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Heh! Of course, I had to chime in, given the fairly implausible nature of many of the suggestions.. Wired had a little article noting Apple's sitting on a $25b cash pile these days, and posited possible acquisitions, inviting readers to suggest their own.

So.. can you guess which was mine?

FWIW, I'd be surprised if they made any large purchases, even with the current financial climate favoring buyers - it's not something the company tends to indulge in, preferring mostly quite specific pickups like the app that became iTunes, or Raycer, whose low power 3D graphics expertise likely found its way into the iPhone.
I wonder what's going to become of all the rivalries, if - as seems quite likely - GM and Chrysler merge. ^_^ All so tragic for the masses of workers laid off in recent years, yet so avoidable, had all those involved not buried their heads in the sand regarding improved fuel efficiency; but no, the bosses, union leaders, and political leaders all insisted improved standards (raising them to vaguely approaching EU levels, horrors!) would put foreign manufacturers at an advantage. And just look what happened.. =:P

What puzzles me about all that hot air about the task being so difficult is that they're all global players anyway, and have the technology on sale in other markets already. All rather fishy.

Me? I'll just keep taking the bus. ^_^ (Or, in this job's case, walking. I consume very little coal, and try to keep the oil to a minimum =:)

'Course, if we're looking at the most Apple-compatible car maker, it'd have to be Tesla - zrath posted some good little pics of their toy and the local showroom a month or so ago, and it was quite strikingly reminiscent of the way Apple might do things, I felt, even if not quite as affordably. (Been in a Prius? So neat, hearing the quietness of the electric motor in action)