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Oh, damn, did that turn out well.. ^_^

I began with two pork loin chops, which I left to sit in some ketjap manis for a few minutes, turning them a couple times. Once imbued with that sweet savoriness, I rubbed a good coating of wasabi around both of them, covering them in a thin film of that wondrous spiciness, and popped them under the grill for about twelve minutes, turning midway through.

Meanwhile, I sliced up several leaves of Savoy cabbage and put those on to boil, along with two quartered artichoke hearts, and six protruberances of asparagus. Once those were just done, I laid the cabbage and artichokes out as a bed for the pork, needing nothing more.

By way of a supplemental sauce, some butter beans in a thick mix of instant vegetable chowder soup, with some sweet smoked paprika and Malaysian hot sauce, plus four chopped sweet pickled thin peppers.

Finally, a little browned French butter, for the asparagus.

Such tender, tangy pork, backed up by the mild piquance of the beans and their sauce.. the cabbage provided a contrast of simplicity, crowned by the sublime, delicate richness of the merest hint of buttery opulence, dancing with the fresh taste of its slender companion.

Happy bunny. ^_^

Oh, that's an absolute classic. =:D

Got to be careful to cut off the hyperdrive before cooking, though. You really don't want that firing up during dessert.