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Basic pepperoni pizza.. originally. =:) I added a thinly sliced chicken breast, rubbed in tandoori and chili powders, and a sliced Lincolnshire sausage (a moderately peppery British variety) for extra meat; garlic powder, herbes de provence, and basil; and finally, two chopped artichokes, some sliced sun-dried tomato, and some flecks of ricotta.

Eat of me, for I am delicious.
*chuckle* If I ate that much for breakfast, it would put me right back to sleep. ^^
Well, I don't tend to eat for a few hours after waking up, so it's still technically breakfast. =:) I'm more of a dinner sort - the Mediterranean folks have the right idea. Make a big thing of it, lasting hours, and enjoy it all. ^_^

They say that the best way to eat is to turn the current (western?) fashion on its head. Start the day with a nice, big breakfast, have a reasonable meal for lunch, then have something light for dinner. I suppose it's a good excuse for a nice fried grilled breakfast; plenty of protein there to keep you from getting hungry. The only problem with the cooked breakfast is, of course, how long it takes. It's much more convenient to make a "continental" breakfast (cereal, milk, toast, marmalade) than to make a "full english" (sausage, egg, bacon, plus whatever extras).

I may have a go at turning my meals around this week, though. I'm making a potato bake tonight (nothing fancy), and might have that in the mornings, with cereal in the evenings.