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Ooh. =:D Ghostbusters: the Video Game.

Fancy moving to Canada? Calculate your score.

Via timberwoof, perhaps the most savvy electoral candidate the US will see this cycle: Sean Tevis, "an Information Architect in Kansas running for State Representative. I've decided to 'retire' my current State Representative. I'm going to win. This is my story (XKCD homage style) so far."

You may recall there was a proposal to name a San Francisco sewage plant after Mr Bush. It's just been announced the motion is on the ballot for November. ^_^

Somewhere to visit in Second Sweden: Disorientation Station, as Garth Goode puts it. =:) Set high above the sim is a giant six-faceted die, which invites you to come inside. It's then that you find out it reorients itself every sixty seconds, leaving you still affixed to the same surface you arrived on, with a fully furnished interior for each face.

What looks like a very handy tool, especially for LSL newcomers: Scratch for Second Life, permitting the composition of scripts by assembling basic building blocks.

According to Bettina Tizzy, Rezzable's art showpiece sim Black Swan, acting as a test for whether people will pay a one-off fee for admission (L$199), is currently free until August 4th. ^_^

Quite a perceptive comparison of recent sim openings, highlighting several important ways in which different approaches were taken to attempt to ensure a successful debut, and sustained popularity.

Linden Lab to Major Tom
Linden Lab to Major Tom
Start the viewer now and put your headset on
Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Connected
Linden Lab to Major Tom
Region handshake, clothing’s on
Check for IMs and may Phil’s love be with you


The 1913 MA marriage law I mentioned the other day? It's going down: "The Massachusetts Senate voted Tuesday to repeal the law. The House is expected to vote this week." (Well, maybe a bit later..)

Porn for the day: Two for One, recommended to anyone who might enjoy a nice, straightforward latex TF. ^_^

Little bit of LJ news: Basic accounts are coming back. They're still wondering what sort of advertising will get thrown in, though.

Doctor Who may be over for a while, but there is another season of the Sarah Jane Adventures to look forward to later this year. ^_^


I should know better than to read yiff stories at work.

...not like I wasn't already having trouble concentrating today.
Ah, but you have something of a private office, ne? That helps. =:D

I think I'd have preferred them not to lose their former memories, although that doesn't serve to spoil the story for me. I do wish it had come with an illustration or two, though. ^_^ (I went peeking around for scalie artwork soon after, and stumbled upon this pic (definitely NSFW) - not a name I recognise)

(Deleted comment)
I admit, I've never yet been to MA. ^_^; Closest was NYC a few times, rapidly heading out from the Port Authority to Secane and Bethlehem, both in yonder Pennsylvania. But circuit_four, otter3, and others seem to regard Boston very fondly. Maybe I should see about a stopover sometime, when I'm next headed Baywards..

Oh, finestkind! I'll be most interested to hear how that turns out. Even at the native resolution, it seemed like it should be a viable resolution, but some additional processing should avoid any risk of visible pixellation close up. It'll be quite a test of the printer, with those many pastel tones.. here's hoping!

I've been waiting for the ghostbusters game. I have to wonder, though, what prompted them to make it now? I half thought there might be a new movie in the works!
It's quite a curious move indeed! Interesting that, by the sound of it, they managed to lure everyone back for the voice work - it'd be damnably difficult to pull it off otherwise, I'd say.

Of course, the key will lie in the actual gameplay, but still, it's nifty just how authentic they've made the look of the sets and characters. A world apart from 80s film->game adaptations.. =:D

I wonder when we'll start seeing a game genuinely closely tied in to the film - not merely set in the latter's world, but genuinely a part of the whole. Perhaps one could count the Matrix game, but the storyline there seemed fairly peripheral to the whole - it certainly wasn't necessary to following the movies.

(And speaking of sequels, have you heard any reactions to the War Games direct-to-DVD effort? I haven't been following it, beyond hearing about it last year. Came out a month or so ago, I believe)

Damn, 62/100. Current pass score is 67/100. I'd need to get more training or line up a job in order to bail.
How's your French? Several points to be picked up in the language section.. and it's not a difficult language, in the general scheme of things, for an English speaker, given its Romance language nature. (Not all that practical, I'll grant, but I did enjoy taking Latin for that reason - it was geekily fun to see how its influences later spread around the Mediterranean)
Two for One

How did I know that was gonna show up in one of your posts? ;) Nice premise (and subject matter!), but would've really benefited from a little more exposition.
I had to look a bit more closely at that icon at first.. I was wondering when you'd changed your coloring. ^_^

I admit, that's one story I'd have been quite happy with being a bit longer! Still, perhaps the author will wind up wanting to come up with a sequel - though that's been an awfully long time coming for perhaps my favorite furry tale of all, Invasion of the Bunny-Bots. =:)

(Which made me realise - furry stories, at least on Yiffstar, tend to be rather on the brief side, seldom very long. Yet, on the TG front, tales on Fictionmania can quite often be, frankly, much longer than they deserve, spilling into full novel length, when the actual story's far shorter than that. Still, I suppose the mammoth furry works probably simply remain on the TSA-Talk list.. which is most of the reason I wound up giving up on actually reading the list. Very few stories are actually worth novella length)

Oh, did you catch Ouroboro's "Uninvited", from November last year, over on FA? (Though, AIUI, the story's actually somewhat older. Sadly, the guy's not posted anything since that flurry) Now there's a fine example of a TF tale..

Damn, got a score of 41. Guess I'll have to leave.
So, so tempting to ask to put that up on metaquotes.. =:D

But yes, I've often wondered - would the nationalistic bigots be quite so jingoistic if they had to endure the same system for entry into their country as do immigrants? Thankfully, such primitive sentiments don't seem to underlie the politics of too many developed nations, and Canada has one of the more reasonable systems in place. (Which may or may not be saying very much, sadly. I'm strongly of the belief that if you're willing to support yourself, you should be entirely free to live anywhere you choose. Companies can - why not people?)

Woo, scored a 94. I can stay here. :D (I did credit myself with low French proficiency. I'm not TOTALLY clueless, just mostly)
Hee! Guess all that thar edjumacation paid off. ^_^ You must've scored quite handsomely in that regard, though your score suggests you didn't exactly flub any area. ^_^;

Ghostbusters video game? Been there, done that. ;)

A converted hearse is expensive? Then again, as the movie noted, that depends on your bargaining abilities. =:D (Always a bit odd, getting into the salt mine - the local branch of an undertaker (or rather, that branch of what's best known as a supermarket chain =:) has their "industrial" operation in the same business park. Basically just paperwork and suchlike, it seems, but also where they appear to maintain and wash the hearses - Volvos, for what it's worth.. perhaps chosen with a touch of irony. =:)

I wonder if I can find that title around somewhere.. there's surely a C64 emulator for the PSP or OS X, after all.

Ghostbusters is surely one of the best things to come out of the 80s, along with The Princess Bride. And I'd even venture so far as to include Ultravox and the Eurythmics, even if I must blow a raspberry to rabitguy in doing so. =:)

(Deleted comment)
Hehehee! Now that definitely could be fun. ^_^ Makes me wonder if there's any such RPing in SL.. most likely is, but as ever, it's a matter of finding out about such sims or collectives.

Mm, that seems like a sound approach - that way, you retain complete freedom to play whomever you want (as above =:), rather than trying to be an established character. Gods know, that's not as easy as it might seem, as many a themed character in MU*s will attest; almost uniformly, they'll wind up evolving in their own direction pretty soon after debuting.

Thinking of SL, I really otter pick up one of those freebie Iron Man avs sometime, if they're still available - fully modifiable, as I recall. sockscatt turned one into quite a neat Iron Cat.. ^_^

Hopefully this new Ghostbusters game comes out better than the version I have for my Sega Master System...
I'm looking forward to the Ghostbusters game. With the original talents, it's a must.

My score for Canada is a whopping 26. :D

That's a very pretty lane in your negative sky photo.