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Basic pepperoni pizza.. originally. =:) I added a thinly sliced chicken breast, rubbed in tandoori and chili powders, and a sliced Lincolnshire sausage (a moderately peppery British variety) for extra meat; garlic powder, herbes de provence, and basil; and finally, two chopped artichokes, some sliced sun-dried tomato, and some flecks of ricotta.

Eat of me, for I am delicious.
Oh, like a dog can talk. =:)

Actually, if I ever somehow manage to land a place of my own, rather than merely renting ad infinitum, I'd love to have both a tandoori and a real pizza oven. Though I suppose I'd also need magic bread-making paws too.. reminds me, I do have a bag of pizza dough mix awaiting water and warmth. Maybe not today, though. ^_^; Hafta pick up some proper mozzarella first, though - the local supermarket only seems to sell one variety, shredded, which proved remarkably heat-resistant, to the point the pizza was threatening to turn crispy, whilst the mozzarella was doing its equivalent of sleepily rubbing its eyes and wondering what all the fuss was.

Buying supermarket shreds is a dicey business at best. You need to be sure you're buying whole milk mozzarella, and it should at least be a name-brand, such as Sargento or Polly-O.

A good clue you've got pants cheese is when it doesn't get sticky after warming up a bit on the counter while you're working. If it doesn't get soft and a little sticky, it's been augmented with sawdust (cellulose fillers) and possibly dusted with silicon dioxide to keep it "loose".