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Can someone point me to a good comparison of current and future mobile GPUs? With the likelihood of new MacBook Pros in September, I'm curious to see what chips Apple will be choosing from. (In any event, it'll be a bit speedier than my current Radeon 9700 Mobility with 128MB. Who knows? I might even crack 20fps on SL =:)

The android av I pointed out the other week is now available. ^_^ It's over in Healy, priced at L$750 for the base avatar, L$100 for accessories like different hairstyles, or jetpack.

Could be geekily fun: CERN's announced that the first full run of the Large Hadron Collider on Sep 10 will be webcast by themselves and over Eurovision.

KeepVid.com is back again, but should it go down at any time, you can also find similar functionality at YouTubeDownload.nl.

Don't suppose anyone can compare the M-Audio 49e and 61es? The latter's not much more expensive than the gratifyingly affordable 49e, which I already have, even if it still remains back in the old warren - but in addition to adding an octave (for me, more of a handy thing to remap to other functions than for the spectral range), it claims to offer "semi-weighted" keys. But are they actually any good? For the price, I can't see it'd be anywhere near an approximation of a real piano, but if it could offer at least some sensation of key momentum, I'd be quite content. (This thread seems moderately positive)

Fendtron! (Needless to say, Yak deserves free beer for life for his incredible efforts in getting FA back up and purring along. It's great to see the site serving up photography, abstract artwork, porn, character reference sheets, cartoons, music, artwork tutorials, Flash animations, TF stories, and more)

Behold! SpudVision, Steve Purcell's nook on the web.

Via vandringar, a nifty clip showing visualisations of telephone exchange activity, and road, sea, and air traffic across the UK.

And you thought the Bun-Vac 6000 was merely a Wallace & Gromit device? Check this out. ^_^; (And, my, what a fantastic URL =:)

I think, as World Ruler, I'll abolish copyright, and replace it with the right to derive financial gain from a given work.

O.o Stitch! The Anime I'm not quite sure what to make of this.. still, it appears to be from Madhouse, one of the best studios around, so there's some cause for cautious optimism.

Yays! I should be able to just send in a renewal fee to reactivate my old amateur radio license. ^_^ And with shiny new bands available, too. Though I suspect I shan't spend much time going down in frequency, but up - microwave radio modules are delightfully compact, after all, even if very low power as standard, in order to comply with their natural bands. (In about 6mm square, you've got everything you need for a 2.4GHz short range radio link, other than the antenna, and the inevitable decoupling capacitors. Just whisper sweet SPI to it, and off you go)

And there I was in the Big Smoke on Friday, for the Great British Beer Festival, at Earls Court, one of the larger exhibition venues in the UK. Which is, apparently, also currently hosting the Doctor Who Exhibition.. =:D As it turned out, there wasn't anywhere near time to consider such diversions. And it seem the venue management have yet to be introduced to the concept of "many thousands of people make for much warm, humid air". A fun time, though, especially getting to meet up with a former roomie, partaking of the odd dozen or so pints, ranging from a pure, unblended lambic (on cask, no less) - very sour, as would be expected, to the extent the staffer asked if I'd had it before, and offered a taste before letting me commit to a purchase. ^_^ Bath Ales' Wild Hare Ale was as good as I'd hoped - not far removed from the bottled version, but with that special mellowness only a cask ale can offer. St Austell's Black Prince was another that stood out for me, with the guide's description fulfilled admirably: "Black mild with malt and bubblegum aroma, a complex flavour combines toffee, fruit esters and bitterness finishing with an aftertaste of liquorice, fudge, and hops."

I really like the way Elevator Angels turned out, courtesy of the fine folks of Rabbit Valley. ^_^ I'm very tempted to make posters of it available through the store - think you might be interested? The colors are very nicely preserved by the printing process - no mean feat, given the magical palette used. ^_^
Maybe they'll have a US-style status indicator constantly indicating "GREEN: EARTH NOT YET DESTROYED". I know I'd have a tough time resisting. =:D Of course, the real payoff will - hopefully - follow later on, depending on what their experimentation reveals. It's quite mind-boggling, thinking how far we're delving into the fundamental nature of matter, of reality itself, insofar as we can. (It starts getting more complicated once we consider matter to be where polydimensional planes intersect, or good ole string theory)

I need to peek into what's going on with Ferrox - if it's indeed still a live, ongoing project, and if so, what kind of timescale's envisaged for the first alphas.

Heh! Might very well be the same case for him, actually - just a matter of paying the renewal fee, plus any supporting documentation he may still have. One area I'd love to get into is EME - totally impractical as a means of reliable communication, but there's such an appeal in bouncing a signal off the moon. ^_^ Only catch is, you need quite a hefty antenna array (on the order of a grid of 4x4 high gain Yagis) to focus the power accurately, and be able to gain some whisper of a signal back from anyone else.

BTW, as and when you're in SL, you might like to look around the Nautilus..

Oh, it was a great time. ^_^ I just wish I could have made a couple days of it - there's simply so much to choose from, and only a limited *ahem* throughput. It's such an opportunity, being able to try all these beers from around the UK, mostly never available outside a modest radius from their home brewery, not to mention those Belgian casks! (No Westvleteren Abt.12, but hey - this was Friday. They'd have been sold out long before =:) Such a wonderful celebration of the brewer's art, turning essentially similar ingredients into everything from floral bitters through to the deepest, treacliest stout. Fantastic! (™ Christoper Eccleston)

I'm not letting you miss another, you know. =:)

That indicator idea is superb.

Many new discoveries will be made, and it's such a shame that useful research is so stunted by under-funding and unnecessary spending on new ways to kill/repress people.

Ferrox, are you referring to the PS3 ISO loader?

Yes, a house with a bit of land: space to put a lovely large array of antennae. I guess that would make it a VSA, as opposed to VLA.

Very cool. That Nautilus reminds me of a line from The Vicar of Dibley, "boat-shaped cigar".

One needs a couple days for the beer festival, to 'get the full effect of the hump' as it were. As Groucho says, "I was blind for three days."

I'm used to missing them now, but that doesn't make it any less saddening.