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I'd like to try a guitar, to see if I can take to it at all; so, obviously, I'm not wanting to spend any serious money. Would something like this Stage Sunburst be any good for that purpose? What kind of output level should I expect? Ideally, I'd just hook it up to Hyzenthlay for low level amplification, and manipulation within Logic.

And check out this demo clip of the Prominy LPC sample library of a Les Paul Custom. Quite impressive. (Not cheap, though - the review tags it as $469 =:P)

rabitguy found this spider simulator in Flash - and it's quite unnervingly realistic. Plenty of controllable parameters, or you can simply lay down insects for it to wander along to and enjoy.

Great shot of Skuff taking a dive, by sockscatt.

Here's a good potted intro to the iPhone's architecture, if you're interested in what actually makes it tick. Interesting to see PowerVR's GPU tech show up there..

Well, this should be interesting - just placed a nice little order with Orchard Hive and Vine for several varied bottles of cider from farms local to them. (I found out about them courtesy of Dunkertons' site - whilst their regular organic and Black Fox varieties are available from Waitrose/Ocado, most are only through these people; Black Fox is deliciously tangy, brimming with apple flavor. Superb antidote for anyone exposed to the likes of Strongbow =:)

AudieGryph mentioned a new Sega RPG, World Destruction, where an alliance of twelve furry races have taken over the world. ^_^ Regrettably, though, we're the bad guys. On the other paw, bad guys always get the more stylish appareil. ^_^ It's also an anime.

Fearsomely expensive, but still, how often do you see color-accurate Pantone tea mugs and espresso cups? ^_^

In case you missed FA's LotD mention of it: Sonic's Eye Infection. =:D

Handy. If you're tired of Flash video sucking - which, yes, goes without saying - away on your processor, try this hint. It's a simple JavaScript applet that you can use as a bookmark in your browser Favorites bar. When you go to a YouTube page (sadly, it doesn't work with LJ YouTube embeds), it'll replace the Flash video player with whatever plugin's handling MPEG-4 - QuickTime, by default, on OS X. Somewhat higher quality video, and with an easy way of saving the file into the bargain. ^_^

Woo! Contactizer Pro's pretty serious stuff. Whilst the stock Address Book app works perfectly well, there's a lot more detail available per contact in CP, plus flexibility in assigning contacts to definable groups. Still, it'll take a while to plough through all the email and assorted info Address Book's accumulated, and merging in my hitherto manually updated list of addresses and phone numbers. (Some of which is distinctly of, shall we say, only historical interest =:) Not an app I'd have bought normally, but as part of the MacUpdate bundle the other week, an excellent deal. ($50 was easily worth it for just LightZone, let alone the other included apps - CP normally goes for $120) Wonder if there's any site offering similar hefty discounts on music apps and libraries.. Cubase could do with clawing back some share from Logic and Reason, after all, not helped by their copy protection keeping them from spreading.

Frustratingly, though, CP doesn't appear to offer any assistance in merging contacts, such as different email addresses referring to the same person IRL. It's otherwise quite richly featured, hooking in nicely to show conversations you've had with someone by email or IM, adding them to a role in a charted project or calendar, associating them with maps, or arbitrary notes.

And as a coda, the aforementioned order arrived, beautifully well packed. The coworker and I enjoyed three of the ciders, plus a little of a quite excellent young (10 year old) cider brandy. But I'll ramble on about that some other day. ^_^

(And here's the Harechurch Hill bottle in more detail. Not, of course, that the name influenced me in any way)
WELL! I guess you *did* like the other one better? :)
*giggle* It may not be the most practical of manoeuvres, but those arrows do provide such a dashing counterpoint to your lithe figure. ^_^
Ok, I wasn't taking a pic for angular symmetry... :) But it does work. The diving with spears, not so scary. It's the "hitting the water with spears" part.... THAT'S kinda scary...

But... is it REALLY art? :) I need an icon like that...
World Destruction? Interesting... Nice music on their web page. And an awesome pirate teddybear thing. I'm so glad they haven't given up that requirement of having at least one non-sensically cute character in every RPG.

Of course, once you get past the fancy box art, the other characters look just as cutesy in 2d RPG style. XD
Ooh, nice reminder! I think an ep or two of World Destruction might be a nice start to the day. ^_^ Though ibneko below doesn't seem overly impressed with the storyline - but the visuals apparently redeem themselves. ^_^

I wonder what platforms WD is available for.. though I suppose it'd be Japan-only for now. (I've got a DS and a PSP, both Old School. >grin< Picked up an 8GB card for the latter a few weeks ago, now populated by several of my favorite titles, though I'm finding myself spending most of my casual gaming time on the iPhone)

Of course, the big question is: are the bunnies cute? AudieGryph indicated there are lapines present..
I was under the impression all the furries were evil?

And the website said it was a DS game.
Having done the music thing, and being somewhat conservative on pedagogical theory, my recommendation would be to spend those fifty quid on a good used acoustic guitar and learn the basics on that. You won't be distracted by other stuff, and when you're ready to go for a "real" instrument, you'll know more about what it should feel like in your hands.

You're best off going into a brick-and-mortar shop and talking to a real guitar player. Make sure that whatever instrument you get, you can wrap your left hand and fingers around it appropriately: I've got elfin fingers, so I could deal with a thicker neck than a dwarf could.

And then the real trick to learning any instrument is to practice for an hour every day.
Eep! Now the challenge becomes trying to find out where locally I might find a semi-decent purveyor of passably musical instruments. ^_^ Though, Brighton seems like a highly probable locale, and I don't need much tempting to visit the place - definitely my kind of town, from what little exposure I've thus far enjoyed. I'd still sooner be in San Francisco, but it has to be said, there's a much higher concentration of superb pubs in Brighton. =:)

If only instruments, whether keyboards or guitars, could be shrunk down for transportation.. still, at least guitars can be carried around easily - that Fatar Studiologic 1100 is.. not quite what one would deem truly portable. I'm still in awe of the coworker's ability (and willingness!) to heft it back from Brighton - 22kg for a mile or so, plus a backpack of books he had on him at the time.. apparently proved something of a challenge even for him, but it and he both survived. ^_^

'Course, there's always Pocket Guitar. =:)

Addendum re electric guitar - they're hi-impedance signal sources. You'll want to run it through a preamp if you want to get signal into your soundcard.
Ahhh, right.. now I (sort of) remember! Wouldn't be a problem. Of course, I could always just settle for Pocket Guitar. =:D
I've been following "World Destruction", actually. Although primarily for the ears and tail. (need more catear'd boys in anime).

Main characters are human though, unfortunately. And it's... eh, so-so.
*grin* Actually, "neko" seems to be quite a prominent subculture now in Second Life, too.. ^_^

Aw, sad to hear the anime's somewhat lacking.. still, I suppose it can't help but be entertaining to some degree, even if I can't quite get my head around a lapine ever being a bad guy. =:)
Quite an impressive sample library, yes. And 469 USD actually doesn't seem too bad for it; if you're a professional, it's certainly gonna be affordable, and if you're not, you likely won't need it, anyway.

Mmm, the cups are interesting, yes, but quite overpriced indeed, to say the least. I'd understand the price if they actually had more or less the entire Pantone catalogue available (or at least a good part of it), but if there's just four mugs each, then 35 GBP seems far too much really.
Oh, certainly - and after all, if you're into music as a genuine "serious" hobby, or even professionally, $469 isn't a huge sum, especially for a library of that quality. 'Course, if you're willing to accept a library that's simply very good, Acoustic Legends HD is superb, covering a dozen or so distinct guitars, coming to around $50k for the actual instruments. Very nicely done, though as rabitguy observed, they were occasionally a bit heavy on the deliberate imperfections in some of the sample tracks. =:)

(Reminds me of the way my camera, by itself all but silent, can optionally play the sound of a shutter on taking a picture. *grin* And then there's the iPhone's analog clock option, where the second hand has a little wobble when it increments..)

I wonder why they're that price? Could, of course, just be their choice, though conceivably, maybe color-accurate pottery presents certain challenges (which wouldn't be surprising!), or perhaps even some kind of licensing deal with Pantone. Still, very cute. ^_^ (Reminds me, I need to find somewhere to pick up a pint glass or two.. broke one the other day while washing up - the first in my four months in the new warren - and the one from the Great British Beer Festival perished in the dishwasher a few days after it came home. =:P Not sure what happened there, but I suspect the combination of pressure applied by the supports it was resting on plus the hot water around the relatively thick glass. Might be repairable, though, as the break's clean, and the damage amounts to two pieces, plus the main body - really up to whether I can find a suitable glue with a compatible refractive index, which I'm sure exist, or did)

Hmm, I think you forgot the target for that link. :)

Yeah, my camera can do that, too; unless you're in a studio setting, though, I think it's mostly silly. I can see why you'd want acoustic feedback in a studio - not just for the shutter but also for when the camera is ready to shoot again, for instance -, but I personally always disable these things.

Mmm, yeah, I suppose there's some extra challenges involved there in making them accurate. Not sure if Pantone would want a cut, though; I do seem to recall they're relatively anal about their catalogue, but ultimately, this sort of thing should be exactly what they're about: selling colour specifications etc. to industrial customers. It'd be hard to justify them getting a cut out for every mug sold, although I wouldn't put it above them to demand one. :P

But yeah, they're cute. :)

Hmm, sorry to hear about the pint glass! Was that one actually labelled as dishwasher safe? If yes, it might be an idea to try and return it to whence you bought it.
I drool at your cider picture.
I can easily recommend the cider brandy, too, a ten year old from the King Offa Distillery - delightfully smooth, but still retaining its essential apple nature. Quite a joy to drink. ^_^ (Not that the ciders were bad! I'll have to post a coda to this entry tonight; I'm lousy at criticism and tasting notes, but they were each very distinct from each other. Not bad, the way they charge a flat fee of £10.88 for delivery - it does mean you'll want to put in a larger order, to make it worthwhile, but for the weight it'll come to, really not a bad deal, and the ciders are all quite normal prices, despite being made on a very small scale - one of the labels even has the names of the two people who pick the apples =:)

PowerVR? Isn't that in my Dreamcast I think?
Indeed it is! Actually, the Sega USA big cheese even said:

"Why people play those crappy games on their mobile phones, I’ll never understand. I’ll never understand it personally… The iPhone changes that completely. You’re playing Dreamcast quality games on this tiny little device that you just had."

It's a wonderful little games device. ^_^ Aqua Forest is inexplicably neat, and the air hockey title I picked up the other night (99¢/59p) is just fun. Might give one of the better driving titles a shot, too, but I'm more up for something like Wipeout Pure than GTA4. (Can't imagine Sony would ever permit a Wipeout title on the iPhone, though =:)

Very well created, obviously, though I had to deal with plenty of real (fucking massive) spiders when living there, so I can't say the simulation is cute.

"Sonic's Eye Infection"
Ah, holy shit, I haven't laughed that much for some time!

What a nice bunch of tasty whistle-whetting drinks there. I could do for a selection of ports that size.
I came close to walking into this on the way out of the salt mine on Friday night. Of course, my first thought was to reach for the camera. ^_^

(I do hope andysquirrel saw that Sonic link =:)

Open ports, eh? <accent="cockney">Nudge nudge, wink wink</accent>

I'm actually enjoying a few more of them now. ^_^ Currently, the Harechurch cider, which is a very robust take-no-prisoners creature. =:9 Very dry, quite acidic, and jams a bag of apples in your mouth. =:)

I think you might quite like the cider brandy, too. Delightfully smooth, yet retaining its cider character through the distillation process.. easily recommended. So, when will you be dropping by? Plenty of space here to enjoy, and local rabbits within easy reach either way along the nearby trail.. and it's quiet. ^_^ (Modulo the modest sound system, on loan from the co-worker - amp's actually an odd DVD player that isn't very good at playing discs, but quite decent at making sounds louder)
[Gilbert & Sullivan = music filter]

Are there one or two spiders there? The other bit beneath it looks like a seed pod, but I can't be sure.

Living in Bella Vista, which, by the way, is the absolute blissness one could expect of living in Arkansas, unless one were an actualy homeowner without debts living in the middle of several miles of land (like my cousins - whom I may have to ask for advice in the near future considering the way the elite have pushed the economy), I come across such webs on a regular basis. I have or had two such garden spiders camped outside my window, one outside brother's window, one on the front porch, three or four on the right side of the house, two on the left, three under the back porch.

I had the misfortune today of spotting a passed on chipmunk in one of the backyard spouts. Very distressing. I do wish they wouldn't decide to go near myself. I can't take it, you know.

Andy would indeed love that comic. I absolutely adore it.

I do love me ports. Strangley enough I ended up pouring nearly the whole of a bottle of Warre's 10-year Tawny down the drain at Ayr Way, Bletchley. I shudder to think of such an action today, of course, primarily as port seems to be my favourite harder-than-beer drink nowadays.

Very few ciders at our local liquor store. Strongbow and a much more more local manufacturer are about it as far as cider go.

I was back in Fayetteville on Wednesday. Brother was on a mission to Grandpa's in West Fork that day, so I went along to the Fayetteville library. After that I went to The Powerhouse; the site is down for who knows how long, but they have the largest selection of beer in Arkansas, I dare say at the very least. I assume I'd appreciate the cider brandy.

I'd absolutely love to drop by, don't you know.