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More Doctor Who theme remixes than you can shake a modestly sized copse at: here. Variations range from mild reworkings, to compositions with elements of the theme prominently positioned.

More music, noticed by mycroftb: Vulpvibe, of various flavors of techno, with the delightful disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage, noting that "we understand that music piracy helps to spread the word better than any means of advertising. So please, share your purchased MP3s with friends, rip our CDs and upload them, and pirate our radio station, which broadcasts all of our releases, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week". Yay! Their t-shirts are worth a look, too, if you're in need of furry attire - nothing of a lapine nature, but some nifty fox/wolf/hyena designs, such as MGD3 and Happiness. ^_^

It may well, of course, amount to nothing, but I was interested to see mention that the iPlayer may be going international in the future. Presumably as a paid service, but cable's proven people will happily pay for advertising-based programming, so selling ad-free work shouldn't be an insurmountable task.

"The California Supreme Court has asked state Attorney General Jerry Brown to reply by Monday to lawsuits challenging the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage - a sign that the justices are taking the cases seriously and will not dispose of them quickly." Seems reminiscent of the position timberwoof recently related of then-governor of Colorado, Roy Romer, who was technically the defendant in litigation against Amendment 2 in the 90s, but rather more directly involved, regardless of his personal disposition.

Dinner: fishy, for a change. ^_^ Haddock, to be precise, simmered for ten minutes or so, atop a bed of bulgar wheat and quinoa, accompanied by brussels sprouts boiled in water, orangeade, and hot piri-piri sauce, and plain boiled carrots. Sauce from a sachet of vegetable chowder soup made up with the broth from the fish, and a finely chopped sprig of broccoli. Quite tasty. ^_^

Apple tidbits: iPhone 3G takes number one slot away from the RAZR, ending its three year run at the top of the sales charts, with Blackberry at number 3, and LG at 4 and 5; and 33% of notebook buyers going for Macs, on a par with Dell, followed by HP at 22%. It'll be interesting to see how Android evolves - my feeling is its debut will be moderately successful, but it'll take a year or two for handset vendors to really start pulling their act together. If some company can manage it sooner - more easily said than done - they might easily be able to claim the lion's share of Android units shipped. Awareness seems to remain tepid, however - amongst those planning on buying a smartphone, the usual suspects claim 41% and 24%, with the G1 plus other T-Mobiles coming to 4%, HTC as a whole 5%. Early days, though.

And a little video clip for today, from Wednesday's afternoon stroll along the nearby trail, showing what might be the same two rabbits I've noticed together before. One's busily scurrying around, picking the best nibbles at paw, and washing a little, before moving over to the other and grooming them as well. ^_^ (31MB, 1m30, 1280x720 MPEG-4 AVI)

(Deleted comment)
Android's the Linux platform Google's concocted for cellphone manufacturers and application developers. All nice and open, with the strengths and weaknesses that encompasses.

Ugh, indeed.. and the industry's growing apparently even more fond of lengthier contracts, too, of higher monthly cost - 18 months seems perfectly common now, where a year used to be the norm. A bit frustrating, in my case, as I'm not much of a phone user at all, but it's a handy device to have on occasion - but my iPhone's used far more for data-based applications, whether browsing, train schedules (MyRail checks your location using GPS and then offers up the nearest stations, and the routes running from each, plus the times for each stop along those journeys), Google Earth, Maps, and so forth. The fact it handles voice as well is purely a bonus. =:)

And then, of course, we get into the fun realm of international roaming voice and data tariffs. =:D Such a pity satellites cost so much to put up (although, perhaps India can help on that front, given the amazingly low cost of the current Moon mission), and nothing seems to've come of those plans a couple years back for high capacity data served by autonomous high-altitude blimps.

Dinner (fish), then Apple Tidbits. Sounded like dessert. :-)
Ooh, good call. =:9 Actually, I do have a few small apples in the fridge that could do with using up.. probably not tart enough, but it couldn't hurt to try making up some kind of apple crumble or suchlike. Or the applecake my mother sometimes cooks up, from the Old Land, with a sort of not quite shortbread, not really sponge base, apple purée, covered with apple slices, then sprinkled with allspice & brown sugar before baking. Wonderful hot with vanilla ice cream, or clotted cream, or even cold, though I'm always one for at least warming it back up. I've got to ask her for the recipe sometime. ^_^ Not sure where it came from, but quite probably a family thing, so either from Hamburg or somewhere in Poland.

Actually, dessert turned out to be just some rather nice Co-op white chocolate - very pleasant stuff, made with real vanilla, and Fairtrade to boot. Lindt did make a real vanilla white chocolate, but it seemed to vanish from the shelves before long, oddly enough. Green & Black's is also quite good; their white chocolate ice cream is most inviting. ^_^

I have trouble believing the laptop figures - 33+33+22 = 88% which doesn't leave much space for the awful lot of people buying Eee-style 'netbooks', never mind laptops from other companies.
They pick and choose their market to fit the story they want to say. I'm sure they excluded netbooks from those numbers (which have passed 5%).

Even subtracting netbooks the numbers may still be fishy. Acer has made massive gains and is in every retail store. Their current US laptop share is 14.4%. Acer has a lot of cheap deals, so I doubt their share will drop.

Apple has only 9.1% of US marketshare if every type of computer is counted.
Apple made quite a comeback. I'll wait for the post season numbers before predicting new milestones though. The market is a little stressed this season.

They could certainly make larger marketshare gains if they focused more down market. This time there were rumours that they'd release an $800 Macbook, but it ended up being $999.

Looks like the talks between Apple and AMD came to nothing. The new models are much improved, but using nVidia graphics and chipsets. Using the hybrid graphics looks like a good call.

AMD's fusion has been delayed by two years. Now Intel will significantly beat AMD to market with their copy of the idea.