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Basic pepperoni pizza.. originally. =:) I added a thinly sliced chicken breast, rubbed in tandoori and chili powders, and a sliced Lincolnshire sausage (a moderately peppery British variety) for extra meat; garlic powder, herbes de provence, and basil; and finally, two chopped artichokes, some sliced sun-dried tomato, and some flecks of ricotta.

Eat of me, for I am delicious.
*chuckle* If I ate that much for breakfast, it would put me right back to sleep. ^^
Well, I don't tend to eat for a few hours after waking up, so it's still technically breakfast. =:) I'm more of a dinner sort - the Mediterranean folks have the right idea. Make a big thing of it, lasting hours, and enjoy it all. ^_^

They say that the best way to eat is to turn the current (western?) fashion on its head. Start the day with a nice, big breakfast, have a reasonable meal for lunch, then have something light for dinner. I suppose it's a good excuse for a nice fried grilled breakfast; plenty of protein there to keep you from getting hungry. The only problem with the cooked breakfast is, of course, how long it takes. It's much more convenient to make a "continental" breakfast (cereal, milk, toast, marmalade) than to make a "full english" (sausage, egg, bacon, plus whatever extras).

I may have a go at turning my meals around this week, though. I'm making a potato bake tonight (nothing fancy), and might have that in the mornings, with cereal in the evenings.
(Deleted comment)
*grin* It did turn out well. ^_^ I think I could've used just a bit of heat as well, though - perhaps some sweet peppers, like the jar of "hot" (by Minnesota standards?) Pepperdew I forgot about at the time. But the meats all played very well with each other, with the artichokes offering a contrast to them. I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing, but.. ah well, at least I won't be after an early dinner tonight. ^_^
rubbed in tandoori and chili powders

You rubbed in some powdered brick ovens???  Ewww!  Some rabbits eat the darnedest things...
Oh, like a dog can talk. =:)

Actually, if I ever somehow manage to land a place of my own, rather than merely renting ad infinitum, I'd love to have both a tandoori and a real pizza oven. Though I suppose I'd also need magic bread-making paws too.. reminds me, I do have a bag of pizza dough mix awaiting water and warmth. Maybe not today, though. ^_^; Hafta pick up some proper mozzarella first, though - the local supermarket only seems to sell one variety, shredded, which proved remarkably heat-resistant, to the point the pizza was threatening to turn crispy, whilst the mozzarella was doing its equivalent of sleepily rubbing its eyes and wondering what all the fuss was.

Buying supermarket shreds is a dicey business at best. You need to be sure you're buying whole milk mozzarella, and it should at least be a name-brand, such as Sargento or Polly-O.

A good clue you've got pants cheese is when it doesn't get sticky after warming up a bit on the counter while you're working. If it doesn't get soft and a little sticky, it's been augmented with sawdust (cellulose fillers) and possibly dusted with silicon dioxide to keep it "loose".
Your breakfast is better than mine.
Well, it is the weekend. ^_^ I was feeling quite hungry, and felt I'd go for some actual food, rather than making do with something snacky until the evening. Seems to be working well - I doubt I'll be having anything more until well into the night. ^_^;

Do you wind up cooking much these days?

I am cooking more these days than I used to. Curries and moussakas.
Curries and moussakas.

I say, would you mind guests?
Always grateful for guests. :)
Be careful of open invitations like that.. people might take you up on them. =:)
Excellent, but I'd leave off the artichokes, which I hate.
Oh yes oh yes oh yes that looks absolutely scrumptious!
i'm salivaating. om nom nom!
What kind of pepperoni pizza was the base? Home made or prepared?
Just a plain Tesco affair - originally chilled, but frozen a week ago. Probably quite reasonable per se, though I'd prefer more and slightly thicker pepperoni - but then, it's rare I can let myself just take a pizza from freezer to oven. =:)

On the delivery front, I see Papa John's is now offering the "Carnevale", which might be very good - of the delivery outfits, they're probably my favorite overall, with one of the local indies coming not too far behind, but PJ's dough is particularly good, and the toppings chunkier. It's Ventricina salami, pepperoni, sausage, onions, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, and a balsamic vinegar drizzle. (Thankfully, I've just eaten =:)

Oh yum!

*tries to download*
*dies of lust*


Wait, breakfast?
You're insane.