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Oh, what a wonderful moment that was.. out ambling around, and spotted a rabbit in one of prime spots for the local warren. Took a couple good pics, before he hopped off, uncertain about the figure in black so close. I padded around to the other side of the bush, and there he was, even closer..

How close?

This close. ^_^ (Full view underneath)

What else matters so much in life as natural beauty such as this?
I wonder if there's maybe been some restoration involved in this forthcoming release.

Given the extras list I found on DVDTown, I'm pretty sure that that's the same version as the "Deluxe Edition" that was released on Region 2 a few years ago. In that case the quality is better than some but still not brilliant. I'd call it "fairly good", since at least the colours are bright, which is not something that could be said about the horribly muddy VHS transfer.