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Just a couple random pics from today. Full size images beneath.

(Yes, I really did fetch the camera from elsewhere in the house to take a photo of a glass =:)

The skillet, for what it's worth, held a chicken breast, gently simmering away with some tandoori spice mix and a dash of piri piri relish. That plus some baked fries (that surely doesn't sound right..) and reduced fat Marks & Spencer mayonnaise was entirely enjoyable. ^_^
Actually, yes. ^_^ Doesn't include glass, though. =:)

(Oddly, whilst they do collect cans, some plastic, cardboard, and paper, they don't pick up glass at all)

I used to enjoy the way they collected the bins back in San Jose - all mechanical. They'd pull up at just the right point, and let the grabber hoist the bins, which everyone would leave right by the kerb, handles outward; they barely had to hop off the truck. Very slick. ^_^

Course, a Mr Fusion would be better still.