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And by way of examples of the new camera's performance, I'll start with a shot of one bun reapplying her head following thorough cleaning and ear maintenance, and finish with a brief (fifty seconds) video clip of similar. It is adorable, even allowing for the inevitable swaying of the camera, being held freehand during a stiff wind. (It'd been a rainy day, on and off, hence her somewhat damp appearance)

September 13 2008 sees Acorn's 30th anniversary, and to celebrate, quite a number of the original figures will be attending a 400-strong party in Cherry Hinton. ^_^ (About half the tickets had gone by last weekend)

I think I should take Red out and about at some point.. maybe EuroFurence next year, given that sounds like a fun event, and of a distinctly different nature to FC et al. Possibly the Bunny Jam?

Shiny furries in the future! What's not to love? Beautifully drawn, heavily manga-influenced: Xen.

You can download Big Finish's audio drama UNIT: The Coup, starring the (former, now General =:) Brigadier, for free. Dashed decent. ^_^ (But you need to register first? Ew)

A Best of Craigslist warning regarding fat-free Pringles. If you know what the warning they attach to "Olean" is, you know the low level of humor (as long as you're not the guy in question) involved. ^_^

Poll #1254096 Backups!

Do you perform backups on your main computer?

At least daily

How much of your data do you backup?

Entire drive(s)
Most of it
Only a selection (eg email & music)
Bare minimum (eg contact info)

How much space do you use for backups?

More than 1TB
500GB - 1TB
100GB - 499GB
10GB - 99GB
100MB - 999MB
Less than 100MB

What software do you use?

Time Machine
Dantz Retrospect
Homebrewed script
Drive manufacturer's (eg Maxtor OneTouch)

Where does it all go?

An external drive
A server on the LAN
Dedicated SAN device (eg NSLU2, Drobo)
WAN server (eg colo)
WAN cloud (eg Amazon EBS)
Blu-Ray recordable
Magnetic tape
Paper tape

Seemed like a good time to get around to updating the PSP's firmware, and went for the latest homebrewed edition, 4.01M33-2, with added 1.50 goodness.

Plus points about the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus: case design makes it very easy to grip; quiet; backup/encryption/locking software supplied for OS X and Windows (including 64-bit). Bad point: the busy LED is bright white, and flashes when active. Also, the busy LED is bright white, and flashes when active. Now I realise that, technically speaking, that's only one flaw, but I thought it was such a big one it was worth mentioning twice.

Yay! Season 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures starts airing in the UK on Monday, September 29. ^_^

Squee at the grooming bunny! In 720p HD! (50s, 20MB)
^_^ I was quite surprised to see any lapine activity that lunchtime, given the grotty weather then.. but to be able to watch all that was a special treat. I've got quite a few photos of it all, of course - it's just a matter of getting around to sorting out a few of the best. (And, indeed, from a week or two back as well, where two buns seemed to know each other, in quite adorable fashion)

Wow. That's a pretty comprehensive approach! RAID 0 - what's the reasoning behind the striping? Music or video work, maybe? I'm looking at something like that in a few months, basically for Logic/Reason/FCP, given the high disk bandwidth requirements a complex project in any of them can impose - a pair of high capacity drives with a RAID 0 controller in a Firewire 800 case would be just the ticket.

I still love thinking back to the big Auspex storage server we had back at Trilobyte, in 1995/1996 - a man-sized rack of drives, coming to a total of about 500GB. ^_^ 'Course, in another decade, we'll be looking back on these single-digit terabyte drives with similar nostalgia.. =:D Would be nice if some new tech came along to replace rapidly spinning discs, though - maybe Flash, if it eventually passes HDs in GB/currency unit, which Samsung seems hell bent on achieving.. !

I love seeing buns in the wild, we have some nice jack rabbits around work. I always get a nice smile when I see them.

I use two 10k rpm wd raptor drives in a raid 0 as my c drive simply for performance reasons. I back this up in full everyday to a raid 5. I use 4 1tb disks in raid 5 to give me some security. I have already had one of the drives fail. Raid 5 makes it simple to replace a failed drive on the fly. I have them all in a hot swap chassis. Trying to maintain 3+ tb's of data does become a bit of a pain I have found. The data you have to keep safe, the more hardware you have to throw at it, and complexity increases. I'm looking at eventually moving to some sort of SAN setup. It's pricey and will take some time to get put together but I'd like to build a fibre channel array. I want to play around with some of the higher end/performance solutions just to learn about them.

Someday yes spinning disks will go away, I'll be quite happy when that day comes, spinning things are noisy. Either flash or some other tech will eventually come around. Especially now that consumers are starting to demand replacements for spinning media. The enterprise level storage, think data center, folks are already replacing spinning disk with flash and other alternatives. It's actually getting cheap enough to fill a box with a tb or more of memory and use it like a hard drive. see Violin Memory or Texas Memory Systems.

This thread reminds me of how I used to back up my amiga. I used a VCR! I had this device that could back data up by recording it as video on a VCR. It looked like nicely organized static. You would recover basically by doing a video capture. The software would decode the video stream a let you recover files from it. An odd, but very cheap way to get backups. Of course back then I was only backing up 500mb's!

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