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Yes, yes, they're cheesy as all get out, but I couldn't argue with this:

What Otherkin Are You? by GFwolf
When Will You Be Awakened:October 24, 2004
What Powers Will You Have:Read Souls
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Blagh! Looks like BT Openzone is trying to emulate the cascading success of T-Mobile's WLAN hotspots (eg SFO) - yes, you too can have wireless access for a paltry £6/hr, or £15/day. *cough* Doesn't it occur to any of these clowns that a net.cafe has storefront costs, upkeep and purchase of entire systems and staff, and still manage to turn a profit on around £2/hr? How, then, can it be reasonable to charge a couple times more, when all that's required is a single wireless router per large room? Ah well. The best comparison I've read, I feel, is when air conditioning hit the US in the 1950s - it was promoted within retail stores as a benefit of shopping there, rather than somewhere else; an ancillary cost to the storekeeper, as an inducement to the patrons. Indeed, there are plenty of WLAN offerings entirely gratis along those lines, such as the coffee house on Church & 15th, or the Chapter, which illustrate the practicality of offering such a service at no additional cost - still, if some people can make a brief living out of such minor scams, I can hardly begrudge them their good fortune.

(I'm afraid that's about as close as I come to a rant. Sorry..)

From the pen of the inimitable Molly Ivins: "As Ann Richards once observed of a controversial star on top of the Texas state capitol: "Oh, I hate to see them take that down. This could be the only chance we'll ever get to find three wise men in that building."

And the horridly sketchy thing I referred to earlier which escaped from my paws is now within view. I'd apologise for the quality of the scan, but that still wouldn't cover the contents. ^_^; It's a fairly wretched example, but, maybe it can be viewed as the head-end of a long-term mental blockage only now getting cleared out. Not quite sure why the somewhat spaced out expression.. it's all my subconsciousness' fault!
Ears are certainly essential, but to me the outer limits of adorableness are the pads of the paws. On real cats and dogs as well as furries.

A strange perversion, but harmless so far...
Oh, and definitely on plushies! I love the feel of ickle vinyl footie pads. A couple of my bunnies are thusly endowed. ^_^ Visually, I've noticed Petrol and Strider Orion sometimes (whenever the picture requires) include terribly cute feet and pads..

I never could quite resist playing with the hairs between my (now ex-) Golden Retriever's pads. ^_^;; (Bad panda) He was always cool with it, though, on the occasion I actually did - I'd only touch briefly, and not too lightly, so as not to tickle him. Usually. ^_^ Ah, I'd love to have a big pup around the place again - but first, I'll need a place, and be able to stay there for a good while. (And a couple ferrets, and a skunk, and a ringtail, an'..)

I've never actually asked - are you custodian to an RL husky or two? Are there photos, if so?
My new Otter fursuit has pawpads. I've been amazed how many people like to stroke and play with the pads :)
Oooh.. are there pics available? OTTAAAH! Of course, I'll be especially interested to see how cute the tail is, and what the fur's like - something more along the plush velvet line?
There's pics at http://trickster.wereanimal.net/cpp03/Images/index3.html They frankly don't show it off to very good advantage. You can see just a little bit of the paw pads at http://trickster.wereanimal.net/cpp03/Images/slides/DCP_0733.html. Since last summer, I've reworked the head to make it flatter and more musteline in appearance, and make the face more expressive (big fangy grin). It's starting to get to where I'm satisfied with it. Big, bouncy tail. The fur is just the standard Monterey 'Teddy' style. During this particular parade, one of the spectators ran out into the street yelling "Raise your tail!" and dry-humped me, so I do have at least one fan. :)

I'll be in another (more sedate) parade in mid-April, so there're bound to be pictures that show better what he looks like.
Oh, he's so cuuute! Your own design, I presume? Gods, I'd love to set about making something new myself, but all the moving around has made that a mite impractical. I do have a 20x20x40" foam monolith (appropriately, wrapped in black plastic - carrying such a large object so effortlessly does gain one some odd looks) waiting to be carved into one or two heads, depending how badly I fluff it first time around. What, though, I'm not sure - maybe Musky (who'd be a load of fun to play, though I'd need to shed some pounds first), or maybe a nice bunny.. I have very fond memories of Vicky. ^_^

During this particular parade, one of the spectators ran out into the street yelling "Raise your tail!" and dry-humped me, so I do have at least one fan. :)


I'll have to see what the future holds, but if I'm back in the Bay this summer, I may well go along to the SF Pride Parade - it seems to've been very well received the past two years there's been a furry contingent. Not sure if I'd be able to bring Red, given the weird ways of the TSA, but I'd certainly want to be properly furred.
Also, I forgot: http://www.furnation.com/ostrich/misc/crufty/crufty7.htm shows the head with the whiskers in place. Still not the newer 'flat' design, but the whiskers do a lot to make him look Ottery.