarina's B0 electric car - that, as a consequence of the rise of lithium-based rechargeable cells, the metal's price "has leaped from around $350 a tonne in 2003 to nearly $3000 today", and that "around 70 per cent of world's known lithium deposits are in the fossilised salt lakes of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia". (Pininfarina's partner in the project is negotiating a long-term agreement with the Bolivian government)

The ultimate iPhone app: Miku. Finally, the Leekspin - in 3D! Have the music (with fully synthetic vocals, courtesy of Vocaloid) loop while the camera orbits five Miku, under your control. This is what technology is for. ^_^ See for yourself!

Where, other than - hopefully - home do you feel most comfortable? What spots would you most recommend as places where you can chill? For my money, I'd have to recommend The Chapter, in Cardiff - first and foremost an arthouse cinema, but one with a very fine line in German and Belgian beers, plus around four casks on tap at any time, some decent food, and a pleasantly vibrant atmosphere, albeit prone to anklebiters before around 6pm. I'd previously have highly recommended the Magnolia Cafe, up in the Haight, but their renovation and relaunch a few months back apparently destroyed all it once was, though I'd absolutely love to be informed otherwise. But where else? Doesn't matter where in the world - with any luck, I'll get there sooner or later, if you're really confident it's worth trying. ^_^

Someone reading must know.. I'll be terribly disappointed if they don't. =:) Considering the material used in triathlon wetsuits such as the Aqua Sphere Mako - is it likely Aqua Sphere make the various composites themselves, or might they be found from external vendors? The characteristics of the fabric would seem to lend themselves to a variety of furry costuming projects. Of course, being able to find it in more than just black would be helpful. ^_^

Good otter news: 'An otter has survived a "perilous" three-mile sea crossing to the Farne Islands for the first time, the National Trust has said. Head warden David Steel said he was stunned to find 60 yards of otter tracks on Brownsman Island, which is famed for its bird colonies. "We almost had to rub our eyes with disbelief when we discovered the tracks," he told the BBC. "We've recently had force nine gales and it can be tricky to reach the islands even on a relatively calm day, which makes this otter's journey a little bit special."'

I was thoroughly tickled to read in this entry that John Barrowman says that "he's made it his mission to ask RTD constantly to do a musical episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood". =:D Oh, I'd so look forward to that. ^_^

An amusing bit of Potatoshoppery, from the Bag of Toast guy: Barabraham Oblincoln. It's a disturbingly good combination. =:)

Webcomic for the day: The Abominable Charles Christopher, eg Blunt Force Drama. Even if the guy did forget the bun's lower teeth and gave her pawpads. =:)

Damn, that was quick! I'd noticed my DSL speed had fallen from the usual 7Mbps or so down to 2Mbps, and wasn't recovering full speed after a power cycling; listening to the line (given I rarely use the line for voice) showed it was indeed suffering from the squeals. BT's automatic testing denied anything was wrong, so I filed a report myself, acknowledging a hefty cost if the engineer's visit showed nothing wrong with their wiring. Bearing in mind this was a Saturday, finding a van pull up about an hour later caught me a bit by surprise. ^_^ (And lo, there's a problem with the short run from the point the cable reaches the house, up to the master socket inside, which is where their responsibility ends. No comment was made on Red's head on the sofa)

Could be good, though I've minimal interest in FPSs as a genre: Quake on the iPhone, done seemingly very well - meant for actual playing, rather than a technology demonstration, entailing a fair bit of UI work to accommodate the nature of the device. id Software, on the other paw, have apparently previously opposed a port of the GPL-licensed GLQuake, so it remains to be seen whether it'll make it onto the App Store.

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional: "A Miami-Dade circuit judge Tuesday declared Florida's 30-year-old ban on gay adoption unconstitutional, allowing a North Miami man to adopt two foster kids he has raised since 2004. In a 53-page order that sets the stage for what could become a constitutional showdown, Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman permitted 47-year-old Frank Gill to adopt the 4- and 8-year-old boys he and his partner have raised since just before Christmas four years ago. A child abuse investigator had asked Gill to care for the boys temporarily; they were never able to return to their birth parents."

Ah, I need to do that more often.. much as I like just chilling out in the warren (and you've seen the photos), it's so energizing getting out to where the real life is to be found - in Saturday night's case, Brighton. ^_^ I'd thought I'd give The Greys a try, as their menu looked inviting, and they were quite proud of their Belgian selection; no Westvleteren Abt.12, but that's hardly surprising. The soft-boiled quail eggs were as deliciously rich as one might hope for, but the fresh guinea fowl was so wonderfully sweet.. but I'd reserve my real compliments for the Bramley apple pie with calvados ice cream, all home made. So good. ^_^

After that, the coworker gave me a whistle-stop tour of the heart of the city, with many other tempting destinations in sight, not to mention some alluring second-hand clothing/boots/hats emporia that I'm quite certainly going to have to throughly explore at some point. Hopefully the cold, dry weather will persist - maybe some Belgian waffle vendors will accidentally drift over from Ostend.

The ride back provided an amusing coda to the evening, with one of the on-board parties including two girls with strobing bunny ears. Kawaii!

Has anyone set up qmail (or indeed, any other good MTA) under Leopard? I'm tempted to do so, now I've got Ocelot sitting on the link full-time, but I'm obviously not wanting to accidentally have it appear to the world as an open relay or somesuch. Google Apps works fine, but I'd like to have my mail in-house, as it were.

Does anyone have suggestions for the use of black truffles? I'm thinking they might work quite well finely shaved into some butter, heated to the point of browning, to top some fillet steak (aka filet mignon). Then again, I did have a spectacular dessert once, something of a praline with black truffles and pepper.. I could always try pleading with the chef to share the recipe, if he's still at the same place. (Jameson's, in Brisbane - their tasting menu was the best meal I've enjoyed)

The Sarah Jane Adventures has proven to have an especially good second season, with The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith one of the most stirring, poignant tales the show has seen. Perhaps one could cynically deem such a storyline manipulative - maybe that depends as much on the viewer's own tastes, as I found the ending of AI highly distasteful for that reason, not to mention being something of an unnecessary non sequitur. I'd have curtailed the epilogue, but the climax was fabulously handled.

Here we see a rabbit exiting a portal. It's commonly believed lapines merely move quickly to avoid threats, but technology can play its part as well.

How about the 2009 Fursuit Calendar? :)
Ooh, now there's a thought!

Actually, come to think of it.. maybe I also could make something up out of my and sockscatt's SL imagery. ^_^ He's certainly taken some wonderful photos over the past year or so. Hmmmm.
Photos, or screenshots?

Anyhow, that'd be an idea, too, yes. :)
(Also, since I can't edit my previous comment anymore...)

Barabraham Oblincoln is neat, too. ^^

Mmm, and I think service technicians are trained (or at least told) not to comment on things they may see in customers' places. Well, I don't know for sure, but I'd be surprised if they weren't; it does seem like a possible can of worms that companies (not to mention the techs themselves) would want to avoid.

Good to hear about the decision in Florida, too.

As for black truffles, how about Bocuse's soupe aux truffes noires V.G.E.? I think I've got a recipe for that (I've got a cookbook by Bocuse which I think has it), although I've never tried it, for obvious reasons. c.c

(That being said, I feel a bit bad about my dinner today having cost all of 40 (Euro) cents now. Having to cut down on food expenses and focusing only on what you can afford rather than what you would WANT isn't fun, especially if it's a permanent state of affairs.)

Hm! When did the facility to edit comments cease? I'm not seeing that link on mine either, and I've not altered any preferences here in quite a while. Pity. I could see why it might be problematic, but if it's been disabled site-wide, I'd rather they'd made that an account preference. (Much as they did with the new user info? =:P)

Oh, almost certainly. I'd imagine such folks have a few stories to tell, though. =:D

How nicely coincidental.. second Google match for the dish turns up a bunny's photo thereof. ^_^ I'm not much on soups, generally, but something unusually delicious - well, potentially so - as that could easily be an exception. If you're able to scan/photograph it without difficulty, I'd like to see what they propose.

Tonight was a good ol' hodge-podge - I knew I wanted something meaty, and thought I'd go the vegetable route. So I defrosted a good bit of ground beef, intending to make enough for a couple more meals beyond tonight, and fried that in a little oily piri-piri sauce from a coworker, adding some elderly green beans, chopped broccoli, baby corn, snow peas, onion, hot piri-piri sauce, and julienned carrots, tossing that around frequently, while a pot of bulgar wheat simmered away. Finally finished it off with some garlic powder, vinegar, sugar, and a sachet of vegetable chowder soup powder plus some extra water.

40 cents is remarkable. How did you manage that? Seems like that'll cover the water for a bowl of soup, the way prices of even local vegetables have gone, let alone imported ones, or just about any kind of meat. =:P Makes me wonder if rabbits don't have the right idea, though I think I'd prefer a bit more variety. I'll have to compress a clip from today.. one was craning upwards to reach some interesting bit of the hedge, showing off their limber flexibility in the process. Quite adorable, though I admit to a degree of bias. ^_^

Oh, you can still edit comments, but only as long as nobody has replied to them. (Well, that, and you need a paid account, but both you and I have got no problem there.)

Mmm, interesting picture, but I wouldn't have recognised it without the caption. :) Well, not that I know what the actual *soup* looks like, of course: I've only ever seen it with the pastry crust still intact.

As for the 40 cents, it's pretty easy - take half a pack of Aldi noodles (45 cents for the pack), cook them, and add half a pack of Aldi tomato sauce (35 cents for the pack). It doesn't taste great, but it's warm and fills your stomach...

(Of course, I don't always eat THAT cheap, but I do try to restrict myself, and ideally, I'd want to spend less than a three-digit sum per month on food and beverages. It's not something I always manage - I do get cravings, and some things are just sinfully expensive -, but I'm trying, at least; even if I save just an average of 50 cents per day on food, that's almost 200 EUR a year, which is a lot of money for me indeed.)
Regarding the programming position: how well do you think the idea of a remote worker or consulting/outsourcing work would fly?
Hmm. I wonder if that could work.. it'd be complicated slightly by the need for the actual pads in use and JTAGgery to be delivered, but the idea's one I'd entertain. I suspect the hitch would be the boss, who's strongly inclined to keep employees in his sight (I'll never understand the idea of an office being considered an especially productive venue, compared to one's quiet, comfortable home), though he's also had quite a lot of dealings with contractors. I admit I'm not optimistic he'll go for the idea, but I'll see what the others think.

Ah, hardware, okay.

It's just a goofy idea. I'd been looking through programming jobs lately and like 99.9 percent of them are just mind-numbing Java integration stuff. Seeing a request for C and actual programming was unusual. :)
I am also looking for programming help.  Unfortunately, Mr. Я did not work out -- he hates my boss, hated talking to him on the phone, couldn't figure out how to do direct email delivery, etc.  He says he still likes me, but not the job I got for him.  The working-at-home part of it wasn't so hot for him, either.  At least I didn't have to ship him a JTAG box!
"I'm carrying your child!"

It's like a furry soap. :D
You know, if a bunch of suiters made a soap, I'd be hooked. =:D What better excuse to really ham it up?

Thinking of which, are you a suiter at all, whether owner or maker? It's as much fun as it looks. ^_^

*sob* "Don't LIE, Frank! I could SMELL her scent on you! You make me sick! I never want to see you again."

Hey..I could write this stuff.
Have you seen La Familia P.Luche?
Hm! No, that doesn't ring any bells. (How did I miss this comment originally?)
Not sure how you found comment two years later.

P Luche family is a Mexican soap opera....err.....kinda.
I'm looking for a programming job! But I have like, zero confidence. XD
Thanks for the pointer to Abominable!

I cried a little.

(I'll read the rest of your post when I'm done flicking through these strips ;) )
Some years ago, I got a calendar of guns and bunnies from an artist whos name escapes me at the moment (I know I like his work, but I've been out of the loop so long, really). Also, ASB and I think, Furnation, have produced calendars in the past. So I suspect there's a 2009 furry calendar somewhere.

Sadly, I've been missing out on SJA recently. I caught the episode with Russ Abbott a while back but haven't seen it since. I probably should have cued it up in DH's spiffy new MythTV installation.
Ha, I'd like a job somewhere, but I have only the most basic of programming skills. I'm hoping to work on that within this year.
This post has much Win!

...says I.