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stego_s_aurus mentioned a website he and his SO have been working on - wildgasmasks. Even if it's not something that normally catches your interest, you'd probably have to agree, the quality of the wares and the photography is well worth a look.

Hee! Google Earth for the iPhone is now available, and works just as well as on a desktop. =:D

Is anyone I know adept in embedded C development and looking for a job south of London? Looks like we're ready to add another guy to the team - plenty to do, so you won't be bored. =:) VB would be a definite plus, and experience with the SAM7 or PIC18 family of processors would also be welcome. Understanding of USB protocols very nice to have, especially isochronous transfers, knowledge of digital electronics, RF design, regulatory approval, and test equipment usage all good, but you'll gain that if you don't have them already. I'll look at anyone with some kind of good programming talent.

iPhone title for the day: Asterope, free for a few days, normally $2.99.

Amusing.. I was looking up information on bird's eye peppers, a staple of Thai cooking, and noticed one alternative name is "phrik khii nuu (พริกขี้หนู, literally 'mouse shit chili')". =:D

All in fun, of course, but still, interesting viewing, as found by zrath: iftheworldcouldvote.com, wherein you cast your vote for Obama or McCain, to be added to the country of your residence, with all the countries of the world plotted out in shades according to the results, along with mouseover figures giving total votes and percentages per country.

Bunny for the day is one old-timer who seems to have extra folds of fur around his eyes, here shown enjoying nibbling on himself. ^_^

Voted. :) And the results are just what I expected, too. :)

Oh, and Wildgasmasks is back? Cool. :) I vaguely recall having heard something about them closing down, or thinking about it, or at least being in difficulties of some sort, so it's good to see that they're not.
It's sort of amusing to note the little enclaves of (comparative) support for McCain. (Including Venezuela!) Interesting to see just how marginal the Republicans are, in a broader context. On the Dem front, I wonder if there was a similar poll looking at the various candidates leading up to the nomination.

Actually, this is the first I'd really known of WGM by name - I've known of Stego's endeavors there for a while, but only really inasmuch as the odd work-in-progress photo. Still no lapine designs, though.. I must remind him about that. ^_^ Not that I'd expect anyone to use them in anger, as it were, but I do wonder if they're actually functional, or purely nifty visually. Not sure how you'd go about testing that, though. =:)

Yeah, Venezuela was rather curious. *s* And so was Macedonia - about the only place I saw right away where McCain actually had a comfortable lead. Pretty strange...

It's a pity you can't sort countries by their percentages etc., though.

Anyhow, as for WGM, I've mostly known them because IIRC, badwox's got one of their masks - of course, there seems to be pretty much nothing he DOESN'T have, so it's not a surprise. :) But they've also been mentioned occasionally in other places.
At least McCain can console himself with the Macedonian vote.
Seems bordering on popular in Iraq, too. Time for a 51st state? (Officially, that is; gods know, there's been plenty of competition between the UK and Australia to be the most obliging lapdog, though the latter seems to be redeveloping a sense of independence. Still the same governmental adoration for the intrusive idiocy of the Great Firewall, though - you'd think they'd learn from the US and UK that it's far less costly, politically, to simply monitor everyone's network traffic instead. Yay freedom!)

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. :)

Sorry. But I've been drooling over those gas masks for quite a while, and last time I checked in with their site they were taking a (probably much deserved) hiatus. And I can just borderline afford one of those now.

I wonder if I can somehow get one in time for the goth catgirl rave up here in November. =O.o=
You could make one yourself, if you're crafty.
I'm sooooo not. :)
Even better! Be sure to film the disaster as it happens, and then sell the film for enough money to buy the mask! <3
Assuming, of course, the experiment doesn't wind up being permanently attached. Oh, not the briar patch!

And will you be getting one also? ^_^

Hee hee, I'm too thrifty. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't want to get something so expensive unless I could enjoy it with other people.
(Deleted comment)
Well, honestly...Stego and I have not seen anyone who has also started making anthro gas masks but we dont doubt that it could happen or that we just havent found it yet.

WE did see a guy by the name of Oryx who made a horse head. We honestly wish to push ourselves to make one as well. The notion and what it could look like has been in our minds for quite some time. *huffs and puffs* JG3 first!
(Deleted comment)
Exactly my original point! :)