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Cartoon Network's bringing back the Banana Splits! Who knows what it'll all be like? They're claiming to have stuck to much of the original, but one should never underestimate the cluelessness of a Warner Brothers executive, outside of superheroes.

keihound recently turned around a sketch of me. I'm rather pleased with it. ^_^ Indeed, it's now the splash image on ringtail.com, once more serving up an assortment of rabbit, red panda, raccoon, and ringtailed lemur clips, eventually to be joined by sundry lapine and SL pics - I'll still be using Flickr and FA, of course, but I'd like to have some on my own little nook as well.

Bored of Weetabix and plain sugar? Try using maple syrup instead. =:9

I thought this was rather a nifty bit of custom SL av design. ^_^ Not a bad price, either - probably would vary a lot by complexity, but that was apparently $38.

Via loganberrybunny, a helpful explanation of the new rail fare categories, Anytime, Off-Peak, and Advance. =;)

Clearly, this sushi wedding cake is the greatest thing ever made. No question: if I ever have cause to need one, that's the style I'm going for. =:D


Just always annoys me [even as a kid] HB is all about its most well known shows and the others like fall by the wayside, off the top of my head ones I'd like as well as Banana Splits = Hair Bear bunch, Dynomutt Dog Wonder, Heyyy Its the King [Basically a Furry version of Happy Days with a Lion type Fonz always combing his Mane back], Roman Holidays, Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, Paw Paw Bears, Biscitts, The New Smooo and prob a few others

Yeah be into all Banana Splits if you've got them, I've got the CD soundtrack of it too