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Somewhere, beyond the C

stego_s_aurus mentioned a website he and his SO have been working on - wildgasmasks. Even if it's not something that normally catches your interest, you'd probably have to agree, the quality of the wares and the photography is well worth a look.

Hee! Google Earth for the iPhone is now available, and works just as well as on a desktop. =:D

Is anyone I know adept in embedded C development and looking for a job south of London? Looks like we're ready to add another guy to the team - plenty to do, so you won't be bored. =:) VB would be a definite plus, and experience with the SAM7 or PIC18 family of processors would also be welcome. Understanding of USB protocols very nice to have, especially isochronous transfers, knowledge of digital electronics, RF design, regulatory approval, and test equipment usage all good, but you'll gain that if you don't have them already. I'll look at anyone with some kind of good programming talent.

iPhone title for the day: Asterope, free for a few days, normally $2.99.

Amusing.. I was looking up information on bird's eye peppers, a staple of Thai cooking, and noticed one alternative name is "phrik khii nuu (พริกขี้หนู, literally 'mouse shit chili')". =:D

All in fun, of course, but still, interesting viewing, as found by zrath:, wherein you cast your vote for Obama or McCain, to be added to the country of your residence, with all the countries of the world plotted out in shades according to the results, along with mouseover figures giving total votes and percentages per country.

Bunny for the day is one old-timer who seems to have extra folds of fur around his eyes, here shown enjoying nibbling on himself. ^_^

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