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w00t! World of Goo is out for OS X. ^_^ You can find demo versions for OS X and Windows here, with the full license setting you back a mighty $20.

Via drhoz:

This should be fun! I've been wanting to get properly into LSL for a while, and now, courtesy of the publisher and one of the authors, I have in my paws a review copy of Scripting Your World. At first glance, it seems to cover a usefully broad range of topics, with plenty of code, ranging from snippets to full applications. I'll likely ramble on about the book and LSL more in the coming weeks, as I work through it.

Huh! Not that I use it myself, but I was a little surprised to see StumbleUpon's owned by eBay now. =:P

Should be interesting - RyanAir's apparently planning £8 transatlantic flights. "The flights - which could begin by the end of next year - would be available for those booking early. Passengers would pay airport taxes on top of the fares. The transatlantic flights are likely to go from Stansted and Dublin airports to New York, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston." I do like the spirit of powering on ahead through a downturn/recession/depression - not a strategy without risks, but it can leave you in a far better position than your competitors, when things brighten up again, not to mention keeping that many more people gainfully employed at a particularly pressing juncture.

Hm! Hadn't heard of it before, and Google wasn't able to shed much light on it, but Katran appears to be a furry comic, first issue released by a German company, Glanzkinder, 99¢ in the App Store. Picked it up, and it does seem to have promise - but the viewer app, which doesn't identify itself, seems wretchedly flaky, managing to crash four times before I'd even gone halfway through. (By comparison, the one used by the outfit handling Antarctic and Image's releases is perfectly well-behaved, also offering a choice of page transitions, the default being a simple slide between pages, under touch control)
Of course the inevitable eco-weenies will automatically decry the prospect of £8 transatlantic flights, claiming anyone who takes them to be planet-killers.

Me? I'd happily feed said eco-weenies into an industrial-sized shredder - and sell the resultant mush to an 'organic' meat-pie-maker for a special premium.
Mulched eco-weenies are what China will have to burn to run their industries when they start to get short on coal. Until then, it will simply continue to be used as an additive for chocolate(y), pet food, and baby formula.

And I don't think RyanAir quite rates up there with the Vorlons, Shadows, Empire, or Andromeda.

Just so's you know. ;-)