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Some helpful background on the recent history of the Russian-Georgian-South Ossetian interplay. Not overly surprisingly, rather lacking in distinctions of good and bad guys.


Via momentrabbit, these wonderful rabbit lamps surely call out for a caption contest. =:D

And by way of dronon, another short from the makers of Burning Safari, Oktopodi - it's only two minutes long, so you've really no excuse. =:) (And apparently new winner of a gong or two from this year's SIGGRAPH!)

Click here to see a NSFW pic starring Alec Azam, lapine partner of Presto. It's so very wrong. ^_^ (On the other paw, also from SN is Yakko Pants! - everyone loves a sometimes-clothed jackalope!)

Could be worth wandering along to: a science group in SL's holding its next meeting on Sep 2, guest being "Alfa Roux a cancer researcher from the USA will give a presentation about Stem cells".

Orson Scott Card, someone I'm perfectly content never to have any association with.

Video artwork with crunchy breakbeat goodness.

Headlines you just don't see often enough, courtesy of drhoz: Giant dog turd wreaks havoc at Swiss museum.

Humane Borders.

Furry robots.

Hey, djmermaid and jovino! Someone noticed the ninja bunny hat! ^_^

They've killed Colonel Mustard!

Bittersweet are well worth a listen, in these two tracks presented by Aurgasm. If you're looking for seriously swanky electro-lounge, this has more style than Christopher Walken could wish for.

And passing through London yesterday, I enjoyed what could reasonably be called sushi, even if not the most luxuriant. And in a train station, no less. =:D Seemed to be all freshly made, individually wrapped, with a fair selection available. Mmm, unagi! Not that that precludes gorging on nigiri and maki sometime soon - any recommendations for London sushi? Yo seem surprisingly plentiful, though maybe a bit on the pricy side, compared to the Bay.

Meanwhile, the pizza just now turned out rather well, beginning with a frozen "chicken Provençale". Added some garlic powder and herbes de provence, then made up some mildly spicy ground beef to add later. So the basic pizza went into the oven to get about halfway done. Then came a couple chopped up artichoke hearts, the beef, and some sundried tomato meze (basically plus olives and capers, as well as some herbs), before finishing off at a higher temperature. Quite good. =:9
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