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So, a few weeks back, Berkeley Breathed decided it was time to say goodbye to Opus. It can certainly be argued he should have left all of Bloom County, Opus included, some time ago - but, still, it's a poignant and beautiful moment.

It did get me all teary-eyed.. such a superbly.. peaceful moment, following all that's happened since Bloom County first appeared - ye gods, 28 years ago? (Though, I admit, I onnly really discovered the strip fairly late on, as it was coming to its (first?) end, back in my incarnation as a Minneapolis part-time resident, where I discovered the wonders of Dreamhaven Books, one of the very best comic emporia in the US, and Edwardo's, purveyors of exquisite Chicago-style stuffed pizza. Though, I have to say, Zachary's over in yon Berkeley might even be better)

I wonder if Opus would've liked the pepperoni & kipper pizza I made the other week.. actually rather good, but I held back on the spices, so it wasn't nearly as fun a creation as it might've been.

It's a testament to Berkeley Breathed's talent that, even now, he can inspire such poignant emotion, amidst the jesting. He's earned a rest. As has Opus. ^_^