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Just a couple random pics from today. Full size images beneath.

(Yes, I really did fetch the camera from elsewhere in the house to take a photo of a glass =:)

The skillet, for what it's worth, held a chicken breast, gently simmering away with some tandoori spice mix and a dash of piri piri relish. That plus some baked fries (that surely doesn't sound right..) and reduced fat Marks & Spencer mayonnaise was entirely enjoyable. ^_^
Oh, that is rather neat!

(Am I a bad bunny for thinking the space above and below the jars is just right for lolcat style annotations? =:)

Seriously, that's quite a professional result - could quite easily be a magazine advert.

BTW, don't suppose there are any jackrabbits or other lapines in the area? Assuming you're equipped for wildlife photography, of course, which presents its own set of challenges. I'd like to read how professionals manage, when their subjects may be some distance away, with no intention of coming any closer, and more than happy to make themselves scarce. I suppose it all comes down to patience, and being willing to take a lot of rejected photos, with as gigantic a lens as you can carry and mount on a tripod, if you know whereabouts you want to set up in advance.

Thank you!

(You're quite right, of course, though I dare not attempt a lolcat of my own.)

A compliment that made me glow, to be sure.

You know, I haven't seen ANY flopsies of any description at all in Bella Vista. Birds, deer, insects, butterflies, one cat, one rat (at lake's edge), chipmunks & squirrels, toads, one groundhog, armadillos, lizards and a couple (very small) snakes; not one lapine. ;_;

I wouldn't say I'm equipped for wildlife photography. I've only the digital camera and the film camera with the one lens. Sometimes I'm lucky with a quick capture, but often not.