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Ooh. =:D Ghostbusters: the Video Game.

Fancy moving to Canada? Calculate your score.

Via timberwoof, perhaps the most savvy electoral candidate the US will see this cycle: Sean Tevis, "an Information Architect in Kansas running for State Representative. I've decided to 'retire' my current State Representative. I'm going to win. This is my story (XKCD homage style) so far."

You may recall there was a proposal to name a San Francisco sewage plant after Mr Bush. It's just been announced the motion is on the ballot for November. ^_^

Somewhere to visit in Second Sweden: Disorientation Station, as Garth Goode puts it. =:) Set high above the sim is a giant six-faceted die, which invites you to come inside. It's then that you find out it reorients itself every sixty seconds, leaving you still affixed to the same surface you arrived on, with a fully furnished interior for each face.

What looks like a very handy tool, especially for LSL newcomers: Scratch for Second Life, permitting the composition of scripts by assembling basic building blocks.

According to Bettina Tizzy, Rezzable's art showpiece sim Black Swan, acting as a test for whether people will pay a one-off fee for admission (L$199), is currently free until August 4th. ^_^

Quite a perceptive comparison of recent sim openings, highlighting several important ways in which different approaches were taken to attempt to ensure a successful debut, and sustained popularity.

Linden Lab to Major Tom
Linden Lab to Major Tom
Start the viewer now and put your headset on
Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Connected
Linden Lab to Major Tom
Region handshake, clothing’s on
Check for IMs and may Phil’s love be with you


The 1913 MA marriage law I mentioned the other day? It's going down: "The Massachusetts Senate voted Tuesday to repeal the law. The House is expected to vote this week." (Well, maybe a bit later..)

Porn for the day: Two for One, recommended to anyone who might enjoy a nice, straightforward latex TF. ^_^

Little bit of LJ news: Basic accounts are coming back. They're still wondering what sort of advertising will get thrown in, though.

Doctor Who may be over for a while, but there is another season of the Sarah Jane Adventures to look forward to later this year. ^_^

I've been on this bizarre feline kick for a couple of weeks now. Whether or not it'll take me any further than swapping out some icons remains to be seen. :p

Invasion of the Bunny-Bots

That one must've slipped past me. Got a link handy?

And yeah, a lot of the TSA authors mean well, but oftentimes the list reads more like a writing workshop than a place for transformation enthusiasts. Which is fine -- don't get me wrong -- but there comes a point when there's just too much to slog through.

Oh, did you catch Ouroboro's "Uninvited..."

Oh my, yes! :9 One of my favorites of his, right alongside "Doctor's Orders" and the lapine installment of "Sleepwalking." He and I spoke briefly a while back about collaborating on something... I should see if he's still interested.
Ooh, really? Well, who knows what may happen.. I'd be sad to see you leave lapinity, but species swapping is not unknown. =:)

It doesn't seem to've been available for some time now, regrettably, but a while back, the author seemed happy for me to host it, so I'll finally take her up on that: Invasion of the Bunny-Bots. It's partially a TG tale as well, but much more than either the furry or TG aspects, it's about the nature of change, and the internal, personal progress of such a transformation. It's thus almost unique, in addition to starring an admirable choice of species. *cough*

Ah, yes.. true enough. Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but if you're ultimately really wanting to enjoy the stories themselves, the sheer volume of discussion (even when people can exercise their delete keys to remove the 80% of a message they're not replying to..) can make it quite imposing a target to keep up with.

Doctor's Orders, yep, definitely another favorite. Not sure I've seen the other, actually. Mmm, a joint venture? That could definitely be worth seeing. If you've got his contact info, certainly, you could surely do much worse than seeing if you can together make such magic happen. ^_^