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I'm only vaguely aware of Perl, sad to say, though I'm finally getting around to picking up bits and pieces. So, this script has me a little puzzled. Any Perl guru feel like offering a smidgen of assistance?

file, as you may know, offers up information about what kind of file a particular file actually is. In this case, the output from file is:

/Users/porsupah/Development/ iPhone/Cocoa is my Girlfriend - First App demo/Basic iPhone App/build/Debug-iphoneos/Basic iPhone iPhone App: Mach-O executable arm

(Cocoa is my Girlfriend being the name of the site which offered up this handy starter tutorial for iPhone development)

The script, by one Tiku, gained from a thread on Apple's discussion boards:


for($b=0;$b<$#ARGV;$b++) {
if($ARGV[$b] eq "-s") {

$mums=`/usr/bin/file $realAppName`;
if($sign==1) {
print "codesign debug: we are attempting to sign a file.\n";
if($mums=~/executable arm/) {
print "codesign debug: verified the file is an ARM executable.\n";
if(($sign==1) && ($mums=~/executable arm/)) {
print "Signing armv6 new style..\n";
`$dev/lipo -create $realAppName -output $tmp`;
`mv $tmp $realAppName`;
`$dev/lipo -thin armv6 $realAppName -output $tmp`;
`mv $tmp $realAppName`;
system("rm $appDir"."/CodeResources");
system("cp $appDir"."/_CodeSignature/CodeResources $appDir"."/CodeResources");
exit 0;
} else {
print "Signing armv6 old style..\n";
exec '/usr/bin/codesign.orig',@ARGV;

So, the problem at paw: the hack is carried out if both conditions are true - we're passing the -s option in, and the file we want to sign is an ARM executable. I see the first debug output, noting the -s flag, but not the second. Why? Certainly, the output given should match the condition specified, executable arm, so is $mums not being assigned correctly?
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