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Presenting the assortment of peppers that went into dinner - one Scotch bonnet, two cherry bomb, and four fingers (from Kenya and India, apparently, in this case). They provided some.. invigoration for a vaguely Thai-inspired curry, with chicken strips and pork & Bramley apple sausage slices at the forefront, backed up by baby corn and thin beans, rounded out with some ricotta and brown sugar, in a sauce primarily based on a thick vegetable chowder instant soup mix, with backup vocals by garlic powder, basil, lemongrass purée, and lemon thyme.

(To be honest, only half of that wound up on the plate - I deliberately made enough for another night. Anyone want to visit? =:)

I think my hearing's returning to normal already, too.
Hell yes. Or I want you to come round and make me a pizza. Your meals always sound fantastic!

You know, that's actually quite feasible.. I'm quite a pleasant jaunt down one of Southern's lines out of the Big Smoke. (Or Fairly Large Mostly Clean Air These Days Conurbation, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it)