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Just a couple random pics from today. Full size images beneath.

(Yes, I really did fetch the camera from elsewhere in the house to take a photo of a glass =:)

The skillet, for what it's worth, held a chicken breast, gently simmering away with some tandoori spice mix and a dash of piri piri relish. That plus some baked fries (that surely doesn't sound right..) and reduced fat Marks & Spencer mayonnaise was entirely enjoyable. ^_^
Yow! Now there would've been a fantastic photo, but I suppose you could be forgiven for not being duly prepared for that eventuality. ^_^ Hopefully you didn't receive hot coffee on your good self as a result. (Originally typed as "goo self")

I wonder if "bakeds" could be used in rhyme, without extending well into the realm of the contrived. Mind you, not that French plurals really seem to work all that elegantly in English, as with Surgeons General or courts martial. Or even, for my money, MacBooks Pro. =:)