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Bug report:

"Ever since the release of 1.21 many prims in SL now are round and orange with faces on them. They were not there before. Many places I know well now have some prims like this. Seems like maybe one in ten prims in SL are now suffering from this bug.
I am furious that Linden Labs can release a viewer with such an obvious rendering bug."

Soft Linden's reply:

"This is a known regression in our sculptie texture encoding, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Owing to the use of macro block encoding, organics with indentations at regular intervals - as with the segments of a pumpkin - can line up with the macro sample points and create a false range of interpolation for the intermediate sections' batherskite subsample prattle table. In the most degenerate cases, generally occurring around the belt of the organic, this can result in symmetrically cut or dimpled sections not unlike the recesses of a power outlet or, amusingly in this case, a face.

As a workaround, you're encouraged to upload any yam, gourd or pumpkin-like sculptie textures using an older 1.19 viewer, or to ask others for texture that may have been uploaded prior to this breakage. We're estimating that a server side fix for the majority of these cases will roll shortly after October 31 - the remaining cases will require manual intervention.

Please comment on this issue with any remaining dimpled/cut pumpkins you see in-world after this point, and be sure to include the contents of "Help->About Second Life" with your report."


And if you're in need of a touch of levity to brighten a lousy day, enjoy the tale of one guy's first wetsuit purchase. ^_^

Good article on what's involved, as an indie developer, in writing a good game for a phone - in this case, Asterope, for the iPhone and Android.

Now there's something of a rare venture into the political arena for Apple, as Google before them. "Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees' same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person's fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8."

Out on my lunchtime (well, mid-afternoon, now that I'm getting into the office later) wandering along the nearby trail, I spotted one bun in the near distance, who, unsurprisingly, hopped away upon seeing me approach. Less expected, however, was this congregation suddenly coming out of the shrubbery.. ! They didn't hang around for more than perhaps a minute or two, but still - a magical moment. I'd recommend viewing the full size image, to better appreciate the scene.

(Deleted comment)
Hrair, indeed! ^_^ So strange seeing them all come out at nearly the same time, like some kind of ambush, or welcome wagon, depending on your outlook on life and lapines. =:)

I get more envious by the post! Not only do there still seem to be plenty of bunnies around your way, and not only do you take excellent photos of them, but now you've caught a Hrair Moment[1] as well! I'm starting to suspect that you're somehow luring all the local rabbits away. =:P

[1] Hrair Moment = Hrair rabbits visible in the same shot. =:)
Aw, thanks.

*giggle* Now I'm wondering if I can locate the Kodak font.. ^_^

I wonder if it's just coincidental, or possibly related to my walks being later in the day now, but that stretch - technically part of another trail, branching off the paved one - seems to have only recently seen visible lapine activity. There's always been some, but seldom out in the open. Today, though, was exceptional, as if deliberate.. ! Well, if I suddenly stop posting, you'll have a good idea of where I've wound up. ^_^ (Actually very nice territory for rabbits, with the main hassle mostly being just dogs being taken for walks, though there are some foxes around as well. Thankfully, AFAIK, the farmer owning the land closest to the office is perfectly cool with the rabbits being around - it's just grazing land for a few sheep and a couple horses)

You have such lovely grass over there.
They agree. ^_^ (Actually, the pic is cheating a little - most of the time, I keep the camera on "Standard" color mode, but these used "Vivid" instead)

I wonder if I should toss a few raisins around sometime.. though they probably enjoy the odd wild berry anyway.
That earns Apple ten glitter points!
Or there's the high-tech method.. if only Apple would come up with that kind of appliance. ^_^

It's about now you should be looking into picking up some lycra or latex, I'd say.. with photos to follow, naturally.
Heh, yeah.

Hmm, why now?
Well, you've always sounded cute, and of late, you've noticed other people remarking as much, upon seeing your physique's improvement. And shiny clothing's always fun anyway. ^_^

I'm not cute, actually. >.> Well, of course, with a hooded/masked spandex suit, this wouldn't be so much of a problem, but I still am overweight (I'd say "fat" myself, although others might or might not agree), so this'll have to wait, I fear.

Of course, I want to get some nice spandex/lycra/nylon suits eventually, but for now, I'll have to pass.