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Now this.. is quite wonderfully cool. It's a demo video, showing TonchiDot's SekaiCamera in use, an app running on the iPhone. Point your iPhone somewhere, and let the app overlay the camera video with all manner of additional information about what you're seeing, with the option of finding out detailed info about a particular item in a supermarket, say, directions to a kind of venue you'd like to walk to, or even notes left by friends. The world of Dennou Coil's not so far off. ^_^

Ooooooh, shiny.. have a look/listen here, as found by circuit_four - ideally with good speakers and a large monitor. @.@

You should take a peek at momentrabbit's buttons a time machine should have.

Finally, it looks like African nations might be in with a chance of real net.access. "The founders of 03b Networks recently helped pioneer the first commercial 3G mobile and fibre-to-the-home networks in Rwanda, the company said in a statement."

paka is taking commissions! Have a peek here for examples.

Quite inspired: (almost =:) from the Fullmetal Alchemist world, Alphonse Elric My Little Pony. =:D

If you've wanted to meet the guy, Terry Pratchett's going to be in-world at noon on October 9th 2008. There are a couple freebies, in the meantime - a hat of his style, shirt with the next book's cover - and a month-long treasure hunt.

The Deputy Justice Minister in the DR Congo has freed a dozen goats, who were being held in prison, charged with being sold illegally. "It is not known what the goats' punishment might have been."

Anyone know who's providing the soundtrack for the new iPod touch ad? (Nice angle - finally admitting it's a neat gaming platform, not just a slick music player) [Edit: solved! hawthorn discovered it's The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around the Bend]

Dinner Wednesday: Waitrose spinach pizza. Nothing very special, unfortunately - good ingredients, but let down by a lack of seasoning (to the extent that even my usual addition of herbes de provence, basil, and smoked paprika vanished) and an uninspired base. I'd added two pork & garlic sausages, chopped up, for the meat quota. What saved it was a combination of Marks & Spencer's Peri-Peri Relish (definitely recommended) and a little balsamic vinegar. That worked well. ^_^ I'd also tried pepperdew segments on it - worth a try, but nothing to go out of your way for. They're pleasantly sweet, with a heat that's more tangy than actually hot, but how much of that's due to the fruit itself is difficult to tell, as the marinade lists more sugar than vinegar; I'd recommend something with more fortitude on a pizza, but they were a pleasant accent all the same.

Cookies: Waitrose Belgian triple chocolate soft-baked. OM NOM NOM NOM. These are to cookies what Phish Food is to ice cream.

Dinner Thursday: I wanted something meaty and tasty, but also rich with crunchy vegetably goodness. So, half a pound of lean Hereford ground beef was the starting point, plus garlic powder, chili powder, basil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar, crumbled into a hot frying pan and tossed around a bit. Then a big chunk o' broccoli, coarsely chopped, several baby corn ears, and a couple sliced shiitake. Then the real business of making it all fit: a good dose of oyster sauce, some water, and a sachet of thick cream of mushroom soup, and a handful of pepperdew halves. Tasty.

I'm going to have to experiment a bit with exposure settings on the TZ5, looks like - its normal calculations are fine for mortal creatures, but not hyperrabbits. Still, even if rather blurry, it's nice to see the return of the relatively rare flying rabbit.

*presses one of the buttons* (Guess which one!)


BTW, what limits does your camera have on the lengths of movie files in each format (HD, std)? That seems to be a difficult quantity to find out for digital cameras, and there's always a limit. Also, if there is a limit, is there a way to keep it recording immediately on a second file when the first file fills up? There were ways to trick my last two cameras into doing that (using a remote cord and put it in "lock").

I mean, what if I am filming someone's golf ball display cabinet when it falls apart sending golf balls bouncing everywhere, and the action lasts longer than, say, 10 minutes - what then? :-)
I wonder if that summons a horde of skunkies, or simply turns all that universe's inhabitants into them? Worth finding out. ^_^

AFAIK, it's only limited by the size of the card - the catch is that as the engine's that of a camera rather than a camcorder, the compression's still M-JPEG, at 25Mbits/s, or about 1GB/min. So even my 8GB card is only good for around 8 minutes.. ^_^; That's something they could stand to improve, especially if they chose to try making an affordable Foveon-alike - vanilla MPEG-4, or better yet, H.264 would offer vastly better compression, but obviously requiring more silicon support. (Still, 64GB SDHC exist, IIRC, and they'll be free with the cornflakes soon enough..)

Hmm.. I wonder if it'd be possible to rig up one of those not-really-an-SD-card WiFi cards and have that appear to be a bottomless pit o' memory? ^_^

Or, indeed, oranges!

I have read a couple of things that limit the length of movies shot with dig cameras. One is sensor heat, they just get too hot after being used continuously after 5-10 mins. Another is tariff restrictions, keeping the length under a set about keeps the camera classified as a camera and not a movie camera that I assume has higher associated tariff costs. I don't know if I believe either.