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Oh, what a wonderful moment that was.. out ambling around, and spotted a rabbit in one of prime spots for the local warren. Took a couple good pics, before he hopped off, uncertain about the figure in black so close. I padded around to the other side of the bush, and there he was, even closer..

How close?

This close. ^_^ (Full view underneath)

What else matters so much in life as natural beauty such as this?
Amazing you could get so close! Was he alright?
As far as I could tell, yes, thankfully. ^_^ He seemed more a bit surprised to find me discovering him on the other side of the bush, but inclined to let me stay, as long as I didn't make any threatening movements - there were several occasions I could see the legs tense up momentarily, whereupon I'd just stay still for a bit, maybe shifting balance to remain in a comfortable position while seeking out better camera vantage points. (Thankfully, its spot focus mode seems to work quite accurately, managing to ignore the nearby twig)

It'll surely be quite a while before I'm allowed to be so close again. What a wonderful feeling, to be but a couple meters away, almost nothing in the way other than the wooden fence.. no hiding involved, though maybe his plan was to attain invisibility through immobility, which does work pretty well a lot of the time, I'll admit. Just not quite at that range. =:)