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Heh! Of course, I had to chime in, given the fairly implausible nature of many of the suggestions.. Wired had a little article noting Apple's sitting on a $25b cash pile these days, and posited possible acquisitions, inviting readers to suggest their own.

So.. can you guess which was mine?

FWIW, I'd be surprised if they made any large purchases, even with the current financial climate favoring buyers - it's not something the company tends to indulge in, preferring mostly quite specific pickups like the app that became iTunes, or Raycer, whose low power 3D graphics expertise likely found its way into the iPhone.
(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure I'd see much need for that, really - Final Cut's doing very nicely in the mid and low end, given it scales so readily from PowerBooks to octocore Mac Pros. But Digidesign as a whole, now, that could be quite good fun.

As for the article's ideas, I quite like the notion of EA - improved OS X and iPhone support would be nice to see, and perhaps EA could become a much less scummy company to work for. Pretty low on the probability scale, of course, but a fun idea.