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Cartoon Network's bringing back the Banana Splits! Who knows what it'll all be like? They're claiming to have stuck to much of the original, but one should never underestimate the cluelessness of a Warner Brothers executive, outside of superheroes.

keihound recently turned around a sketch of me. I'm rather pleased with it. ^_^ Indeed, it's now the splash image on ringtail.com, once more serving up an assortment of rabbit, red panda, raccoon, and ringtailed lemur clips, eventually to be joined by sundry lapine and SL pics - I'll still be using Flickr and FA, of course, but I'd like to have some on my own little nook as well.

Bored of Weetabix and plain sugar? Try using maple syrup instead. =:9

I thought this was rather a nifty bit of custom SL av design. ^_^ Not a bad price, either - probably would vary a lot by complexity, but that was apparently $38.

Via loganberrybunny, a helpful explanation of the new rail fare categories, Anytime, Off-Peak, and Advance. =;)

Clearly, this sushi wedding cake is the greatest thing ever made. No question: if I ever have cause to need one, that's the style I'm going for. =:D
Outside of superheroes? Weren't those the same people who brought on that PR disaster with the extreeeeeme looney toons superheroes?
Aaaaaaah! I'd managed to forget all about that!

About what? I'm sure you must be mistaken, dear sir. =:)

They're keeping everything that made the Banana Splits what it was.

So... That'll be repeat uses of footage shot at a sub-par amusement park, jokes that revolve around people falling over, and 10 minute b-roll animated shows?
I'll admit, I recall very little about the shows themselves. But I did enjoy them. ^_^

Now, if only the spirit of Tiswas could be channelled back onto the small screen..

o/~ Briiiight Eyes.. o/~

New Banana Splits: Less flower power and more freedom™ power is my bet.

Skibun: Very nice piece, as usual.

Dad likes to use maple syrup in place of sugar, too.

You don't cut the sushi cake, you just use chopsticks! Very handy.
If only subtle progressive political messages could be inserted.. *grin* But then, there's quite a lot of subtlety mixed into Flower Power, beyond the overt.

As soon as she offered sketch commissions, I had to snag a place. ^_^ I'd seen some of her other lapine works, one for lazerus101 in particular, and loved the feel she has lagomorphs. I might have a go at finishing off the sticks and adding skis, though I'm not sure the best way to go about binding them to lapine feet, especially if they're digitigrade when bipedal. Hafta ponder on that.

Lunch the other week involved a chicken breast I'd simply simmered in some maple syrup and garlic powder. ^_^ Surprisingly gentle an influence, actually, but still good. Maybe I'll try leaving it for a while before cooking next time, by way of marinating, but I suspect it'll really shine as more of a tweak than a centerpiece, like a quick addition to a stir-fry.

Ah, could have everyone just orbit the cake, picking off little extra bits as they pass by, especially if they're adept with the chopsticks. Mmmm, lovely slabs of white tuna and yellowtail.. thankfully, I'm just about to enjoy a fishy dish. ^_^ A white omelette with a pile of prawns, in fact, with a simple accompaniment of some oven chips. (The whites, plus bits of yolk, were left over from a tagliatelle creation earlier in the week, using only the yolks as the sauce. Works especially well with heavily smoked ham)

Stupid sexy Flanders!
*giggle* Damn, he does look good in that. Arg!

I love skiing for its own sake, but it definitely doesn't hurt my appreciation of the activity that the apparel involved is usually very cute. And then there are the professionals.. =:9

(Not entirely surprisingly, as and when I can finally land a sim of my own on SL, it's going to have a primarily snowy theme to it..)

*snrk* Just my thought... ^.^
They're not releasing the Original Banana splits on DVD or a lot of the lesser well known HB stuff [Hair Bear Bunch, Paw Paw Bears etc]= sucks, I've been hoping they would for years + following it
It's always quite bewildering when a studio deliberately refuses to release something, preferring to simply leave it gathering dust, rather than bringing them money. Go figure. Still, at least there are syndication runs around the world, keeping the shows on the air, and thus, on the net. =:) I've got the complete Hair Bear Bunch, if you're interested, or I could send you an invitation to the tracker in question.

PPB reminds me a lot of Cobalt. I wonder if that's purely coincidental..



Just always annoys me [even as a kid] HB is all about its most well known shows and the others like fall by the wayside, off the top of my head ones I'd like as well as Banana Splits = Hair Bear bunch, Dynomutt Dog Wonder, Heyyy Its the King [Basically a Furry version of Happy Days with a Lion type Fonz always combing his Mane back], Roman Holidays, Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, Paw Paw Bears, Biscitts, The New Smooo and prob a few others

Yeah be into all Banana Splits if you've got them, I've got the CD soundtrack of it too
Hmm... something tells me that you should set an explicit background coour on ringtail.com. :) White isn't the default in all browsers/for all people. :)

Hm! Not a bad idea. ^_^ It's easy to overlook such matters. Definitely, a white background would be a good idea, and probably black text - an easy to read combination, and it's easy enough to override locally if people really want.
Yes, certainly true. :) Myself, I've got the "standard" background colour that's used when none is specified set to a light gray (the same shade used in Netscape Navigator 4.x, and most likely earlier versions), so I tend to notice when pages don't set their background colour. :) Even GMail does it on occasion...