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I'd like to try a guitar, to see if I can take to it at all; so, obviously, I'm not wanting to spend any serious money. Would something like this Stage Sunburst be any good for that purpose? What kind of output level should I expect? Ideally, I'd just hook it up to Hyzenthlay for low level amplification, and manipulation within Logic.

And check out this demo clip of the Prominy LPC sample library of a Les Paul Custom. Quite impressive. (Not cheap, though - the review tags it as $469 =:P)

rabitguy found this spider simulator in Flash - and it's quite unnervingly realistic. Plenty of controllable parameters, or you can simply lay down insects for it to wander along to and enjoy.

Great shot of Skuff taking a dive, by sockscatt.

Here's a good potted intro to the iPhone's architecture, if you're interested in what actually makes it tick. Interesting to see PowerVR's GPU tech show up there..

Well, this should be interesting - just placed a nice little order with Orchard Hive and Vine for several varied bottles of cider from farms local to them. (I found out about them courtesy of Dunkertons' site - whilst their regular organic and Black Fox varieties are available from Waitrose/Ocado, most are only through these people; Black Fox is deliciously tangy, brimming with apple flavor. Superb antidote for anyone exposed to the likes of Strongbow =:)

AudieGryph mentioned a new Sega RPG, World Destruction, where an alliance of twelve furry races have taken over the world. ^_^ Regrettably, though, we're the bad guys. On the other paw, bad guys always get the more stylish appareil. ^_^ It's also an anime.

Fearsomely expensive, but still, how often do you see color-accurate Pantone tea mugs and espresso cups? ^_^

In case you missed FA's LotD mention of it: Sonic's Eye Infection. =:D

Handy. If you're tired of Flash video sucking - which, yes, goes without saying - away on your processor, try this hint. It's a simple JavaScript applet that you can use as a bookmark in your browser Favorites bar. When you go to a YouTube page (sadly, it doesn't work with LJ YouTube embeds), it'll replace the Flash video player with whatever plugin's handling MPEG-4 - QuickTime, by default, on OS X. Somewhat higher quality video, and with an easy way of saving the file into the bargain. ^_^

Woo! Contactizer Pro's pretty serious stuff. Whilst the stock Address Book app works perfectly well, there's a lot more detail available per contact in CP, plus flexibility in assigning contacts to definable groups. Still, it'll take a while to plough through all the email and assorted info Address Book's accumulated, and merging in my hitherto manually updated list of addresses and phone numbers. (Some of which is distinctly of, shall we say, only historical interest =:) Not an app I'd have bought normally, but as part of the MacUpdate bundle the other week, an excellent deal. ($50 was easily worth it for just LightZone, let alone the other included apps - CP normally goes for $120) Wonder if there's any site offering similar hefty discounts on music apps and libraries.. Cubase could do with clawing back some share from Logic and Reason, after all, not helped by their copy protection keeping them from spreading.

Frustratingly, though, CP doesn't appear to offer any assistance in merging contacts, such as different email addresses referring to the same person IRL. It's otherwise quite richly featured, hooking in nicely to show conversations you've had with someone by email or IM, adding them to a role in a charted project or calendar, associating them with maps, or arbitrary notes.

And as a coda, the aforementioned order arrived, beautifully well packed. The coworker and I enjoyed three of the ciders, plus a little of a quite excellent young (10 year old) cider brandy. But I'll ramble on about that some other day. ^_^

(And here's the Harechurch Hill bottle in more detail. Not, of course, that the name influenced me in any way)
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