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Industrial Revolution, by krinndnz, is a useful story. And then there's also sockscatt's Consequences, revisiting the world of Bandit & Skids.

If you're a Mac user, and photographically inclined, the current MacUpdate bundle includes LightZone 3.6 Basic, normally $129 by itself, for $50 - and that's with several other apps as well, including MacJournal, Contactizer Pro, Bookends, and Mellel. Usually, the serials provided will be limited in some way, either for that version of the app only, or limited updates - but still quite a sharp reduction; in this case, the usual separate prices total $621. Only good for Monday and Tuesday.

relee noticed an eight page comic, Bear Creek Apartments. I shan't say more about the story, but it's not a random link. ^_^

It would appear Curio Obscura make some quite interesting items, including a portable door generator, and an inflatable woman avatar. ("Why dress up in latex clothing when you can BE rubber?")

Egad. Apparently, Columbia's asked for a script for Ghostbusters 3, starring the original cast.

Closer to the present, however, is another that could be quite amusing: Religulous, starring Bill Maher, from the director of Borat.. ^_^ And then there's Mr Deity..

.. though the peculiarity of anything there pales against this story patch_bunny noticed in the Fresno Bee: "A burglar who broke into a home just east of Fresno rubbed spices over the body of one of two men as they slept in their rooms and then used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man on the face and head before running out of the house, Fresno County sheriff's deputies said Saturday."

Well, that was a minor surprise.. this being a fairly dull[1] little town, the sight of being served by a New Romantic in the local Threshers was entirely welcome. Very cute. ^_^ [1] But, that does mean the neighborhood's wonderfully quiet, with people public spirited enough to leave bowls of water by the sidewalk, for passing dogs to enjoy. And the next door neighbor's always taking my bin out to the kerb on collection day, keeping track of which one(s), as garbage alternates with lawn waste and recyclables.

Mmm, I do like Hybrid's recent Soundsystem 01 - essentially remixes by them of others' work, but none the worse for that.. nice to have some different input.

Despite being one of Murdoch's organs, the Times does still retain a nicely dry sense of humor, as demonstrated by this headline: "Large Hadron Collider will not turn world to goo, promise scientists". (For a highly informative, yet readable, look at what the LHC might be able to confirm, wander over to this Cosmic Variance entry)

Quite nifty: a series of Roland drum machines, brought to the iPhone, in IR-909.
(Deleted comment)
No use - they're already there. Hi stego_s_aurus! =:D

Bet some people are kicking themselves for trying and succeeding in escaping jury duty. I do hope the paper provides further coverage. After all, it's not often one sees the setup line for a bad joke actually become reality.
(Deleted comment)
HEE! Oh, good grief.. sounds like some latter-day Monty Python sketch! So, you'll be Eric Idle? We can get zrath as the obnoxious Frenchie (*ducks*), maybe momentrabbit as John Cleese..

Speaking of whom, had you heard of "Romance with a Double Bass"? It's a short from 1974 starring JC, Connie Booth, and Andrew Sachs, based on a Chekhov short story. Haven't yet seen it, as I only encountered it yesterday.
So, excuse me being glib and naive in the same phrase, but is MacUpdate basically "Mac Plus!"?
Er.. eh?

It's a site that keeps its eyes out for new apps and updates to existing ones, making for an easy venue to search for apps for a particular task, along with user comments thereon. VersionTracker's quite similar, with Mac Orchard something of a cousin. 'Course, Mr Google still comes in handy - none of them can be exhaustive, but they've very good starting points.
Ah, that's OK, then.

I had visions of it being Apple's version of "Microsoft Plus!"
heh, that's some twist ending in the comic.
*grin* I just wish we'd seen some kind of reaction from him - a sign he knew what had just happened.

Ah well. I'll just make do with this Old Knucker. ^_^ Though given the story, perhaps Wild Hare Ale is what I should be enjoying.. =:9
I know, I prefer TFs where the person keeps their human mind - much more fun in my opinion. 'course, would be much harder to have all those folks pull her cart in that situation I guess :P
*reads LJ friends list*
*sees his story referenced to*
*thinks a moment*
*braces for impact...*
Gleep! I'm flattered and tickled that you like the story - thanks very much.
The Bear Creek Apartments strip is very pleasant to the eye, as well. Good use of colour.

I hoped that a Ghostbusters 3 film was inevitable.

Do you suppose we'll be hearing of Bill Maher's passing in the near future? ;)

Great, a burglar with a unique(ly spiced) sense of humour.

"...the sight of being served by a New Romantic..."
I dare say it was. I'm easily pleased (or shallow) enough that that alone would be enough to drum up more business from me.

"...leave bowls of water by the sidewalk..."
That reminds me of one winter in Fayetteville. I would occassionally venture outside the apartment complex at night (early morning) and have a wander to the nearby sleepy pre-construction field and to the grounds of the middle school. It was dark so I could have free-roam without looking like a trouble-maker. Anyway, one snowy night I walked up the road in the other direction towards some houses, turned around and saw a cat. He looked at me from the distance, then I thought I'd visit him. So I went up to him and he padded towards me through the thickening snow, mewed and curled around my legs, rubbing against them. I pet him for a while, then went back to the apartment, opened up a can of tuna, put it on a paper plate, went back and left it for him. Whether or not he had any, I don't know, but I'm sure the house owner must have thought it looked odd. It was a bit of a Sakaki moment, only without the biting or fleeing. Like her, I love cute things very much, and I'll admit I cried on the walk back.