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Oh, what a wonderful moment that was.. out ambling around, and spotted a rabbit in one of prime spots for the local warren. Took a couple good pics, before he hopped off, uncertain about the figure in black so close. I padded around to the other side of the bush, and there he was, even closer..

How close?

This close. ^_^ (Full view underneath)

What else matters so much in life as natural beauty such as this?
Wow. This made my day.
*grin* I'll admit, it's going to be difficult getting back into thinking about USB isochronous transfers after a moment like that. ^_^ I'm just so happy I didn't seem to worry him too much, even as I edged around, trying to find better angles. To be allowed to remain so close.. !
Reminds me of the extreme closeup of Hazel's eye at the beginning of the film Watership Down...
Ooh, now there's a film I need to see again soon! Wonder if it's seen an HD release yet.. one of those sparkling occasions in animation history, when everything just came together - the book, the animators, the music, and of course, those voices.
Wonder if it's seen an HD release yet

No, and it doesn't look like it will get beyond standard DVD any time soon. To be honest, the picture quality has been below par on every VHS/DVD version of WD I've seen, so I doubt you'd gain much with HD in any case. =:S
Mmm, seems to be a common problem with even relatively recent (well, it's not exactly from Buster Keaton's heyday =:) cinematic productions - even now, restoration's necessary. Not to mention productions like Rock & Rule or Twice Upon A Time, where the originals have been destroyed or made unavailable.

I wonder if there's maybe been some restoration involved in this forthcoming release.
I wonder if there's maybe been some restoration involved in this forthcoming release.

Given the extras list I found on DVDTown, I'm pretty sure that that's the same version as the "Deluxe Edition" that was released on Region 2 a few years ago. In that case the quality is better than some but still not brilliant. I'd call it "fairly good", since at least the colours are bright, which is not something that could be said about the horribly muddy VHS transfer.
I thought it was until I read the text - and then spotted a fence and someone crouching reflected in the eye!
I am insanely jealous. That's an amazing scene! =:D
Wow. Awesome.
Woohoo! Close encounter indeed! Gotta love that "If I don't move, he can't see me, it doesn't matter if he's three inches away."
Wow! Lucky you! That's a very lovely picture, too. I haven't seen any bunnies since I moved down here, so this is great!
Sweet picture.

I haven't seen our bunnies around much lately. Then again, we haven't spent much time down in the valley.

Hmmm...wonder if we missed the fireflies?
What an absolutely darling little camera hog! ^.^
Amazing you could get so close! Was he alright?
As far as I could tell, yes, thankfully. ^_^ He seemed more a bit surprised to find me discovering him on the other side of the bush, but inclined to let me stay, as long as I didn't make any threatening movements - there were several occasions I could see the legs tense up momentarily, whereupon I'd just stay still for a bit, maybe shifting balance to remain in a comfortable position while seeking out better camera vantage points. (Thankfully, its spot focus mode seems to work quite accurately, managing to ignore the nearby twig)

It'll surely be quite a while before I'm allowed to be so close again. What a wonderful feeling, to be but a couple meters away, almost nothing in the way other than the wooden fence.. no hiding involved, though maybe his plan was to attain invisibility through immobility, which does work pretty well a lot of the time, I'll admit. Just not quite at that range. =:)

WOW! Excellent shot! Any chance you'd allow me to make an icon out of it? I'd credit you, of course. =:)
Oh, no problem at all! ^_^

(And that's a lovely icon you've displayed there. Ah, to enjoy such beautiful ears..)

If I'm right, it's a reversed crop from the front of the Avon edition (not the avon_deer edition!) US paperback of Watership Down. Unfortunately my copy doesn't say who drew it.

Edited at 2008-09-16 11:32 pm (UTC)
Impressive shot.
Be nice if you could communicate with critters and make them understand that for the moment, all ya want to do is pet them, and not eat them.
Now that is one amazing rabbit picture... ^^ Thanks for sharing it!
Guaranteed 100% rabbit fur. ^_^
Nice shot! Makes me want to snap one of the cottontails around the apt complex...