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Now.. probably, most people who see this Flash clip won't find it especially amusing, but.. there will be some, especially the more nerd-positive of my friends. ^_^ (It's entirely worksafe, and only about thirty seconds long)

Quite a welcome development.. should be interesting to see if Antarctic Press do more of this: Gold Digger: Peebo Tales #1 for the iPhone, 99¢. Panel sizes have been chosen well to fit the size of the device, so you're not having to squint at four-pixel high lettering, and I certainly can't grumble about the price, other than perhaps being too low - each sale only brings the publisher (let alone the creators) 70¢, after Apple's cut. Ideally, of course, it'd come with a good resolution plain PDF for desktop enjoyment as well, but for the price, easily worth it.

Another app that seems quite worthwhile: Vision, an unusual combination of eye tests (astigmatism, retinal function, visual field, Ishihara color vision) and curiosities (stereograms, illusions, and stereo pairs). Free. (And whoosh it goes, up to $1.99, after a matter of hours. =:P)

I don't generally keep up with Keith Olbermann, but this clip was quite a bit of fun - his guest was John Cleese, on rather good form, conveying well the amusement and amazement of those looking on at the US electoral process.

Okay, Tom Baker's appearance as guest host on HIGNFY was a positively classic turn; I'm going to have to upload that for the sake of broader enjoyment. ^_^ (If only BBC Worldwide could get one of the US networks interested.. wouldn't be easy, but it'd surely be a refreshing change from the usual news coverage =:)

So - what does your fridge hold? =:D And is there anything one can really do with that weird garlicky goop Papa John's deliver with their pizzas? (Strangely, they don't actually offer garlic as a topping. Why?)

I do like the new FA banner.. there's such a lovely peaceful feel to it.

Wine for the day: Three Halves, made of a triple grape combination - often something to be wary of, lest the winemaker be attempting to foist of mediocre wines. Here, it's grenache, shiraz (yay!), and mourvédre, a combination I first encountered in Rosemount's GSM. This time around, it's a little more subtle, but still fabulously well-rounded, with a broad opening, a moderately rapid attenuation, and a long, long tail.

Over on FA (not on LJ, AFAIK), Hare comes up with some lapine imagery that just resonates with me. See what you think.

The flash made me laugh. It reminds me of a BBC thing I saw somewhere a while ago. I've not heard that noise in quite a while now :)
I'm just in awe of the ability of a good animator to attach physical emotion to such abstract sound. Brilliant. ^_^

And yep, that's a sound I've put behind me a while ago, mercifully.. I usually had to leave the audio on, too, to be sure I wasn't trying to connect on top of a phone call, as the modems/chipsets often seemed a bit dim in that regard; besides, it's easier to hear it for oneself than have it go spurting out the DTMF and only error out after a lack of negotiation. (v.23 and v.21 were a bit quicker =:)

That Flash thingy is stolen from Monkey Dust (or perhaps the other way around). Here's the one I remember. =:)
MD got that geeky? Cool beans! Maybe I should take another look at it.. there's actually rather little I've seen of it, beyond the family looking in on the foxes. (Come to that, I should see what became of The Wrong Door - the first week looked moderately promising, even if the "most annoying creature" was rather overdone; an easy trap to fall into, thinking of Peter Serafinowicz's solo debut)

Hm! Not quite sure which version I prefer, actually - perhaps the "standalone" one, I think. There's something about that isolation from any circumstances that makes it work that bit better. Either would do better with bunnies, though.
(Deleted comment)
Ooh, not sure I heard that variant! I think I was still on 33.6, or even 28.8, when all the 56k battling was going on - my modem at the time was a Global Village PowerPort Platinum Plus, which the company bought along with the PB5300c, back at Trilobyte. (I forget the exact price, but it was fairly alarming even then - nice unit, though. PCMCIA that handled modem and 10Base-T duty in one card, albeit with the aid of a very easily lost dongle) They came out with a firmware upgrade to.. 33.6, I think, but it couldn't make 56k.

*grin* Ah, maybe I'll give it another go. I don't wind up with crusts, though - I just munch it all, balancing the edge with the innards as I go. (With ones I make myself, I do try to keep the edges fairly well covered, though with good bases, the dough itself can be quite nomworthy - as indeed is PJ's, I'd say) Wonder if they'd do well in frying mushrooms..

Mmm, agreed. ^_^ Reminds me, I need to seek out the Wacom's pen.. the family claim they packed everything up between the two trips here, but it hasn't yet revealed itself. But there are some boxes and bags I've yet to rummage through, given I don't have my nifty Fornarina boots out yet, nor my Spice Girl style white platforms. ^_^

I remember when I had dialup, I could tell if I was getting a "good" (tolerable) or "bad" (extra-slow) connection just by listening to the modem. Which blasted away at full volume even when set to mute. And would reboot the computer whenever the phone rang if I didn't unplug the phone line from it when I wasn't online.

Speaking of tablets, that reminds me that I never did put together the power/serial cable for my tablet after I got the schematics. (Didn't come with the tablet when I got it used. Weird cable: The tablet has an RJ-45 socket. The cord from that goes to a DB-25 connector. From there, it goes back out to a socket for the power brick. (Which also didn't come with the tablet, but it's a simple 12VDC brick). (The 12V doesn't actually connect to the serial port, it just uses the serial connector as a convenient place to Y the cable.) You'd think they could just put an extra socket on the tablet instead of using such a weird cable.
is there anything one can really do with that weird garlicky goop

I usually stir it into a medium-thin white sauce base with parmesan and black pepper and serve it over fettucine. It's not too bad on toast, either, in the right moods. ^_^

Edited at 2008-11-02 02:27 am (UTC)
Mmm.. and I have some nicely peppery sausages I could slice up into such a concoction. ^_^ Reminds me, I need to pick up some arrowroot, cornflour, or rice flour sometime - mostly, I just make do with some Harriot Ainsley vegetable chowder instant soup when I need a thick sauce base. Rather pleasant by itself, even, though my diet generally mandates the involvement of meat with every meal, unless it's sushi time. (Not that there's anything wrong with a good steak tartare.. oooh. I shouldn't have reminded myself of that)

Toast! If I could only share with you how well Duchy Originals' multiseed loaf, toasted, works with the Co-op's aged Gruyère. Wonderful! (Very nice with Davidstow Cheddar as well, but the nuttiness of both the bread and the Gruyère go together so very well)
I also really like those bunnies. They radiate with essential bunniness and give me a strong feeling of bunny. Great use of colour in the first two pics too.
I suppose that's why I'm so drawn to them. ^_^ They don't just look like rabbits, but seem so believable.. perhaps the use of ear language helps.

And definitely, he's been using color in some striking ways lately - relatively simple, compared to folks like Dark Nek0gami or matoc, but in an age where nigh-photorealistic grade coloring's almost the norm, it's actually quite a refreshing change to have more impressionistic use of hues instead, more about the emotion than realism.
This rabbit's fridge has far less than yours. Stuff tends to go bad before I use it, as I'm not much of a cook and don't do it often.
Is that a lack of time, inclination.. ? I know I'll sometimes get back from the salt mine not really wanting to do much in the kitchen beyond eat, but I don't usually tend to have much by way of frozen meals, deliberately, so I have to at least toss something together, even if it's just something like a bowl of instant vegetable chowder + half a tin of butter beans + some spiced ground beef. Ordering pizza's an option, but definitely not a cheap one; fun, though, and an avenue I'll likely indulge a bit more often when the coworker gets back into town, following his time off. (Tuesday evenings, the Sarah Jane Adventures, yay! It's been an excellent season so far - been following it?)

Don't really care to. I find cooking to be a pain in the ass and not worth the effort.
"Vision" costs 1.99 USD now. Wankers.

Cleese and Olbermann were nice, though, as usual.
Mmm, just noticed they've bumped the price up. Usually people leave a price for at least a few days, but that was more like 12 hours. =:Þ (Nicely, though, the way the App Store's run means that regardless of the price you picked an app at, you still receive all updates for free) If it's genuinely useful as a home test - which, I'm sure, can't ever replace a genuine professional examination - it seems like something that ought to be bought by some agency or insurance company, and made available for free.

"Yes, 69. Almost dead." =:D And I believe "berk" really ought to be introduced to the broader English-speaking world - far too useful a word to be confined to just the UK (and possibly Australia and New Zealand). ^_^

*noddles* Yeah, it should be... ah well. But it's an OS X app, anyway, isn't it? For me, at least, that means I can't use it, so it's not a big loss for me. :) (And why is Apple telling me I need to have iTunes installed to buy it, anyway?)

Heh, yeah, and "berk" certainly deserves wider recognition. In fact, I was very surprised that Olbermann didn't know what it meant, and I initially thought he was just joking and/or pretending to not know to get an explanation for viewers who might not - I always assumed that while people'd recognise it as a British term, they'd know what it means, at least.

(Just like "fanny", BTW. It always really amuses me when someone wears a "fanny pack" at their backside - that's not where the fanny's located, silly. ^^)
(Deleted comment)
Ah, OK.
Ah! No, it's actually an iPhone app. (I was wondering when you'd got an iPhone!) iTunes comes into play in two regards: first, to access the iTunes Store/App Store, and then to sync the local collection to the device. There are some third party utilities available for performing that sync, I believe, but I'm fairly happy with iTunes - my needs in a media player are quite simple. But then, I'm a simple bunny. ^_^

I think I'm going to have to pose recognition of the word as a poll question. Surely Keith's seen enough Monty Python and other British TV to know the word? Perhaps I'll try finding his email address and ask. =:)

Pity I'm not very well aligned in time zones to be able to follow the fun on Nov 4, though. I'm hoping it'll be called for Obama relatively early on, but I suppose there's plenty of potential for delays, given how ridiculously partisan the actual polling process is in the US, not to mention the increasing reliance on problematic technology like touch-screen voting machines, or mechanical punchers. Whatever happened to pencils and boxes on printed forms, counted and inspected by hand?

Ah, yeah - I didn't realise it was an iPhone app. I *did* suspect it was for OS X, at least, knowing you, but in that case, it still would've been strange that it should've required iTunes. ^^

Heh, yeah, emailing and asking Olbermann might work, if you can get ahold of him - I'm sure he gets lots of email. :) But yeah, asking people whether they know the word would also be an interesting exercise - I may do so myself, in fact. Speaking of which, are there any other pieces of Cockney rhyming slang that have passed into the general language? If yes, I might ask about those, too; https://secure.wikimedia.org/wiktionary/en/wiki/Appendix:Cockney_rhyming_slang lists a few expressions, but I don't think I've ever really hard any of them.

As for the election... yeah, we'll see. I'm not sure what happened to pen and paper, either, but then, with every state basically holding its own election with its own rules, and with the ridiculous amount of influence the two major parties apparently have on the whole thing, it's probably safe to say it's not going to be the pinnacle of fairness. I, for one, am glad that the OSCE will apparently have observers monitor the election nation-wide - not because they'd ensure it's fair (they never interfere with the election in any way, anywhere), but because this way, unfairness, if observed, could be documented.

Granted, AFAIK, it's only 100 observers, so it's really a drop in the bucket, but it's also a visible sign that not everything's fine and dandy - the mere fact that these observers are there is a visible reminder that fair elections are not irrelevant.
That's a nice filled fridge.

And those are some lovely bunnies :)
Americans are oddly simplistic in their choices of pizza toppings, much like they are for chips/crisps--the "standards" of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms or black olives and a few others are generally all you get. Garlic mingled into the sauce (usually powered garlic, at that) lightly. Things like chicken are a very recent phenomenon, and trying to discuss more esoteric toppings such as green olive or spinach often results in confused stares. The most

On the other hand, smaller pizzerias and non-chain restaurants are downright creative in what they'll sling on a pie--I've had some doozies, like The Garlic Press, which was a double crust with garlic oil in the sauce, chopped garlic, roasted garlic chips, and a light dusting of powdered garlic. Got into my -clothes-, that did. :9