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Yes, yes, they're cheesy as all get out, but I couldn't argue with this:

What Otherkin Are You? by GFwolf
When Will You Be Awakened:October 24, 2004
What Powers Will You Have:Read Souls
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Blagh! Looks like BT Openzone is trying to emulate the cascading success of T-Mobile's WLAN hotspots (eg SFO) - yes, you too can have wireless access for a paltry £6/hr, or £15/day. *cough* Doesn't it occur to any of these clowns that a net.cafe has storefront costs, upkeep and purchase of entire systems and staff, and still manage to turn a profit on around £2/hr? How, then, can it be reasonable to charge a couple times more, when all that's required is a single wireless router per large room? Ah well. The best comparison I've read, I feel, is when air conditioning hit the US in the 1950s - it was promoted within retail stores as a benefit of shopping there, rather than somewhere else; an ancillary cost to the storekeeper, as an inducement to the patrons. Indeed, there are plenty of WLAN offerings entirely gratis along those lines, such as the coffee house on Church & 15th, or the Chapter, which illustrate the practicality of offering such a service at no additional cost - still, if some people can make a brief living out of such minor scams, I can hardly begrudge them their good fortune.

(I'm afraid that's about as close as I come to a rant. Sorry..)

From the pen of the inimitable Molly Ivins: "As Ann Richards once observed of a controversial star on top of the Texas state capitol: "Oh, I hate to see them take that down. This could be the only chance we'll ever get to find three wise men in that building."

And the horridly sketchy thing I referred to earlier which escaped from my paws is now within view. I'd apologise for the quality of the scan, but that still wouldn't cover the contents. ^_^; It's a fairly wretched example, but, maybe it can be viewed as the head-end of a long-term mental blockage only now getting cleared out. Not quite sure why the somewhat spaced out expression.. it's all my subconsciousness' fault!
Oh, he's so cuuute! Your own design, I presume? Gods, I'd love to set about making something new myself, but all the moving around has made that a mite impractical. I do have a 20x20x40" foam monolith (appropriately, wrapped in black plastic - carrying such a large object so effortlessly does gain one some odd looks) waiting to be carved into one or two heads, depending how badly I fluff it first time around. What, though, I'm not sure - maybe Musky (who'd be a load of fun to play, though I'd need to shed some pounds first), or maybe a nice bunny.. I have very fond memories of Vicky. ^_^

During this particular parade, one of the spectators ran out into the street yelling "Raise your tail!" and dry-humped me, so I do have at least one fan. :)


I'll have to see what the future holds, but if I'm back in the Bay this summer, I may well go along to the SF Pride Parade - it seems to've been very well received the past two years there's been a furry contingent. Not sure if I'd be able to bring Red, given the weird ways of the TSA, but I'd certainly want to be properly furred.