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So, a few weeks back, Berkeley Breathed decided it was time to say goodbye to Opus. It can certainly be argued he should have left all of Bloom County, Opus included, some time ago - but, still, it's a poignant and beautiful moment.

Interesting interview with him on Salon.com.


"I'll be on my couch Sunday mornings screaming at Brokaw and Stephanopoulos to call out the blathering bastards on their stupid fucking talking points and pin the dancing, lying, spinning Tasmanian Weasels down about something, ANYTHING for Christ Bloody Sake THE COUNTRY IS GETTING STEERED INTO CHAOS AND INSOLVENCY AND WAR BY ITS UNREAD UNINFORMED DULLARD SHEEP CONSTITUENCIES AND YOU JUST LET THE CANDIDATE SAY ONE MORE TIME WITHOUT OBJECTION THAT HE'S GOING TO CUT TAXES WHILE HE CALLS FOR FREE 24 KARAT GOLD FRANKFURTERS TO BE INSERTED INTO EVERY AMERICAN'S ASS JUST BECAUSE BUTT BULLION POLLS WELL.

You see right there why I can't have Opus involved with this anymore."
Hee! Oh, that's priceless. =:D

Mind, that would've also made for quite a memorable farewell.. ^_^

(Snag some of BBC1's Question Time or Newsnight (especially if Jeremy Paxman's involved) sometime, and see how the style of interview differs.. =:)