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As Google kindly noted, Monday was Beatrix Potter's birthday. ^_^ So, here's a twenty second clip of two young rabbits taken on the day, near one of the pathways out of town. Includes binky! (But if you want to look at hyperspeed, this bun should be seen)

Choose wisely! Best quality MJPEG MOV (10.9MB), Much smaller MPEG-4 (2.8MB), or streamed Flash video

Quite a fascinating account of a somewhat acrimonious debate between two highly rated Catalonian chefs of different culinary philosophies.

Some folks might find this posting in mock_the_stupid a bit too familiar from their childhood, regarding teachers who know best..

I could really use some good sauerkraut to go with these Cumberland sausages. What the world needs, clearly, is neighborhood delivery of sauerkraut. (And fresh, crusty baguettes, which barely seem to exist outside of France, where even the most humble village will have at least one good baker)

A good, free resource: Watch to Learn Chinese.

circuit_four noticed this outstanding defense of Uncle Bobby's Wedding; it's from a librarian, in response to a user's claim that, having a theme of gay marriage, it was unsuitable for children. I'd like to recommend you take the time to read this, as it's most eloquently reasonable, and remains respectful of the complainant.

Hmm. Seems there's going to be a live action Cowboy Bebop movie, from 20th Century Fox - with Keanu Reeves currently tagged for the role of Spike.

Whatever the products themselves are like, I do like the illustrations included on YiffyToys.de. ^_^ (Not even remotely worksafe. Surprise!) But really, they should be using 'suiters instead of humans for models.. =:D Thinking along those lines, I was looking at shiny bedding offerings, and wondered how practical latex pillowcases and sheets (photos thereof, annoyingly, are absent) really are - comfortable, or just a recipe for supreme nighttime friction burns?

When I went to open the conservatory skylight windows, I noticed an insect realise the time was right to try escaping - straight through the glass, as is their wont. After much futile bashing against the obstinate pane, it relaxed for a moment, and the wind ushered it out. Sometimes, the best way out is to let the world take you there.

And I thought this pic by sockscatt was perhaps the best of his three recent submissions for the contest a Kyoto-themed sim is currently running over on Koinup.

there's a reason I saved that pic for last. :)

And KEANU REEVES?!?!?!? What, they needs a Keanu "woah" moment in the movie?
*grin* It's quite an intruiging presentation - processed, as you note, but works very well. You could always try tossing Stan Sakai a copy, if you liked - by all accounts, he's a very personable sort. I don't have his address, but I'm fairly sure I know who would. =:)

It's an.. interesting choice. =:D I'd actually argue KR's not a bad actor, at least within Hollywood norms, but unless he's expanded his horizons greatly, I'm very hard pressed indeed to see him able to convey the sly wit and cunning that makes Spike. Not that I'm sure who'd be best for a role like that - I'm terrible with fantasy casting. Maybe a cross between Jeff Bridges and David Tennant? ^_^

(I remember where I first watched The Big Lebowski - I'd rented the DVD from a nearby place, and watched it in my room while staying in Byron Bay for a few days, while making my way down the eastern coast of Australia, back in 2001. Beautiful area, though the town's a complete tourist trap. Some pretty good restaurants, all the same. I really ought to get around to editing down that footage..)

I'm not 100% sure he'd really kow what to DO with something like that. If it wins something, I'll think about it.
Bunnies! =:D

Okay, not the most intellectually involving response you'll ever read, but what do you expect? =:P
Of course, this XKCD comes to mind.. =:) I just wish I had the means to record such bounciness in better detail - that's direct from the Minolta A200. Sooner or later, I'm probably going to get a TZ5, given its good zoom within a slim form factor, and 720p video capability, though I know that'll still leave me wanting for better zoom, in the absence of cues to invite them to trust me.

(I'm guessing you never had to contend with teachers' of the kind referred to in the posting and distressingly many comments on MtS.. it seems bizarre that such people would be fostered by their respective educational institutions, but there it is. I did manage to tick off many teachers, though, including one who felt snubbed when I volunteered to take over reading to the class, as I felt her voice was getting hoarse)

Good grief. I could read before I started school, but never once was I told my parents had been "undermining" the school's authority because of it.
As for latex pillowcases, I ordered some last month and should be getting them in a week or 2, I'd think. I'll try them and let you know. Could even take pictures.
Ooh! Definitely, I'd like to see what they can look like, even if I'll have to wait to know what they're like in person. If they do turn out to be genuinely practical for comfortable sleeping, I'll be getting at least pillowcases, if not sheets as well. The warren still looks distressingly normal. =:)

(Though a test print of that Elevator Angels pic from SL should be arriving soon - that'll be taking pride of place in the main room! Most likely, I'll be making posters and prints of it available. I don't expect it to be wildly popular, but I'm quite pleased with the image)