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Some helpful background on the recent history of the Russian-Georgian-South Ossetian interplay. Not overly surprisingly, rather lacking in distinctions of good and bad guys.


Via momentrabbit, these wonderful rabbit lamps surely call out for a caption contest. =:D

And by way of dronon, another short from the makers of Burning Safari, Oktopodi - it's only two minutes long, so you've really no excuse. =:) (And apparently new winner of a gong or two from this year's SIGGRAPH!)

Click here to see a NSFW pic starring Alec Azam, lapine partner of Presto. It's so very wrong. ^_^ (On the other paw, also from SN is Yakko Pants! - everyone loves a sometimes-clothed jackalope!)

Could be worth wandering along to: a science group in SL's holding its next meeting on Sep 2, guest being "Alfa Roux a cancer researcher from the USA will give a presentation about Stem cells".

Orson Scott Card, someone I'm perfectly content never to have any association with.

Video artwork with crunchy breakbeat goodness.

Headlines you just don't see often enough, courtesy of drhoz: Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum.

Humane Borders.

Furry robots.

Hey, djmermaid and jovino! Someone noticed the ninja bunny hat! ^_^

They've killed Colonel Mustard!

Bittersweet are well worth a listen, in these two tracks presented by Aurgasm. If you're looking for seriously swanky electro-lounge, this has more style than Christopher Walken could wish for.

And passing through London yesterday, I enjoyed what could reasonably be called sushi, even if not the most luxuriant. And in a train station, no less. =:D Seemed to be all freshly made, individually wrapped, with a fair selection available. Mmm, unagi! Not that that precludes gorging on nigiri and maki sometime soon - any recommendations for London sushi? Yo seem surprisingly plentiful, though maybe a bit on the pricy side, compared to the Bay.

Meanwhile, the pizza just now turned out rather well, beginning with a frozen "chicken Provençale". Added some garlic powder and herbes de provence, then made up some mildly spicy ground beef to add later. So the basic pizza went into the oven to get about halfway done. Then came a couple chopped up artichoke hearts, the beef, and some sundried tomato meze (basically plus olives and capers, as well as some herbs), before finishing off at a higher temperature. Quite good. =:9
Surprised you hadn't been made aware of this bunny - http://dolphin42.livejournal.com/12284.html :)
Oooh! Now there's a (zebra) face I haven't seen in a while. ^_^ Think I might have some footage of him and a particular giraffe from ConFurence, tucked away in the video catacombs..

I think I'd particularly like to play with a lapine latex prosthesis - maybe starting off with something bought (maybe Northfur?), possibly trying my paw at making something.. stego_s_aurus has been casting latex for a couple years now, but mostly canids, including the ever popular gas mask Anubis.

(Now there's a sentence to confuzzle the unwary..)

Damn - I was about to recommend an excellent conveyor-belt sushi place in Soho, then realised I couldn't remember what it was called. But I think it's on Rupert Street.
Not a Yo Sushi? (I'd be fine with trying them sometime, though I do prefer independents - this whole notion of being able to go anywhere and get exactly the same items doesn't appeal to me, but as McDonalds et al demonstrate, it's not a bad recipe for making money) Google shows up these, but of course, they're hardly infallible - one match was an audio production house, "Audio Sushi".. mm, oboe nigiri. =:D

Do you remember something about the appearance that might define it? I'm up for just wandering around the area sometime, and trying to find it randomly. ^_^ (Even if I don't find it, there's bound to be something else of interest =:)

Definitely not Yo! - might have been Kulu Kulu, from the list supplied - I have a vague feeling the decor was reddish or purplish.

I saw WALL•E today. It was wow.
Ahh, okies.. I'll have to poke my muzzle in sometime and see what's cooking (or, hopefully, not =:). A 1h20 train ride isn't too much for good sushi. ^_^ (Though I suppose there's also good stuff to be found in Brighton - a town I've yet to explore more than cursorily. Also home to Linden Lab's UK office!)

The cinematography in Wall-E is quite astonishing at times, but obviously, the real joy is how convincingly they pulled you into their world, and made the scenario of one robot falling in love with another so utterly convincing - and with barely a word, too.

Not forgetting Presto, of course. =:D Oh, how I'd love to see Pixar set up a dedicated division for just producing shorts of that quality! Their previous work's always been good, but Presto captured than manic energy of classic Warner Bros so well.
(Deleted comment)
Oh, you're going to have to model them for us jointly sometime. ^_^ Mmm, if I can only get along to next year's Bunny Jam.. those'd be perfect! (Less so around here, but so it goes. It does seem to be my eternal quest, to find somewhere I feel I belong, and be able to remain there)

Mmm, sushi... I'd like to eat that again some time. ^^ Also, herbes de provence make everything better. :)

Pity about Cluedo. You'd think they'd realise that one of the charming things about the game - a cynic might go so far as to say it's THE single charming thing - is the fact that it's so obviously from another time; dragging it kicking and screaming into the century of the fruitbat 21st century now will just make it... well, bland.
(Deleted comment)
I do wish it wasn't video embedded into not very well coded flash. I keep getting stuck with a lot of these videos when the flash wrapper decides to spin its wheels.
Aha! So it's not just me. ^_^ I wasn't getting a terribly good framerate on it - almost always, letting the file load fully first solves that, but in this instance, it remained lamentably low. 'Course, they could always go with something like blip.tv, which seems to result in much higher quality compression, downloadable, and not exclusively Flash video, but so it goes. At least it's available, more or less.

I'm definitely going to have to find more from Bittersweet - hopefully they've got a reasonable online catalog, rather than forcing people to buy these quaint plastic platters that see the inside of a computer once before getting stored on a shelf or in a box for the rest of their days. =:) (And from the Tanukis, too, but it looks like it's strictly CDs for them, and they're not terribly widespread either, unfortunately. Well worth a listen, though)

Re the rabbit lamp shade:

"Tch! There goes Harry again. One drink and he's already doing the lampshade routine."
Chris was leaning towards doing "The Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet for one of his drag performances. He ended up sticking with good old Gerry Halliwell though... and now he has a Union Jack dress to match ^^

I'm not sure I like this crazy "upgraded" Clue... I really don't see the point :S I'll stick with the original... and my trusty Rev. Green.
Aw! He could've wound up with a slinky evening affair instead. ^_^ (But then again, not knowing the singer's preferences.. who knows? Maybe she's more of a latex sort =:)

Did they wind up "updating" Monopoly after all? ISTR some twittishness emerging from that direction a year or so back - though this variant actually doesn't sound bad.
I have met Mr Card. He taught at a "Know your religion" seminar in Sacramento. He was a pompous ass then and I dont think time has changed him.

He will strive with logic to convince you that you dont really need oxygen, and sadly there are many in the Mormon church that would stop breathing if he said so.
Whenabouts was that? Other than his writing, he first came to my attention back at Chicon V, where someone was putting up flyers reprinting his merry opinions on the subhuman nature of homosexuality.

I suppose there's some likelihood a famous author may be on the opinionated side - hell, Harlan Ellison's made a career out of it - just as one positively expects politicians to be attention-seeking; but whatever the cause of such hateful sentiments, there's no excuse, much as some people may use their politics or religion to in some way give justification to their own bigoted nature.

Thankfully, at least on the gay marriage front, it does seem as if the US is turning the corner, at long last - the current ballot measure due in November began with minority support, and seems to be gently declining. It's perhaps worrisome there's still any significant support for it, but then, there are those who still hold W in high esteem. =:)

The Russia US thing is all show anyway, after all, we're all friends now. There is no good side and bad side. Each side is lead by criminals that are perfectly friendly with one another, with the sole goal of making sure they are the winners, and the 6.8 billion others the losers. And if more people were aware of this the tables would turn.

Heh, "I like penises". Destined for the adult entertainment industry right from the start.

Rabbit lamps: The wayward Morroccan Fez shipment arrives at Peter Rabbit's burrow.

Well, looking through the list, I don't recognise any of Card's works. So I must have just skipped by in the book vendors.

Humane Borders: a noble organisation doing more for human lives than any government ever has.

Colonel Mustard: Nothing is safe.

Mmm, tasty pizza.
While I know that none of the sides in the conflict have clean hands anymore, I don't think that a look-the-other-way approach by the international community would be right either. Just letting Russia and Georgia settle it amongst themselves would effectively be the same as being wholeheartedly on Russia's side - because in the absence of any outside pressure, Russia would surely use its military might to have its way with Georgia for as long as it wanted. I can't see that as a desirable outcome to this mess...