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Headphone recommendations, anyone? Nothing too expensive - maybe around £50/$100 or so. Wireless would be nice, but not a priority, especially if it'd eat into the sound quality. Noise cancellation or isolation would be good. Easily tucked away into the laptop bag without risk of damage would be very good, as would being generally durable, and with wires that won't lose their flexibility after two years, or fray through as they enter the 'phones.

Say hello to one of the office neighbors. ^_^

If you don't like the iTunes Store arrows in iTunes 8, this hint notes how to invert their behavior, so that clicking on them brings up all the tunes by the same artist, and option-click goes to the Store instead, whilst this one removes them entirely. Nice to see the new visualiser, though - a jazzed up Magnetosphere. Very cool.

Kewl! I think I have a reasonable keyboard now. ^_^ It's very beaten up (both ends are ducktaped, and one key at the high end is missing), but £11.50 for a Fatar Studiologic 1100 seems pretty reasonable - only MIDI (the 1100 predates USB), but for an 88 key hammer-weighted keyboard, overall, not a bad deal. Assuming it works. =:)

From a lagomorphic recommendation, lapine sorts might enjoy this posting of the entire (all 16 pages =:) 1931 children's book, Uncle Wiggily's Fishing Trip. Quite charming. ^_^ (Or, if you'd prefer a single zip file with sequential filenames for the images within, peek over here)

So, I've taken the plunge, nudged on unwittingly by the heroic slycat - I've left Zen, who remain, by a wide margin, the best non-LLU ISP in the UK, for the speedier pastures of Be, who, by using their own equipment in the exchanges, can circumvent the relatively relaxed speeds offered by BT Wholesale, maxing out at a nominal 8Mbps down, 448k up (sometimes 768k, though usually only on expensive business offerings). Be, on the other paw, offer up to 24Mbps nominal down, and more impressively, 2.5Mbps up, if you're willing to give up a meg or two of the downlink. (Yay! The modem's just arrived, so it's now just a matter of seeing when the big switch gets flipped over at the exchange. From which I'm only about 1km, apparently, so with any luck, the throughput should be quite good; not that that compares to said kitty's 320m =:)

This image via randompics stars a NSFW hyperendowed pink pig costume. *cough*

And here's the view as I set off on the mighty trek into the aforementioned salt mine; the odd cloudy lighting caught my eye, with the clear weather in the distance, and the cloud overhead.

My old IBM Aptiva came with one of those "clacky" keyboards. Real springs under every key.

It lasted a pretty long time too. Until one day, some beer got curious about what things were like on the "inside".

I took it apart to try cleaning it.

That was not a good idea.

A better one would have been to soak the keyboard intact, and then dry it really well.

Concrete streets?
Aaaah! No, no, anything but the old IBM keyboards! The feel's fine, but the sound! The BF of yore had one back in Mipple City, and I eventually had to insist it be decommissioned - the clacking just really got to me. (He was very understanding, thankfully, so it wasn't a big matter)

Indeed, most electronics seem fine with getting wet, as long as everything's fully dried out before applying power again. Ideally all the residue's cleaned off first, of course, especially if it's something acidic like cola - beer's probably more just a matter of potential shorting due to the sugars.

Why, yes, I do speak from experience. On multiple occasions.. ^_^; It has to be said, the amount of time between seeing a pint of lager tumble towards a keyboard and the PowerBook in question getting disconnected (DC in and battery) can be quite remarkably small. (Hyzenthlay's not had anything spilled onto it - instead, I had some condensation fall during the night onto just the wrong spot, working its way in between the membrane layers, making it pretty much impossible to clean out. So, its F12, Eject, and Delete don't work)

It looks like they've experimented with usual tarmac covering at times, but the cul de sacs all seem to be just concrete, leading to tarmac on the road they all meet. Spain seems to use concrete on roads quite a bit, as does California. Maybe it used to be a lot warmer here in the distant past. =:)