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w00t! World of Goo is out for OS X. ^_^ You can find demo versions for OS X and Windows here, with the full license setting you back a mighty $20.

Via drhoz:

This should be fun! I've been wanting to get properly into LSL for a while, and now, courtesy of the publisher and one of the authors, I have in my paws a review copy of Scripting Your World. At first glance, it seems to cover a usefully broad range of topics, with plenty of code, ranging from snippets to full applications. I'll likely ramble on about the book and LSL more in the coming weeks, as I work through it.

Huh! Not that I use it myself, but I was a little surprised to see StumbleUpon's owned by eBay now. =:P

Should be interesting - RyanAir's apparently planning £8 transatlantic flights. "The flights - which could begin by the end of next year - would be available for those booking early. Passengers would pay airport taxes on top of the fares. The transatlantic flights are likely to go from Stansted and Dublin airports to New York, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston." I do like the spirit of powering on ahead through a downturn/recession/depression - not a strategy without risks, but it can leave you in a far better position than your competitors, when things brighten up again, not to mention keeping that many more people gainfully employed at a particularly pressing juncture.

Hm! Hadn't heard of it before, and Google wasn't able to shed much light on it, but Katran appears to be a furry comic, first issue released by a German company, Glanzkinder, 99¢ in the App Store. Picked it up, and it does seem to have promise - but the viewer app, which doesn't identify itself, seems wretchedly flaky, managing to crash four times before I'd even gone halfway through. (By comparison, the one used by the outfit handling Antarctic and Image's releases is perfectly well-behaved, also offering a choice of page transitions, the default being a simple slide between pages, under touch control)
Cruise liners and ferries charge fuel surcharges, too. Personally, of course, I think this is always fraud: anything you are required to pay to a company in exchange for the right to use a certain service by definition is part of the price of that service, and the whole "fuel surcharge" spiel just allows them to advertise things as free, or at least below the actual price. Airport fees are similar, of course, although you could at least argue that these go to the airport rather than the airline itself.

And sure, you can cross the Atlantic in a zeppelin; it's been done before, and if you use helium, you won't even end up with burning wrecks. ^^ It'd certainly be quite an experience, too, although it'd probably not be affordable to plebs like us.

Heh, and yeah, that's the line I was referring to. ;)

As for the comic, I have no idea whether it's been published in English before, but yeah, it might well be that this is the first time it's been. (amazon.de also reports a third issue, BTW, but none of the issues are available at all, at least not new).
Oh, agreed entirely - it makes no sense to claim the price is (say) 300€, plus a "well, we felt like charging more" fee of 100€. Just admit the price has gone up! =:P 'Course, I sometimes wonder how budget airlines like RyanAir can actually turn a profit, given how many of their flights are at those £9-29 level - seems like it'd barely cover the fuel, let alone all the staff involved. If that kind of real economy can extend to intercontinental flights, I'd be a happy bunny - not just to the US, either, but Asian destinations as well, perhaps Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, which could then be a springboard for similar fares to Australia and New Zealand. Ah well - we'll see. ^_^

Hopefully the industry manages to shift over to renewable fuels before long - ISTR some promising pilot flights (so to speak) being conducted by Boeing using alga-based fuel, which wouldn't run into the same issues as the wretched flirtation with corn-based ethanol. Mad idea, given corn's a particularly thirsty crop, and requiring good growing conditions, for what could otherwise be food, with the predictable effects on corn prices, hitting the poor in Mexico and further south particularly hard. Switchgrass, amongst others, is a considerably hardier crop, and with much better final ethanol yield. Still, so goes the way of humanity - a big mass of entangled influences and interests, stumbling forwards despite itself.. =:)

'Course, there's always scramjet craft to consider, as and when they can finally overcome the engineering obstacles - hop into the stratosphere and back down on the continent of your choice, in around a quarter of the time it takes at present. But still, I admit, the idea of cruising gently along towards one's destination does have some romantic appeal.. though I suppose the degree of appeal would depend on how spacious or otherwise it turned out to be.

Ahhhhhh. Pizza's just arrived. =:9

RyanAir has a LOT of extra fees. Want priority boarding? Sure, for a fee. Check in at the counter at the airport, as opposed to online? Sure, for a fee. Want to bring checked luggage? Sure, for a fee, and make sure neither that nor your carry-on luggage is over the restrictions, or you'll have to pay a hefty fee. And did we mention our restrictions are significantly tighter than those of other airlines, or the airports themselves?

Oh, and did we mention that if you bring checked luggage, you cannot check in online? Of course, the check-in-at-the-counter fee will not be waived just because we say you MUST check in that way. And regarding payment - how would you like to pay? Anything other than Visa Electron requires, you guessed it, a fee. (And while Visa Electron, from what I hear, is not uncommon on the British Isles, it's virtually unknown in continental Europe.)

And so on... IIRC, the actual fares for my flights to and from the UK were less than 10 GBP, all in all, but what I ended up paying was on the order of 80 EUR, and that is WITHOUT most of the fees - the only one I had to pay, other than airport fees etc., was the "no-Visa-Electron" one. Still not bad, but RyanAir, in the end, is not as cheap as you might imagine, even though it's still cheaper than its competitors.

As for other fuels... maybe I'm just cynical, but I think that if the airlines could really save money that way, they'd just pocket the difference instead of lowering prices. ;)