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Paranoia, Chinese-Irish-Dutch skunks, and clean mirrors

A veritable menagerie of Kenyan LJ icons. orona_red needs to give the cat a nudge, though. ^_^

Woohoo! Despite not having a connection at home yet, I've just completed the download of Paranoia Agent ep.4. As suggested in my unreview the other week, I'd particularly recommend a look at the series - the torrents can be found courtesy of the AonE fansub group. Now for Twin Spica ep.8!

Why it pays to pay careful attention to one's pronunciation and spelling in Japanese: this thread. If the humor is not readily apparent, I'd caution against researching the terms whilst in the company of one's boss or maiden aunt.

Following many suitors responding to the YOUNG SKUNK presentation at
Cartoon Forum 2003, Cartoon Saloon has opted to team up with
Telescreen as partner to produce a 26x30 series about a
kung-fu-fighting skunk trying to protect a forest and his friends in

"We feel privileged to have been chosen as partners on the SKUNK
property by Cartoon Saloon," said Telescreen's cco, Tom van Waveren.
"They are a very talented company and have made a name for themselves
in the few years since their inception. We have discovered over the
past few months that we share a common vision for SKUNK and a
profound conviction this property has the potential to go very, very

The series is based upon an original idea by Aidan Harte and Hyun-Ho
Khang. The forest animals seem to be fighting a losing battle against
onslaught of a once great and good Dragon. Skunk is a young
westerner, mistakenly delivered by the stork to China to be raised by
a wise old Panda in the ways of Kung Fu and Zen. Young Skunk must
learn to master the different Kung Fu animal styles and wisdom in
order to defeat the Black Dragon and his army of Ninja monkeys that
threaten the Chinese forest.

"Aidan and I felt very lucky and appreciative to have had a number
companies interested in partnering with us on SKUNK after our pitch
at the Cartoon Forum," said Cartoon Saloon's Paul Young. "We decided
that Telescreen fitted our needs best, from both a creative and
business perspective, to help us produce and exploit the series. This
is our first foray into television with our own show after a number
of service work contracts, short film successes and TV commercials.
We believe that Tom, Stephanie, Ruud and the rest of the Telescreen
team's collective experience in animation will add a lot of value to
the future of SKUNK… They also bribed us with Stroopwafels which we
have no defence against."

Cartoon Saloon will start production in summer 2004 while Telescreen
will handle all rights exploitation. Plans for publishing, gaming and
broad presence across multiple platforms are being developed.

As an international animation service provider and co-producer based
in Kilkenny, Ireland, The Cartoon Saloon ( has
provided key design and animation for feature films and television

Producer, agent and distributor, Telescreen ( is
renowned for more than 20 years for its quality productions,
successful partnerships and knowledge with regards to all rights
exploitation possibilities and is still expanding into new fields of
media opportunities from its headquarters in Anhilversum, The

As seen in a .sig on nanae (voiceover provided by akira114, I believe.. I'm going to have to hear him say it):
Enlarge your Mortgage!
Lowest Penis Rates Ever!

Ahhh, cinema! It's been a long time since I last saw any of Tarkovsky's works, and finally, I was able to see Stalker. His cinematography I'd like to pounce and cuddle, so gentle and refined it is, letting the eyes settle and follow someone, or an object, rather than feeling fundamentally compelled to cut every couple seconds. (Not inherently a flawed style, but it seems to be unusual that rapid editing's done coherently, as with Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge) Even an over-the-shoulder shot of one character's heavy woollen jacket provides a savory image, the texture highlighted with his use of early photography's high contrast, also helping bring out the many subtle features of his face, and moreover, his skin itself.

Maybe I should run a Russian night sometime, wherever there's interest. Something like Stalker, Man With a Camera, and some assorted episodes of Nu Pogodi.. or just an evening of strangeness, including some combination of Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain, Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu, Donnie Darko. Of course, I'd also happily watch all of Haibane Renmei or Princess Tutu again, too - far removed from the soulless vacuum of Hollywood. Though chances are I'd be comparatively close thereto when I next get such opportunities - but I'm open to suggestions. ^_^

Apropos of nothing: I don't really collect souvenirs in the usual commercial sense. Rather, many of the items around me have some significance and memory - my Chococat (Sanrio, yay!) travel brush was picked up a few years ago in Pacific Beach, one of the fun suburbs of northern coastal San Diego. (Not too far from the Zanzibar Cafe, where I first tried Brain Wash - carbonated water, three types of ginseng, capsaicin, plenty of caffeine, dong quai, and enough food coloring to stain the tongue, and effects beyond) It's only an item, but it has value - no.. meaning - to me beyond the few dollars of its cost.

I may have to see if this is coming to the Chapter, or indeed, if there's anybody who'd be interested in seeing it in London (wherever that is) - the touring Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is apparently soon due to break forth upon the world, and one entrant which caught my eye was The Hole, a spoof on Ringu, about a videotape, which, if watched, turns the viewer gay within a week. ^_^

Another film I'd enjoy seeing sometime is The Man Who Wipes Mirrors, as reviewed on "At the age of retirement, he suddenly sets out to clean every one of Japan's traffic mirrors [...] His days are spent on his bicycle with a five foot ladder attached to the back, which he uses to reach the mirrors. [...] Eventually, Mr. Minagawa finishes with the mirrors of Tokyo, so he ventures further away, and I do mean further away. We get to visit areas of Japan where films rarely take us. As the whimsical music plays and as the winds blows a gale, he arrives at a gas station and a restaurant which proudly proclaim that they are the "northernmost" in the country. From there he starts working his way south, becoming a national celebrity in the process. Unassuming, he is always willing, but not eager, to get his picture made by locals and by television crews."

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