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Presenting the assortment of peppers that went into dinner - one Scotch bonnet, two cherry bomb, and four fingers (from Kenya and India, apparently, in this case). They provided some.. invigoration for a vaguely Thai-inspired curry, with chicken strips and pork & Bramley apple sausage slices at the forefront, backed up by baby corn and thin beans, rounded out with some ricotta and brown sugar, in a sauce primarily based on a thick vegetable chowder instant soup mix, with backup vocals by garlic powder, basil, lemongrass purée, and lemon thyme.

(To be honest, only half of that wound up on the plate - I deliberately made enough for another night. Anyone want to visit? =:)

I think my hearing's returning to normal already, too.
I wouldn't mind visiting. :) Where are you living nowadays?
Well, the closest big airport is LHR. ^_^ (Which I really need to be visiting much more often.. *sigh* So many countries yet to visit, so many to spend time in again, not to mention that yearning to return to where I belong)

Oh, for a few thousand spare in the account. ^_^