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It's official: new Red Dwarf. Robert Llewellyn says "We're doing four new shows with the original cast. Two of them are going to be, like, proper episodes of Red Dwarf. One of them is so exciting I've been asked not to say anything about that because other people will steal the idea - and it is a great idea, quite challenging for us as performers. And the other one is a kind of behind-the-scenes-y... the truth. There's been so many rumours and gossip about Red Dwarf, about whether there's going to be a movie and whether we all get on, all those things... The downside for me, which is just dawning on me now, is I've got to do the 'rubber' thing again, which I haven't done for ten years."

Huepow00's Furry Adrenaline Mix4 demands your attention. Is good. High-energy with imagination. (And for supplemental goodness, djbalor's If Tomorrow Comes 08 is a good piece of trance)

EclipseWolf isn't an artist I've encountered before, but this Bunny Moon definitely caught my eye. ^_^

circuit_four spotted this quite wonderful idea: Will Draw Anything for $2. Just enter a few words describing the cartoon, and watch what comes out. The gallery is well worth going through, and is mostly worksafe, not including the surreal and hilarious Norman Rockwell one. ^_^

Quite a fun little Greek ad.

Beware! Typographunnies - very, very bad typography jokes. "What kind of fonts do Campbell's Soup lovers prefer? Anything Condensed."

Don't suppose anyone's particularly knowledgable about insects? I spotted this dragonfly, but the appearance seems quite odd. Is it a dragonfly, or something else entirely?

Does anyone have any (or all!) episodes of a little-known furry show, titled just "Gophers"? All the characters were 'suits, probably providing one of my early incentives to try fursuiting out for myself. (To my eternal gratitude, Farallon Seal came through with a spare - Red the Panda - which I tried out at CF4, and which he somehow was convinced to let me buy for a highly preferential price)

I weakened. I still don't use the things for speaking, unless necessary, but having played around with it a little, I'm tempted to use the shiny new iPhone as my preferred browser. =:) It's a fairly stark contrast, coming from the PSP's poxy effort, with its fondness for artistically rearranging pages to its liking, such as giving the useless left and right bars of many weblogs, such as Linden Lab's, full space, and compressing the actual text in the central column down to literally maybe two characters wide. Very useful. =:P I'm a little surprised Sony (or Access, who actually wrote the browser code) hasn't overhauled that side of things yet, but I suppose the PS3's their main focus now, having all but ceded the portable contest to Nintendo.

But the iPhone? So slick. Resizing and moving around the page is all by touch, so you can rapidly get to where you want on a busy page, and resize to a scale you're comfortable with. I haven't had much opportunity yet to play with the keyboard, but my experience seems to be matching the general trend so far - easy to get on with, but the occasional mistyped letter is quite common. (That said, that's been with the phone in "portrait" orientation, rather than landscape, where the keyboard would be that much wider) It's a little odd, really, just how nice an input method touch is. A button widget? Press it. It activates. A window's contents need shifting around? Just nudge them around with your finger, and enjoy them coming to a gentle halt.

Anyway, yep, first impressions are positive. Now to see if the current version of the SDK will still unpack manually onto a PPC system, or if they've reduced the build to Intel-only. I want to get to play with this puppy. ^_^ (And for the geekily inclined, iFixit's iPhone 3G teardown goes into detail with all the chips involved, with plenty of high res photos. The Broadcom touch controller is indeed the same as now used in the MacBook Air and current MacBook Pro, hence their multitouch capabilities)

It's not a show I've seen much of, but some folks might like to know The Real Ghostbusters is coming to DVD: "All 147 episodes digitally restored and uncut. Plus all Slimer! episodes, over 12 hours of bonus features and an exclusive collector's box. First time on DVD and not available in stores!" Not free with the cornflakes, at $180, but not a bad price for the sheer volume of work included.

Pile of Furries. =:) (Caution: it does have significant earworm potential)

Zakumi: South Africa's leopard mascot for the 2010 World Cup. Finally, maybe cute mascots are back!

Zen Bound looks like quite a novel iPhone game.. given various wooden carvings, which you can rotate in 3D, you have to wrap a certain percentage of it up, using a given length of rope. It comes via the Windows title, Zen Bondage, from a former lead engineer on Crysis.

Oh, that's a pity.. Dreamhaven Books, an excellent comic store - on a par with the likes of Comic Relief in Berkeley - is moving to smaller premises, from their long-established Dinkytown location, near the main University of Minnesota campus. It'll become a one-man operation, which does sound a little discouraging, but the website, understandably enough, isn't going into much more detail.

w00t! The coworker very kindly picked up the old, and quite battered, Fatar Studiologic 1100 for me on Sunday. And it works! It will need stripping down, though, as the response of some of the keys is rather uneven (not to mention one actually missing, at the high end), but.. gods, the feel of the keys is gorgeous - a world away from the M-Audio Keystation 49e's plain synth action. Only MIDI out, given it predates USB's existence, but a little MIDI-USB bridge solved that without any trouble - Garageband was perfectly happy. So, whilst there'll be a fair bit of attention needed to put it back into full health, I'm really not complaining, for £11.50. =:D

Yays! There's a version of Planarity for the iPhone - now, there's a game that was meant for a touch interface. Just search for Untangle - there's a free single-level version, or the full thing's 99¢/59p. (It took me about a dozen rounds of the free one to plop down that incredible wodge of cash)

Ooh, new coinage! Rather nice. Quite a departure from the existing designs: "the Shield of the Royal Arms has been given a contemporary treatment and its whole has been cleverly split among all six denominations from the 1p to the 50p, with the £1 coin displaying the heraldic element in its entirety. This is the first time that a single design has been used across a range of United Kingdom coins."

µTorrent for OS X leaked. And it looks surprisingly good! A genuine Cocoa app, rather than some half-assed port using a cross-platform widget kit (hello there, Azureus, Google Earth..). It's only an internal alpha, so not really suitable for actual use, but a good omen nonetheless, retaining as it does its Windows counterpart's lightweight nature. But when will it properly see the light of day, given how long it's taken thus far?

Radiohead's "Nude", courtesy of a Spectrum, several dead hard drives, a scanner, and a printer. Not only supremely nifty, but surprisingly good musically. ^_^

Well, that's good, even if the matter remains somewhat odd - the current iPhone SDK, as of Sep 2008, is still fully PPC-compatible, despite the installer script's insistence that the iPhone SDK, distinct from the rest of the devtools packages, can only be installed on an Intel Mac. It's not difficult to prove otherwise: just requires using Disk Utility to make a read-write copy of the disk image, deleting the PDF in the root (to make a little space in the image), then editing iPhone SDK.mpkg/Contents/iPhoneSDK.dist. Around line 67, there are three tweaks to be made: in agreedToSLA() and SDKPresent(), the "false" returns should be made "true", and in isIntel() below, changing '1234' to '4321'. Then the installer will obligingly permit the full installation to proceed.

Via stego_s_aurus, appropriately enough, came word of 45,000,000 year old yeast reborn and brewing pale ale and wheat beer for the Fossil Fuels Brewing Company. ^_^ "The beer has received good reviews at the Russian River Beer Festival and from other reviewers. The Oakland Tribune beer critic, William Brand, says the beer has 'a wierd spiciness at the finish', and the Washington Post said the beer was 'smooth and spicy'."

Wednesday was quite a good day for the buns. ^_^ No-one in the nearer field, but the adjacent strip was apparently convention central. This shot of three heading towards the right (with one happy where he was) caught my eye..

I have one of those new two pence coins. I thought it was a very odd design, but now that I see the rest of the coins, I see what's going on!
Hee! True, that would be a bit out of place, lacking context.

Though, TBH, I still think Australia wins the currency stakes, with significant furriness on the coins, plus those nifty transparent panels on the bills. Hmm. Wonder if the Royal Mint would take "British wildlife" as a suggestion for a future issue.. hare, fox, badger, swan, hedgehog, otter, stoat, perhaps?
Putting a weasel on anything instantly makes it better.
I smell a Photoshop contest. =:D

That could be awesome. :)
my appologies to any weasels out there..

It's official: new Red Dwarf.

Coolness. I think that's the most exciting thing I've heard in I don't know how long. I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for those!

And the bunny picture is, once again, very nicely done.
I do have to wonder what the super-sekrit idea he alludes to is, of course. ^_^ Maybe a furry edition of RD at long last? =:)

Still a pity the movie never got off the ground - sounded as if it was quite serious, but somehow, never happened. Then again, "development hell" seems to be a common state of many movie projects.

Hopefully the Doctor Who movie that's been suggested lately will come about, though. True, he's had big screen outings before, but those weren't really canon, even if fun all the same - not to mention the link there with Bernard Cribbins.

Thanks. ^_^ I've actually yet to go through all of today's shots - but that one really stood out, as it's fairly unusual to catch more than two in a frame. But then, I'm usually out there around the middle of the day, whereas I'd probably have better luck in the morning or evening. (Reminds me, I should pick up some kind of easily stowed tripod for low light settings - the TZ5's stabilisation works well, but unsurprisingly, it's got its limits, and trying to take a 1/8th second exposure handheld is well beyond =:)

The thing about Doctor Who movies is that a season-end type of epic goodness is at least two hours long, which makes it a movie length. In other words, and including the other two-parters, they're already putting out what are basically two or three mini-movies a year.

Then you add in the fact that some topics stretch over the course of a season, like the whole Bad Wolf thing or the hints of Rose's return in season 4.
Basically, if they can produce about twelve episodes a year plus a movie over a couple years, or they can produce no movie but can produce twenty or more episodes, I'd choose the episodes.

Mind you, I'm sure the movie would HAVE to have some amazing computer-generated stuff, the likes of which the Television series rarely sees.

Yeah, this entire comment from one line in an otherwise-unconnected comment.
But yeah, what are your thoughts?
"It's a little odd, really, just how nice an input method touch is."

Now you see why I'm such a touchscreen fanatic. There's something really *intuitive* about touching the screen - buttons become real buttons, not abstractions - you don't fiddle with a control device (the mouse) and then press a button *over there* - you actually press THE BUTTON.

In truth, the only thing new Apple brings to the table with the iPhone is multitouch - which is used for just two gestures - stretch and shrink. Every other gesture has been around in other platforms for a while now. Ironically, Dell beat them to the punch with multitouch on the screen with the Latitude XT and because of several new technologies about to become mainstream, Microsoft is putting multitouch into Windows 7 (which may be out next year) and is releasing the multitouch SDK at WinHEC later this year.

It's touch time, baby! :)
Having had the Nintendo DS + Opera browser for a while, I like it much better than the PSP for browsing. The touch-screen and the durability of the unit (in that it folds) is the chief reason I carry it around with me for when I'm near a hot spot. The browser actually loads and scrolls through the freshmeat.net homepage just fine while PSP's Netfront browser runs out of memory, despite the PSP having much more memory and processor speed.

The PSP has an exceptional homebrew port of elinks but you have to exit it any time you want to search for an open access point or edit wifi settings.
Agh, yes - that's another big issue with the PSP browser.. trivially easy to run out of memory while perusing one's LJ flist, or seemingly half the pages out there. Rather a pity there doesn't seem to be the corporate will at Sony to revamp Netfront, though maybe the matter isn't helped by it being a third-party product, rather than something purely under their control.

Of course, as soon as I started typing that line, I realised - software's not exactly been one of Sony's historical strengths. =:)

Wonder if anyone's managed to squeeze WebKit into a PSP.. pity iCab isn't open source, really, given that's long been (or at any rate, used to be) quite svelte by modern browser standards, whilst supposedly maintaining a good level of standard compatibility. Maybe I should suggest he pitch the idea of offering it to Sony as a replacement.. !

Interesting you've been able to get along well with Opera DS - ISTR mycroftb finding it quite a frustrating experience, albeit still very useful. I can imagine URL and general text entry's much nicer using the stylus rather than the PSP's peculiar phone-like pane. (If there's ever a PSP2, let's hope they finally get around to adding some kind of touchscreen. The analog nub works okay, but stylus position relative to a central point, as with moving your character around in Animal Crossing: Wild World, makes for far more detailed control)

Is yours an original or Mk.II DS? Wondering if I should pick up one of the latter sometime, and make mine a hand-me-down.. still, there's plenty of higher priority money sinks in the queue first. =:)

Of course, as soon as I started typing that line, I realised - software's not exactly been one of Sony's historical strengths. =:)

Hmmm, maybe not software. I think their approach to system architecture is absolutely fascinating, particularly in the PS2 and PS3 but to a lesser extent with the PSP as well. Instead of tasking everything to a central processor, Sony believes in an assembly-line approach to divide off tasks between various programmable components. This predictably leads to mediocre launch titles and angry developers privately ranting about overblown expectations. After a few years, they start finding creative ways to work with this paradigm and the real groundbreaking titles start appearing.

This is opposed to Microsoft, who makes their consoles easy to develop for, have a few great launch titles (like Halo) but quality doesn't really get much better over the years.
(Deleted comment)
Oh, really? I suppose that's a good thing, from a compatibility perspective, but still, rather a pity to see the field of browser engines narrowed down still further. Wholly understandable, of course - OmniWeb 5 dropped their own erstwhile creation a few years back, on the basis that it was simply such a lot of work to keep abreast of CSS revisions, ECMAScript, and so on. That move left them free to work on the UI side of things, and their other (probably much more profitable) products.

I should take iCab for a spin again. I'm quite fond of OmniWeb, but I recall iCab having even greater flexibility and control over site-specific features. In particular, if it can be told to block certain uses of Flash on a given site, whilst still permitting others through, I'd be quite tickled. ^_^

Those music links were really good. Thank you. Also bunny moon. I love rounded stars. <3
Oh and here, take this. It has many bunnies.

So what's the history behind your coinage? Did you use four different type of metal?
Stays crunchy, even in milk! Part of this balanced economy. ^_^

I'm afraid I'm no numismatist, merely an observer. Illogical as it may be in the Age of Decimal, I sort of wonder if the UK shouldn't bring back the weird and wonderful pre-decimal currency system of pounds, shillings, and pence. (And guineas, sovereigns, and farthings, though I suppose they're all constructed of the other fundamental units) I actually once had an old mechanical office calculator, used for accountancy or similar - big matrix of keys, pull the lever down to add or subtract it from the total and print the result on the paper roll. Fantastically complicated inside, of course. =:D Wish I still had it, but we've moved so many times - it either got lost or even tossed (along with all my early electronics and computing magazines =:P) along the way.

You know what? Just yesterday for the first time in years I demanded audibly what had become of Red Dwarf. Providentially, I thank ye.

While I can't say (obviously, not being Mr Entomologist) without a doubt that it's a dragonfly, there is a pretty fair distinction (coming to that bit), and I'd be willing to say it was; even, like you, on appearances alone. Dragonflies, I've read have outspread wings, damselflies have tucked back wings. Pretty little fellow, isn't it?

"new coinage"
I know one person who's saying, "We are not amused."

"Fossil Fuels Brewing Company"
I thoroughly approve this. Like the ancient Egyptian beer; and the only complaint I have there is that it wasn't produced for the masses.

Little pods of soft popping about like dandelion fluff.
I could do without the Slimer cartoon, but it's still great to hear the show is going to get such a comprihensive DVD release.
I don't think I ever saw any of Slimer!, but the writing on TRG was supposedly quite good, aided no doubt by JMS' presence. ^_^

(Now, if they could only get all of TTA and Animaniacs out and be done with it, that wouldn't hurt either. Not sure why they're keeping them confined to Region 1, either, though that doesn't really affect me greatly - I'm used to hopping regions, given half my collection's R1, half R2, and a couple R4 tossed in. Though R4 releases are often R2 & 4 anyway, given the mastering required can be the same)

I forgot to mention it, but that mascot is hawt.