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Oh, damn, did that turn out well.. ^_^

I began with two pork loin chops, which I left to sit in some ketjap manis for a few minutes, turning them a couple times. Once imbued with that sweet savoriness, I rubbed a good coating of wasabi around both of them, covering them in a thin film of that wondrous spiciness, and popped them under the grill for about twelve minutes, turning midway through.

Meanwhile, I sliced up several leaves of Savoy cabbage and put those on to boil, along with two quartered artichoke hearts, and six protruberances of asparagus. Once those were just done, I laid the cabbage and artichokes out as a bed for the pork, needing nothing more.

By way of a supplemental sauce, some butter beans in a thick mix of instant vegetable chowder soup, with some sweet smoked paprika and Malaysian hot sauce, plus four chopped sweet pickled thin peppers.

Finally, a little browned French butter, for the asparagus.

Such tender, tangy pork, backed up by the mild piquance of the beans and their sauce.. the cabbage provided a contrast of simplicity, crowned by the sublime, delicate richness of the merest hint of buttery opulence, dancing with the fresh taste of its slender companion.

Happy bunny. ^_^

That looks goddamn delicious!
*grin* Oh, it was. ^_^ I was a bit nervous about the wasabi, but it felt like it should work out, if the meat were already seasoned - and the ketjap manis (sweet, thick, Indonesian style soy sauce, courtesy of the local Tesco) worked perfectly. Not a very strong flavor once it'd all cooked through, just complimenting the meat really well.

And browned butter's once of the gifts from the culinary gods. =:) Not sure if it works as well with salted butter - perhaps research is required. ^_^ I just tend to use so little butter that this is the last of the block the owners left for me when I moved in. ^_^

I stick to much simpler (read lazy) cooking... :P
The rewards are worth it, though. ^_^

It may amuse you to know that I associate you with smoked paprika. Whenever you post about food, I count the ingredients until... inevitably, there it is.

Not that what you post isn't delicious-looking! M'just saying. You are Smoked Paprika Rabbit.
*giggle* True, I definitely enjoy it. ^_^ It all began one dark night in Hungary.. actually, it was in Cardiff, in a particularly fun little deli, Wally's. I spotted a little tin of "smoked hot paprika", and absolutely adored the results I could gain - a smokiness with real character, and some liveliness to it. 'Course, most of the time, when I use it, it's just quietly in the background, like a subtle reverb, but occasionally, it's fun to bring it center stage. =:9

As and when I change the title of this journal, that seems like a great replacement. =:D

An irrelevant question for you, a much better cook than I. I want to try making sesame balls, like the kind found at Chinese bakeries, but I'm not big on bean paste as filler. Any sweet alternatives you might suggest? I was thinking I could chop up some nuts with some honey and cinnamon for a faux-baklava thing, but I'm not sure that'll work well taste- and texture-wise with the rice flour.
Actually, that might work rather well, especially if the nuts were finely ground into a powder - maintaining the baklava inspiration, pistachios would probably be quite delicious in it, too. (But then, it's difficult to go wrong with pistachios, the cashew's urbane cousin =:)

I'm quite tempted to suggest something like Nutella, actually. ^_^

I wonder how cinnamon-laced tangy apple purée would work.. possibly even with a fleck of ricotta?

It might be tricky coming up with a version thick enough to be not hideously messy, but some real egg custard (as opposed to something concocted from a powder, such as Bird's - perfectly serviceable as a dessert sauce, but not a patch on the real stuff) could be worth a try, too.

How about finely ground porridge oats and maple syrup? The latter might work really well off sesame, too.

Also, you could always see if jharish can be reached - he's quite an accomplished cakes & pastries chef, or was, in one of his former professional incarnations.

that pork looks....like the millennium falcon actually...

I knew I had something tickling the back of my memory when I looked at it.. =:D

Mm, eating Luke Skywalker..
Oh, that's an absolute classic. =:D

Got to be careful to cut off the hyperdrive before cooking, though. You really don't want that firing up during dessert.

:: in wordless awe at skillz::